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Team availability

Please could all Team members update their availability for the second half of the season. thank you


Posted by : Neil Robinson at 17:35:PM on Saturday 12 January 2013
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Club Questionnaire

As some of you may know, Tony Hindley and Steve OHare are in the process of preparing a five year development plan with a view to moving the club forward. With this in mind, Tony Hindley and I, with some welcomed input from John Cartmel and others, have produced a membership questionnaire which I have attached to this email.

It would be really helpful if each and every one of you could complete the questionnaire which can be completed online following the instructions,and  forward it when completed to me by email or by leaving in the pidgeon hole at the club by 1st May 2012.

It is anticipated that the results will be included in a short report. Please do your best to complete the questionnaire, its your club and your views are important and do count.

On that note, I shall sign off, thanks for your co-operation and I shall look forward to seeing everyone on Friday and reading your comments when I recieve your completed questionnaires.

For the link to the questionaire Click below

doc.pngSquash Club Questionnaire

Kind Regards


Posted by : Neil Robinson at 22:05:PM on Monday 16 April 2012
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2012 Season round up

Hi Everyone,

It's that time of year when the Squash season has finally come to a close and we can all sit back and reflect on the events of the last few months.  
Many thanks are due to those 37 members who have religiously turned out week after week in all weathers, on Thursday nights, come rain come snow to give their all, and without whom we would have nothing to speak about.
What then  have we achieved?
First,congratulations to the first team captained by Justin who finished in  a respectable mid table position and secured their place in division 3 for next year.Some mixed results, but they have proved when at full strength, they can mix it with the best.
Hearty congratulations are also due to the seconds, Captained jointly by Steve Costello and Nigel Uttley who have had a fantastic season finishing second in the league and well done clinching that second promotion spot.
Our third team did not fayre quite so well. Captained by me ,we began the season with high hopes and held our own at times with some great individual and team performances from Steve O Hare, Simon, Smithy, Tim and everyone else at times. However, it was not to be, suffering from lack of availability at times, staying up just proved to be one step too far and we missrd out by some 5 points. We  still have some negotiating to do with the league and will report in due course.
The fourths, captained by Geoff who at times had to cope with the last minute changes enforced upon him did a storming job and although some results were disappointing the team finshed in a credible mid table position which with a little strengthening could  easily be improved upon.
We now have the end of season dinner to look forward to and the opportunity eat drink and be merry, so they say before the next season begins.
On that note, I shall sign off, thanks for your co-operation and I shall look forward to seeing everyone on Friday and reading your comments when I recieve your completed questionnaires.

Kind Regards

Posted by : Neil Robinson at 21:59:PM on Monday 16 April 2012
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Alsager 2 v Knutsford 3


After a mixed season, Knutsford thirds travelled far to Alsager to engage in a last match of the season battle for survival with high hopes but events took their toll and Knutsford were not quite up to the mark.

Tony Hindley started the ball rolling with an excellent performance against the skills of Paul Loundes. Hindley was definitely up for it as he blasted his opponent off court to take the first 9-4. The second was an even better performance as Hindley took complete control of the game forcing errors along the way to take the second 9-0 and a two nil lead. The efforts of the first two games told as Loundes came back strongly putting Hindley on the back foot to take the third 9-1. Hindley however was not to be beaten and having rested in the third, came outs guns blazing, catching his opponent off guard and blasted his way to a 9-4 win and first match. A man of the match performance, and great start to the night for Knutsford.

Next on Gwyn Pickering, a last minute replacement and always willing to give his all up against the tricky Pete Lovatt. The game began evenly with the trick Lovatt asking for everything. Gwyn started well enough and had the advantage, but a few tins saw him miss out on some important points. Lovatt kept up the pressure to take the first 9-5. The second followed much the same pattern withPickeringmaking the errors and Lovatt taking advantage as he took the game 9-4. The third was Pickering's last chance but today it was not to be and although battling hard the experienced Lovatt took full advantage as he put on the pressure taking the game 9-2 and match 3-0.Unlucky Gwn but today's performance was second best.

