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Northern 3 v Knutsford 2

Brave, brave K2 into the den that devoured our first team. The talk was of how many game points rather than match points would be won. With K2’s captain away for the weekend on parental duty the match report was delegated to yours truly.


From the post-match chat it is obvious that MN, with 3 teams in Div 3, is keen to get this team back into Div 2 and they seem to have an abundance of talent to achieve this.


John on first against Tom (soon to move into Knutsford and already talking of possibly joining – that’s the only positive from the night!) and was mightily relieved to get a point in the first game and continued this fine performance in each game going down 9-1, 9-1, 9-1.


Nigel on next against Al who could certainly hit the ball and got off to a quick start but then got caught out by a few back hand reverse boasts which he just didn’t see – first game to K2 and already 3 times as many points as the first match. Having lost 3 matches 3-1 this season and taking the first game on all occasions I was reminded by our fitness guru Steve that I tend to run out of steam – at my age there’s no steam left just luke warm water and so it proved to be but with a spirited 3rd game going down 9-6 at least a team point was in the bag.


Gary playing his first of the season for K2 was on the other court and had to leave early so I couldn’t get the details but he had stated that he thought he played rather well in amassing 5 points – 9-2, 9-3, 9-0.


Steve on against another Steve (who slayed our No 1 Glen 2 years ago) had his work cut out and went down 9-1, 9-1, 9-2, however, Steve played really well and had lots of opportunities to score more from numerous hand-ins. Needs to take chances and impose his game when the chance comes.


So with Greg on last it was a question of who would end up with fewest points, John (3), Gary (5), and Steve (4) had already set the benchmark and it was nice to hear that Greg enjoyed his game and amassed 4 points 9-1, 9-2, 9-1.


John didn’t think too hard for MOM as Nigel (19 points) outscored the rest put together (16) – and I doubt I’ll get the match report duty again!


Food was excellent and a nice bunch of lads – all destined for Div 2 and not a moment too soon.


Nigel Uttley


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Posted by : Nigel Uttley at 11:49:AM on Thursday 17 October 2013
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Congleton 2 v Knutsford 2

Again K2 with a number of key players not available (for a variety of reasons – some valid some tenuous) any opposition is going to be tough and so it turned out to be playing C2 – I’ve heard that somewhere before!


Steve on first, he completely phased his opponent by not giving him the ball in the knock-up to much hilarity on the balcony. A quicker start this week, probably as his oppo was a bit cold. Some very good squash again but the signs were ominous as Steve kept feeding the left handers forehand which was by far his stronger side. A close second game and some long rallies but a stronger opponent this week and Steve had to contend with a well fought second.


Neil on against the whippet Chris Marlow – so no match there then! At 7-7 in the first Neil was looking ………….. tired and in need of a fitness regime. Later in the bar he stated “if I have a lot to eat now I might be able to manage another half pint”. Fitness programme on hold for a little while then.


Nigel on next and a poor start at 5-2 down but romped through to a 9-5 win. Next two went the wrong way 9-1, 9-1 but a better start in the 4th saw another romp to 8-2 up with the tactics of pumping the lefties back hand working well, however, this couldn’t be maintained and oppo did his own romping through to 10-8 and the match. However, given other performances to come this was a MOM performance (got to get one in quickly!).


John was by now 2-0 down to a very bored looking Adrian Alcock – so bored that having taken a 6-0 lead in the third he decided a bit of slowing the game down to let John hit the ball was called for and the tactics worked well with John gaining a credible 7 points. John declared himself well satisfied with his first thrashing of the season.


Dave Smith was on next and struggled against a solid performer. Even his oppo suggested that his court positioning needs to change and the T really is the place to dictate the game from. There seemed to be an error on the score sheet so not too sure who got the lowest number of points but I think it might have been Dave – need clarification on this as John seemed very concerned it might have been him.


Food was a bit dodgy but a nice bunch of blokes and home early – again.  Next up AZ1 home and a much improved availability.

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Posted by : Nigel Uttley at 15:16:PM on Thursday 26 September 2013
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Knutsford 2 v Alderley Edge 3

The start of what will be a very long season for K2. Newly promoted to Div 3 and with a number of key players not available (for a variety of reasons – some valid some tenuous) any opposition is going to be tough and so it turned out to be playing AE3 (also promoted and the team we beat in the last game of last season).


With only one team at home and two courts available the prospect of an early night loomed. Nigel and Steve on first, Steve lost the first two but Nigel won the first so the 60+ year old stand in captain got the first point on the board for K2 and mighty proud of this achievement he is but against the very hard hitting Phil the momentum could not be maintained and the rest of the points went to AE3.


