Sports Club Committee

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The Club Committee comprises a Chair, Treasurer, Secretary, Membership Secretary, Social Secretary, House Officer and Grounds Officer together with the Chairs of the four sports sections - Tennis, Archery, Squash and Cricket. All are elected by the members at their respective Annual General Meetings.

The Main Club committee can appoint such sub-committees as it may consider necessary to perform specific functions; in addition it is able to co-opt new committee members.

Main Club Chair
Martin Barber-Redmore
Main Club Chair
07834 933682
John Hutcheson
07768 306536
Raymond Dragonetti
07768 793334
Membership Secretary
David Meredith
House Officer
07711 059328
Shaun Allan
Grounds Officer
07793 868739
Tennis Chair
Helen Sawyer
Tennis Chair
07711 716343
Squash Chair
Tony Hindley
Squash Chair
07793 500352
Cricket Chair
Darragh Downey
Cricket Chair
07806 635574
Archery Chair
Antony Spencer
Archery Chair
07741 491642