Robo at three against the hard hitting and pacey Brian Spearman looked an interesting match. The first started evenly but Robo put in a few too many mistakes as Spearman took the first 9-2. The second followed the same pattern. Robo had his chances, but too many times mistakes gave his opponent the advantage as Spearman took the game 9-3. The third saw Robo perform much better as both players battled for each and every point At 6-6 it was anyone's for the taking but Robo just didn't have enough in him a Spearman took the game9-6 and match 3-0. Too little, too late from Robo tonight against a tough higher ranked opponent.

Ian Hopkins, suffering from a back injury but willing to turn out, had another battle on his hands at two against Andrew Fish who normally plays at 1.  Packed with painkillers, Ian stated with a bang, pushing Fishy to the limit retrieving and playing some great winners. At 8-8 it was anyone's for the talking but Fish just edged in front to the first 10-8. The second was another battle but Ian could not keep it up as Fishy dominated to take the second 9-3. The third followed the same pattern with Ian struggling after the valiant efforts of the first as he went down with a fight 9-2. Great effort Ian , unlucky not to take the first.

Hoping to salvage a few more points, last man of the night Dave Smith, who had been ill all week, at one taking on Chris Riley started well enough, matching Riley stroke for stroke in some demanding rallies that forced both players to give their all. Smithy certainly did pushing Riley to the limit in the first losing out 9-7 but the mammoth effort took its toll. Smith had given his all against a much higher ranked player who then began to show his class. With Smithy tired out, every point was telling as he lost the next two 9-0, 9-0. And match 3-0, 10 out of 10 for effort Smithy unlucky not to snatch a game.

Overall, a fantastic effort from everyone concerned against a much stronger team who were always looking to come out on top. However, events elsewhere were not too kind as Bollington andClubAZwhilst both losing, secured enough points to see Knutsford relegated with only three points in it. Some great performances from all concerned but mixed form and losing too many players too often to the seconds meant it was always going to be tough. Lessons learned can only make for a better effort in the future.

For Match scores Click Here

Posted by : Neil Robinson at 20:32:PM on Thursday 29 March 2012
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Knutsford 3 v Prestbury 3


A much improved thirds finally got their act together to chalk up a well deserved win against a strong Prestbury line up and more importantly put 19 points on the board.

First on this week, Robo, versus the awkward Pat Hunter who had a point to prove following last week's heavy defeat to Smithy. Robo Started well enough taking the first 9-4 but Hunter soon got into his stride and after some long and hard rallies, Robo seemed to tire losing out 9-6. The next started evenly with both players punishing the others mistakes but Rob faltered as Hunter took the game 9-5, and a 2-1 lead. Robo had it to do and digging deep piling on the pressure, clawing back the fourth 9-3 to make it a final game decider. Robo was up for it and quickly took the first few points leaving Hunter on the back foot before finishing it off 9-3. Great start, first game to Knutsford and all still to play for.

Gary Cashmore, was next out of form recently and needing to put in a confidence building performance. He was not to disappoint as his opponent Rupert Richards was to discover. Cash started like a rocket driving dropping and getting the nick quickly taking the first 9-2. The second followed the same pattern and although Richards fought back, chasing every shot down, Cash took control and the second game 9-5. Richards fought back to take the third with Cash making a few unforced errors but the fourth was the decider. Cash needing to get back on track did so with style and although Richards didn't make it easy, Cash held his nerve to take the game 9-5 and second match to Knutsford. Great confidence building performance, well done Cash, you deserved it.

Mark Strefford at one was up against the difficult Rob Thorneycroft whose recent form meant that anything could happen. Streff stated like a rocket driving dropping with pace and power and throwing in the odd nick just to mix it up. Thorneycroft struggled to keep up the pace losing the first 9-2. The second was a much more even affair as Thorneycroft began to settle in returning from all over the court, frustrating Streff along the way. At 9-9 it was there for the taking but Streff just lost out, one a piece. Streff was frustrated in the third and mistakes appeared as Thorneycroft continued to retrieve at times the impossible and a series of errors gave Thorneycroft the game. Streff knew he had a game on and came out guns blazing and although even at times edged in front to take the fourth 9-6 setting up a last game decider. The fifth started very evenly with none giving in but Streff frustrated by awkwardness found himself edging behind. Alas the efforts of the last game took their toll as Streff went down 3-2 after giving his all. Great match unlucky Streff, two one to Knutsford.

