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Summer Cup 2014

It is that time of year again when we think of moving the golf clubs to the back of the closet and dusting down our squash racquet.

In a moment of madness we phone Guy Hill and tell him we are up for the Summer Cup and then proceed to provide caveats about our fitness and ability and how long it has ben since we last played.

The Teams are as follows:

Team 1.   The pretenders GW- Graeme Woods
Team 2.    Waifs & strays WS- Guy Hill
Team 3.    AP cuckoos AP - Nigel Petter
Team 4.    Whittakers wonders WW- Simon Whittakers
The match dates are:

JULY 10-   1V2   3V4
JULY 24-   1V3  2V4
July 31st    1v4  3v2
Aug 14      1v2  3v4
Aug 21      1v3  2v4
sept 4th     1v4 3v2
Start 7.00pm
The Cost:

Pizza afterwards in bar - £3 with pizza, £1 without - any profit to charity 

The format:

4 players per team- (5 by arrangement with team captains).

Handicap to 15 pts- American scoring - 3 games per match

League format- 1pts for each game won and 3pts for the team win -

This year it promises to be very competitive and Roger Snape is donating a NEW TROPHY!!

Any member who would like to play should contact guy hill and advise him of your availability

Posted by : Guy hill at 22:54:PM on Thursday 3 July 2014
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Team Match 4.5

Dear all,
in the immortal words of the blues brothers 'we are getting the band back together!' as many of the old timers have noticed the teams this year have got stronger and keener which is good for the club but i have heard of alarming reports that those previous stalwarts of league squash have given up their thursdays to placid hobbies like snooker and even dominos! To put an end to this there are spare courts on a thursday and due to league  drop outs  so we intend to have an internal match between team 4.5 and team 5.5, 3-5 aside depending on sign up. afterwards a beer and pizza. if there is a greater time gap it will be on a wednesday please look at dates and email me Guy Hill back your enthusiasm. if it is overwhelming then we will do more dates.

26th January (4ths) 1 crt

8th feb- wednesday

23rd February (all) 2 crts

8th march-wednesday

Posted by : Guy Hill at 18:23:PM on Thursday 26 January 2012
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