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Knutsford 1 v Prestbury 2

I know is been a while since you've seen a Knutsford 1 Team match report, its been a very tough time for us in the last 10 matches and although we've picked up some valuable points we haven't been able to secure a win. However that all changed last night!!!


Posted by : Glen Faulkner at 14:19:PM on Thursday 17 January 2013
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Knutsford 1 v Tollgate 2

Despite some awesome new Team Shirts, a disappointing result this week with a slightly weaker Knutsford 1 losing out to Tollgate 2 by 4 matches to 1...

1. Glen Faulkner vs. Dan Vinie - (Won 3-0) - Man of the Match

A relatively comfortable match and win against Dan giving Knutsford 1 the only win for the night hence the man of the match. Result of 9-6, 9-3 and 9-3.

2. John Burke vs. Jon Woodward - (Lost 1-3)

With Liam out this week John had to step in at 2. John B started very well and won the first 9-5, however Jon W then managed to figure out John B's game and then managed to comfortably take the 2nd, 3rd and 4th games. A difficult opponent for John B but didn't really seem his normal self this week, hopefully just a blip and will be back on form for next match.

3. Chris Smith vs. Ian Farringron - (Lost 2-3)

In the first game this battle looked like it would be over quickly with Chris going down 9-0 and not even getting a hand-out. However Chris fought back very well chasing everything down  and gaining the 2nd 9-5 to even things up. Then Chris seemed to lose grip and dropped the 3rd 9-2 and frustration was starting to show. Coming back into the 4th Chris battled hard and with a bit of 'referee abuse' managed to secure the 4th 9-7 to set himself up for the 5th. However Chris just lost control and couldn't hold on in the 5th losing out 9-3.

4. Dave Waring vs. Dean Spencer- (Lost 2-3)

Dave started out very well in this match against a tough opponent. The first game was close with Dave edging it 10-8 and this built confidence for a great performance in the 2nd game winning 9-6. However then the tables started to turn, Dean stepped up a gear and Dave made a few unforced errors letting Dean creep back in to secure the 3rd 9-3. After this Dean proved too tough for Dave and won the 4th and 5th games relatively comfortably.

5. Justin Risley vs. Ed Snape - (Lost 2-3)

Justin was dedicated to maintaining his 100% win record this week and stepped onto court confidently against Ed. In the first 2 games all was going according to plan for our hero with a 9-1 and 9-6 win. However it appears as though demons got into Justin's head and sought to split his brain apart as a mental meltdown appeared before our very eyes as Ed took control and won 9-2, 9-2, 9-2 in the remaining 3 games - weird!


In terms of team selection we are obviously off on a break this week so will confirm this for next week after Thursday night if thats ok.


For Match Scores Click Here

Posted by : Glen Faulkner at 16:35:PM on Thursday 25 October 2012
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Bollington 1 v Knutsford 1

A crash back to reality this week with a major loss to a strong Bollington 1...

1. Glen Faulkner vs. Chris Ogden - (Lost 1-3)

A tough match with Chris back to full fitness and picking up everything. A close first game which Chris won 9-7, I then clawed back the 2nd 10-8
using a whole lot of energy leaving me knackered for the 3rd losing 9-0 and then a very close 4th game which again went to 10. Overall a
good match and looking forward to the return match on home courts.

2. Liam Mcllveen vs. Brigg Simpson - (Lost 1-3)

This looked to be a very long game with 2 evenly matched players and similar games. The first game had some monumental rallies and Brigg winning the first 9-6. Liam was tired going into the 2nd and dropped it 9-2.  Then Liam shifted up a gear and started playing some really tight stuff and won the 3rd 9-3 looking like he could turn it around. The 4th game was very close and could have gone either way, but Brigg closed it out at

3. John Burke vs. Ollie Cunningham - (Lost 0-3)

A very tough game for John against a fit Ollie who was moving very well around the court. John battled hard as always, however was not able to respond to the onslaught of pressure from Ollie. First, second and third games had a score line of 9-3.

4. Chris Smith vs. Stuart Adnelo- (Lost 1-3)

Again two similar game styles here, both Chris and Stuart are big hitters and the ball was flying on the warm Bollington courts. Chris took the first game and was confident he could master Stuart which led him to ease off the gas and let Stuart back into 2nd with a relatively easy 9-3 win. Chris fought back in the 3rd and 4th games but was unable to recover the situation and lost the 3rd 9-6 and 4th 9-5. Chris should have closed this out early and I think will learn from this for the return.

5. Justin Risley vs. Malcolm Keddish - (Won 3-2) - Man of the Match

Yes yes Justin you can have your man of the match award! ;) Just in case he forgets to tell anyone this win means Justin has maintained his 100% match record. I wouldn't want to take anything away from Justin for this performance by saying things like "well he's only played 2  atches" or "his opponent was the oldest guy there (by a long way!) and spends more time talking about fuel investments (Shale - look into it!) than playing squash". Well done Justin no fine for you this week!

Team for next game- Home vs.Tollgate 2

I am still waiting confirmation from Dean at Tollgate if we are able to push the match back until 1st November with half term week and will confirm asap. Once this is confirmed I will send out an e-mail with team selection.

For Match Score Click Here

Posted by : Glen Faulkner at 9:24:AM on Thursday 18 October 2012
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Knutsford 1 v Grove Park 4

Another great win by Knutsford 1 and curently top of the table in Division 3SE. Looking very strong contenders to take the title if we continue in this great form...