With the match in sight, Greg Marshall at four was next on against Barry Gordon. Greg stated like a rocket, storming ahead to take the first 9-0, with is opponent nowhere in sight. The second was a little more difficult involving some long tough rallies but soon went to Greg 9-2. It was looking good, but Gordon was not to give in easily, and as Greg began to look tired, took advantage. Some long rallies followed, but Greg had eased off and Gordon took the game 9-4. Greg knew he had it to do, coming out in the fourth like an express train, catching Gordon by surprise. Greg maintained pace, power and accuracy and as Gordon struggled, took advantage to take the game 9-3 and match to Knutsford.

With the match in the bag, Steve O Hare at 3 following a tough week at work and a lot of travel behind him, knew he would have a tough one against Paul Bartle, but never one to give in, started how he meant to carry on. Bartle was slow at first and O'Hare took advantage recovering everything to frustrate his

 For Match Scores Click Here

opponent into a series of mistakes, taking the first, 9-4. Bartle fought back in the next, but O'Hare with the bit between his teeth kept up the momentum to take the second 9-5.

Overall, a great win, much needed but still plenty to do to ensure survival. Two nil up, O'Hare looked like he was cruising but Bartle, not one to give in started to fight back. O'Hare's errors didn't help as Bartle upped his game and soon edged ahead, to take the next game 9-1, with O Hare struggling to match. The fourth a battle from start to finish with O Hare regaining the form of the first two games. Bartle was also up for it and some momentous rallies followed. At 8-8 with both showing signs of tiring, it was all to play for, but O Hare so close was not going to give in and pushed on to take the game 10-8 and match 3-1, great gritty performance, four one to Knutsford and 19 valuable points bagged.

Overall a great performance, much needed win as it all goes down to the wire on the final game of the season.

Posted by : Neil Robinson at 8:09:AM on Thursday 22 March 2012
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Knutsford 3 v Alderley Edge 3


A stronger third team this week had high hopes going into this game but alas, a classy Alderley line up spoiled the day.

First on the grid, John Evans, hoping to improve on last week's performance took on Chris Chatfield in what proved to be a battle of nerves. From the outset, Evo gave his all and although he lost the first 4-9 soon got into his stride and began to play some decent squash. In the second, Evo began his fight back. Dropping, driving and moving Chatfield, Evo began to pile on the pressure forcing a number of errors to take the second 9-6 to level at 1-1. The third proved the decider with both giving their all. At 8-8 it was anyone's and it stayed that way for some time. Evo bravely chose set 1. As the serve went from one to the other, Evo had his chances but Chatfield just edged it 9-8. The next was another even affair and at times too close to call but it was not to be Evo's day as Chatfield managed to get in front and take the game 9-7 and first match to Alderley. Great performance Evo, unlucky to lose out today but a valuable point on the board.

Greg Marshall, turning out mot for the first time at 1 was hoping to spoil the party but was up against a tough opponent in Paul Morgan. The first was an even affair with little in it. At 8 all it was up for grabs but Morgan held his nerve to take the game 10-8. The second was close but again Morgan was able to pull away and take the game and a 2-0 lead. The third went much the same way with Greg giving his all but Morgan edged it winning the third 9-5. Great effort Greg just not quite there today.

Robo at three faced the experienced Steve Chalmers Morris and unlike last week struggled to get going. The first two games were disappointing as Robo went down 9-3 and 9-1 making errors with almost every shot. The third was a complete turnaround as Robo battled hard, finally finding a length and able to exert the pressure. Morris started to falter as Robo took the game 9-1. Alas it was not to be, as Morris summoned his reserves and went for it. Robo struggled to respond and lost the game 9-1 and match 3-1. Not Robos best but a valuable point against a difficult opponent.

Steve O Hare at 2 was always going to have a tough game against Mike Perry whose impressive record speaks for itself but O;Hare was not to give in easily. Perry started strongly taking the first 9-3. The second was much closer with OHare fighting for every point. Some long and tough rallies followed but Perry just had the edge as he took the next 9-6. The third followed much the same pattern with O Hare fighting for every point, Perry was pushed but held on to take the game 9-6 and match 3-0. Great effort Steve against a classy opponent, and you very nearly took a game.

Last on and man of the match this week Simon Whitaker against Simon Feather.. Whitty started like a rocket moving around the court with ease. Some long rallies followed with both giving their all but Whitty was in control as he took the first 9-5. And then carried on in the second, quickly blasting his opponent off court 9-1. By the third a win was in sight and Whitty was not to disappoint us. Feather tried hard but Whittty was not to let go as he romped home 9-4 to get the only win of the night and 3 well deserved points.

Overall, another loss and more dropped points mean that Knutsford have a difficult last two games that will prove a crucial decider as to what division awaits next season ?

 For Match Scores Click Here

Posted by : Neil Robinson at 10:41:AM on Thursday 8 March 2012
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Macclesfield 1 v Knutsford 3


A much strengthened Macclesfield team proved too much for a strengthened thirds who battled hard to win a well deserved four crucial points.

Gary Cashmore first on at 5 back and fresh from injury was always going to have his work cut out against the fitness of Richard Maxton. Cash started the first well driving and moving his opponent around the court to take the first 9-6 but unfortunately the pace and length of rallies took its toll and Maxton fought back to level at 1-1. From here on in fitness was crucial and although Cashmore battled well, it proved not quite enough as Maxton took control to win the match 3-1. Unlucky Cash, a good effort only just beaten by an extremely fit opponent who just had the edge on this occasion.

Robo was on next against the Pub Landlord Adam Colbatch. Colbatch won the toss and started the first game moving quickly to an early lead following a series of errors. After a while, Robo started to read his game battling hard to pull level at 8-8. With all to play for both players went for it but two clear winners gave Colbatch the edge and he took first game 10-8. From here on it  was all Robo who summoned the strength to play some of his best squash for many a year. Robo controlled the T accurately dropping driving and lobbing with Colbatch struggling to respond. As Colbatch got frustrated with himself Robo piled on the pressure to the next three games and match 3-1. One all ,with all to play for.

Whitaker   had the toughest game of the night ahead against the Skills of Shane Great Rex. Whitty started brilliantly playing a series of quick winners and soon found himself 8-0 up with Ex struggling to respond. With the first in sight Whitty stumbled and from here on in every point was a battle. Slowly but surely, Great  Rex fought his way back and at 8-8 the game was anyone's. Whitty tried hard to recover but Great Rex piled it on to take the first 10-8. A great effort from Whitty who almost took a game off a very highly ranked opponent. The strains of the first took its toll as Great Rex soon got into his stride to take the next 9-2. The pace had taken its toll and the third went 9-3 to Great Rex giving him the match. Great effort Whitty a little more and you would have taken the first against a classy opponent.  Two-one to Macclesfield.

Evo, back after a long absence and not yet quite match fit took to the stage against newcomer Andy Dunn a  unknown quantity. The first started evenly but Evo struggled to match the pace and his lack of match play showed as Dunn took the first 9-1 by forcing a series of crucial errors. The second went much the same way with Evo on the back foot and although battling hard, Dunne proved too strong taking the second 9-2. The third was a continuation of the second and although Evo battled hard showing glimpses of what he could do, it was too little too late. Dunn sensing victory did not falter to take the game 9-2 and the match 3-0. A below par performance from Evo who has much more to offer and should come back next week with a vengeance. Match to Macclesfield

The much improved Smithy at 2, knew he had an enormous battle on his hands against the athletically unorthodox Alex Oppenheim. Never one to give in Smithy started well ,showing power and pace but Oppenheim was well up to the mark quickly cancelling out Smithy's power with some subtle drops and lobs. The guile proved too much and Smithy soon found himself 1-0 down at 9-1. Oppenheim began turning the screws and although Smithy tried hard he struggled to contain Oppenheim who swiftly took the second 9-2. Facing an uphill battle, Smithy tried hard to recover but Oppenheim was not to falter taking the third 9-3 and match 3-0.  Unlucky Smithy it was always going to be a tough call.