1. Glen Faulkner vs. Mark Campbell - (Won 3-0) - Man of the Match!

I know I'm going to get some grief for this but I'm putting myself forward for man of the match, for one main reason, I managed to sort out the
food on the night!! Getting the baked potatoes in, cutting the bread, stirring the chicken and organising the tables. Oh by the way the squash was awesome, blasted him off court! J

2. Liam Mcllveen vs. Phil Stafford - (Won 3-0)

Liam decided to heavily 'under-promise' for this match with questions about whether he would have to pay another £1 fine if he lost given his efforts in playing other team members in the week and helping bring the overall team standard up - What !?! Phil's a tough cookie both physically and mentally and this could have been a difficult match, but Liam maintained great focus and dispensed of Phil pretty quickly and played a great game.

3. John Burke vs. Mick Scarle - (Won 3-1)

Continuing the great form, John's speed and athletic ability remains a point of discussion by other teams after matches - apparently Mike Walton asked him the other day what his training regime is to be so fast around court - Sorry Mike it's just something you're born with! J A slight blip in the 2nd game, but otherwise nothing here to trouble John.

4. Chris Smith vs. Andy Darrock- (Won 3-0)

I have to confess I didn't see this game as I was preparing the food! However looking at the score sheet Chris didn't seem to have given Andy much of a chance to get going here with a 9-0 blasting in the 2nd. Again great performance by Chris - I think the potential £1 fine for losing is
keeping him on his toes!

5. Steve Costello vs. Steve Ward - (Lost 2-3)

Steve played a fantastic game here against a well seasoned player. Some really great percentage stuff from Steve in the early games, but
unfortunately an injury in the late games heavily restricted his ability to move forward and get into the corners. Despite that he fought bravely on and brought 2 important points home for the team - Great work Steve, make sure you rest that back before future games mate.

For match score clickHere

Posted by : Glen Faulkner at 10:31:AM on Thursday 11 October 2012
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Prestbury 2 v Knutsford 1

Knutsford Away to Prestbury 2

1.       Glen
Faulkner vs. Mike Braukmann - (Won 3-0)

Steady start with a close first game and then in 2nd and 3rd
games moved up  gear and took a comfortable victory.

2.       John
Burke vs. Stuart Melia - (Won 3-0) - Man of the Match

Strong start to the season with some outstanding rallies in this game and great speed
and recovery around the court by John.  Overall very strong performance
for 2nd week running and awarded man of the match for tenacity in
chasing down every ball to secure a 3-0 win. Keep it up John!

 3.       Chris
Smith vs. Dan Mayers- (Won 3-0)

Steady start for Chris, but grew in confidence and quality as the match went on. Dan
tried to slow Chris down, but Chris was having none of it. Some amazing shots
and great pace from Chris, particularly in the 2nd game where Dan
was literally blown off court. Great win Chris.

4.       Justin
Risley vs. Mike Quartley - (Won 3-2)

Tricky game for Justin against a 'wiley' player, but managed to maintain his concentration
and worked hard to win this game. Justin is building in confidence every week
and the quality of shots and rallies are continuing to improve. Monday night
coaching is clearly playing a part in this. Good mental performance Justin,
keep building on this success.

5.       Steve
Costello vs. Ric Baranett - (Won 3-2)

First appearance for Steve for Knutsford 1 this season. Steve played some great
rallies against a solid opponent and kept his head well. A welcome addition to
the team this season and look forward to building on this performance next week
against Grove Park.

Match score click here

Posted by : Glen Faulkner at 13:59:PM on Thursday 4 October 2012
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Alsager 1 v Knutsford 1

Against Alsager with a depleted bottom end of the team. Chris started off and showed some good early signs of taking his opponent, but sadly lost 3-2 gaining some valuable points. Then Dave Waring and Myself went on (we went to 2 courts) with Dave's first run out after an unbeaten record in the 2nd's big things were expected. Sadly he lost 3-1 which put us 2 down in matches. I went on against Ed who I lost to in the first half and so had a score to settle. After 2 hard first games managing to get 2-0 but had stitch and was running low on energy. Ed clawed back the 3rd and in the 4th we had a major battle which I just managed to win 10-8. Perry had been on in the meantime and lost 3-0 which meant the match was lost. However Liam then stepped onto court with the first game abliterating his opponent 9-0. Then another epic battle ensued with the 2 players with similar styles drawing level at 2-2. Then Liam went out in the fifth and stepped up another gear taking 5 points off his opponent within a matter of minutes before then closing out the match 9-3, a great effort.

Overall a good start to the second half and some outstanding individual performances. Hopefully with Justin back in the saddle next week we'll continue to improve further.

For results click here

Posted by : Glen Faulkner at 12:58:PM on Thursday 19 January 2012
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Knutsford 1 v Grove Park 4

Grove Park saw some awesome individual performances with Chris, John, Liam and myself all playing very well and showing no signs of cobwebs after the break. Chris in particular must have hit nearly 15 nicks with some stunning shots paralysing the opposition.
Equally John worked hard with a great win and must have covered several miles during the match literally picking up everything his opponent threw at him. Strefford made his first team appearance and despite a loss put up a great effort and showed some great potential to build on going forward. Overall a stirling performance.

For this match result Click Here

Posted by : Glen Faulkner at 13:03:PM on Thursday 12 January 2012
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