For Match Scores Click Here.

Posted by : Neil Robinson at 22:06:PM on Thursday 1 March 2012
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Knutsford 2 v Knutsford 3


This much awaited second half derby saw Knutsford thirds and seconds meet for what was to be a friendly but mainly one sided encounter with No 1 Smithy and new man Tony Hindley both coming close to upsetting the applecart.

Gwyn Pickering once again elevated to the thirds gave his all in a gutsy performance against the stylish Whitaker to set the ball rolling. The first game went easily to Whitaker 1-9 asPickeringstruggled to get into a rhythm but the second was a different ball game. From the startPickeringmatched Whitakers dropping and driving, forcing errors along the way and at times dominating. As the game two and frowed both players failed to take their chances and at 9 - 9, it was there for the taking. AlasPickering's efforts were not quite enough as Whitaker edged the game 10-9 to take a 2-0 lead. By the third Whitaker had tightened up and came out fighting.Pickeringfollowing his valiant efforts in the last game was taken by surprise and unable to respond. Before he knew it, match point game over, and 1-0 to the seconds. Good effort Gwyn but the second game took its toll.

Snapey at two was always going to have a tough one against the hard hitting Perry Russell. Snapey started like a rocket, surprising Russell, dropping driving and hitting a series of winners to quickly take the first 9-1. A promising start from Snapey however it was not to last, as Russell found his rhythm getting into his stride driving and volleying hard, causing Snapey a few problems. Snapey 's efforts were not quite enough as Russell took the second 9-6. By the third, Russell was dominating play with Snapey on the back foot. It was clear the last two games had taken their toll as Russell marched on to take the next two games in quick succession and chalk up another win for the seconds. Valiant effort Snapey and a valuable point gained.

Robo short of match play and up against the athletic Greg Marshall was always going to find it hard. The first game started evenly enough, but a series of errors from Robo and a marked sluggishness round court took their toll as he went down 9-3. A brief fight back in the second was to no avail and Robo struggling with the pace and fitness again went down 9-5. A final effort in the third was not quite enough asMarshalldominated and took the game 9-6 and with it the match 3-0.

Not quite up to the mark tonight Robo.

The stylish Tony Hindley, making his debut for the thirds was up against that tough old cookie, John Evans whose welcome return would have been more welcome had he been playing for the thirds.  A great start from Tony who giving his all soon had Evo on the back foot and struggling to cope with his speed and accuracy. Tony took the first 9-3 followed by the second 9-6 and looked completely in control however the effort had taken its toll on Hindley's fitness and a five stter was the last thing on his mind. Could he last out? Evo never one to give up began to claw his way back into the game and as the efforts of the first two began to show on Tony, Evo began his comeback taking the next two 0-4 and 9-1. By this time, Hindley had given his all but Evo with the bit between his teeth was not to be beaten and took the fifth 9-1. Great effort and hats off to Tony and two very valuable points for the thirds.

 A man of the match performance from Dave Smith almost caused the upset of the night against the hard hitting accuracy of Streff. No surprises in the first, Smithy arriving late from Brussels? struggled to get in to the groove and found himself on the wrong end of a 9-0 thrashing. The second was a different ball game as Smithy got into his stride and began to dominate the T, driving hard and low and into the back corners. Streff taken by surprise was struggling to cope and as Smithy piled on the pressure Streff was unable to 

match as Smithy took the second 9-6. The third was much the same as Smithy continued to dominate forcing error after error as he took the game 9-5 and with it a 2-1 lead. Alas, the effort of the last two games took its toll as Streff came out on all four cylinders playing some of the best squash of the night to finish off the game 9-1 with the efforts of the last two telling on Smithy. Again two valuable points and performance of the night from Smithy, his best of the year.

 A defeat for the thirds by seconds, but five valuable points gained with the thirds now relying on strong availability to the end to avoid that unwanted relegation battle.

 For Match Scores Click Here

Posted by : Neil Robinson at 21:09:PM on Thursday 16 February 2012
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Bollington 2 v Knutsford 3


With availability at its worst this week, depleted thirds travelled to Bollington hoping to take what they could against a strong experienced Bollington team.

Two courts meant that Robo and Ian Hopkins stated together at 2 and 5 respectively, with Robo against the experienced Nick Shatwell and the vet against the unpredictable Willie Laird.

Robo at 2 was always going to find it tough at 2 and having lost the serve found himself quickly on the back foot. The speed of Shatwell around court was instantly telling and Robo quickly lost the first 9-3 without really getting going. For the second, Robo not to be outplayed stepped up a gear and a series of long drives were causing Shatwell problems but how long could he keep it up. At 6 all, a brief recovery from Shatwell looked on the cards but Robo dug deep playing decisively tight to take the second 9-6. At 1-1 it was all to play for but alas Robo's lack of match play had been telling and from here on in, puffing and panting faced an uphill struggle. A series of long rallies at the start of the third took their toll and Robo could not recover quickly losing the next two games and the match 3-1. One valuable point that could have been more had Robo been fitter. One nil to Bollington.

Ian Hopkins, turning out as a last minute replacement found himself up against Willie Laird and obviously up for it, started well taking the first game 9-3. Laird quickly fought back to take the next two in succession and establish a 2-1 lead and putting Hopkins on the back foot but the vet was not to give up easily. A marathon fourth game ensued with both players having their chances and giving their all. At 8 all it was all to [play for  but luck was not on the vets side tonight and Laird dug out the next two points to take the game 10-8 and match 3-1. A gutsy performance from the vet, who just missed out on a five set decider.

Two nil to Bollington.

Roger Snape at three had a tough opponent ahead in Andy Barber. Snapey got off to a fine start forcing Barber into a series of errors and a series of long steady rallies saw Snapey take the first 9-5. Alas it was not to last and an even second went Barbers way 9-7. The third was another even affair with Barber edging it 9-7 leaving Snapey unlucky at 2-1 down after a flying start. For the fourth game, Snapey struggled handing the first few points to his opponent and leaving himself vulnerable. Barber was not to let go and steamed ahead to take the game 3-1 giving the match to Bollington but getting a valuable point.

Tim Slater at four turning out for only the second time this year found himself up against the ageing but experienced wily fox Ron Newton. Tim started like a rocket and took the first comfortably 9-6. The second was going much the same way and at 7-3 Tim was in control when Ron took an unfortunate leg injury forcing him to retire and concede the match. Good performance from Slater who on today's form was always heading for a victory. 3 valuable points in the bag.

Smithy was last on at 1, and knew it was never going to be easy against the fitness of Simon Bannister. Smith started well giving his all, matching Bannister at times and was unlucky to lose the first 9-5 after some long and trying rallies on the backhand. By the second Bannister had control but Smithy wasn't for giving up, giving his all before going down 9-4. The third game followed much the same pattern with a much improved Smithy running for everything but his efforts were not quite enough as he went down 9-4. A good effort that was never going to be easy.

Overall, a gutsy performance, and six well earned points from an under strength third team with many thanks due to all those who turned out and gave their best.

For Match Scores Click Here

Posted by : Neil Robinson at 9:57:AM on Thursday 9 February 2012
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Teams for 9th February

The Teams for matches on the 9th February have been posted on the website.  To view click here or go to the Squash Club website and select Team/selection.

The seconds do not have a game so competition for places remains strong and players are reminded to maintain their availability on the website. Click here or go to the the Squash Club website and select Team/availability. 

Furthermore you should record all your match results on the website to be awarded ranking points. (league is done automatically

Posted by : Neil Robinson at 19:38:PM on Sunday 5 February 2012
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