Steve was by now 2-1 down and according to the gallery playing some excellent squash and so it continued with long hard rallies that Steve had trained hard for and was clearly relishing. His shot selection has certainly improved and the drop shot was employed to good effect as his opponent started to run out of gas. Steve took the next 2 games 9-2, 9-0 for an excellent win and 3 points to K2 – a definite MOM performance.


At this point the aching limbs needed soothing hot water and the captain decided a shower was called for – unfortunately during this period Greg and Neil came and went so to speak and both declared themselves well beaten and not a lot to write about.


Dave Smith was on next. Dave thundered his way to a 7-2 lead in the first with Adam not sure how to tackle the thunderbolts heading his way, however it didn’t take him long and Dave could only manage two more points.


Always a pleasure to play against AE teams and a good night was had by all with chilli con carne, garlic bread and strawberry cheesecake to sooth the soul if not the waist line. Next up Congleton away and an even weaker availability



Home Team









Away Team



Steve Costello








Dave Leonard


Greg Marshall






Nikki Fowler


Nigel Uttley







Phil Morgan


Dave Smith






Adam Slade


Neil Robinson






Steve Calmers Morris

Team Points



Team Points

Bonus points



Bonus points

Total Points



Total Points

Posted by : Nigel Uttley at 9:32:AM on Thursday 19 September 2013
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2013/14 Season Availability

The summer league has been a great success again so thanks to Guy, captains and other helpers for making it a fun evening and the final is next Thursday 22nd – it should be a good evening so even if you’re not playing come down and have a moan about the handicap system!


It was agreed at the AGM that the use of the availability system for team selection will be mandatory for the coming season. I cannot stress how valuable this system is in helping team selection throughout the season.


The start of the season has yet to be confirmed but we have all Thursday nights from September allocated to team squash – either NWCSL, friendlies or internal matches.


I need all of you to

  • E-mail me to let me know whether you wish to be considered for the NWCSL teams – the captains are – 1sts Glen Faulkner; 2nds Simon Whitaker, 3rds Mike Walton, 4ths Ian Hopkins
  • update the availability system as soon as it has been set up on the web site – which should be any day now I’m sure – no pressure John!!

This message will be posted on the web site but if I’ve missed anyone off please let me know.




Posted by : Nigel Uttley at 21:41:PM on Friday 16 August 2013
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Knutsford 2 v Alderley Edge 3

The last game of the first half against table toppers and unbeaten Alderley Edge 3. The Captain had started preparing the team for the ultimate challenge the day before with the following message "En route to the match visualise your favourite shot played to perfection!! Don't give away easy points and go the hard yard. Concentration is needed."


So up first was yours truly against Simon who beat me at AE last season. On a court that was cold,  Simon's loose shots were despatched in quick fashion and the first 2 games were taken by K2 with relative ease. With a warmer court and not so tight drop shots Simon came back and romped away with the next two games. All to play for and Simon continued to dominate taking a 7-3 lead but the captain had to set an example, especially as this was his last game of the season before  winter training grounds beckon in a warm climate to get fit for the start of next season - there's commitment for you!! So the points were clawed back and the first match to K2 was won. I heard someone in the bar later say MOM so I'll accept it.


Simon (unbeaten) against nice guy Alex Harris up next. Simon had game point in the first but a couple of tins and easy points conceded meant that it was lost 10-8. Simon was urged to up the tempo and intensity and some good squash resulted but Alex has a wrist that has clearly seen extensive exercise in his youth played the steadier squash and prevailed 3-0. Continued progress from Simon (unless the weight of taking over the captaincy is not too onerous) may well see this result reversed in the second half.


John was up against Andy Hine - hard hitting, high tempo looking like an old grey haired hippy veteran. Andy's game is very predictable but not easy to play against. But at 1-1 the game was evenly balanced and then it happened! Andy decided that the marker (Steve O'Hare) would be better off combining sex and travel rather than wasting his time officiating a squash match, Steve responded that he was more than prepared to start the travel bit by stepping out in the car park for a discussion as to the best route (or something) to take. Order was restored and Andy continued to play high tempo squash and blasted John off court for a 3-1 victory.


Steve was up against a very strong and stylish player in Mike Perry. Some long rallies and excellent squash ensued but Steve couldn't snatch the one game which might have seen Mike crumble. The game was played in very good spirit with both players congratulating each other's good shots to such an extent that the gallery was starting to get a bit concerned about how this was developing, and quite rightly so as the match ended with hugs! Bonhomie was restored all round and I'm sure there was nothing more to it than modern man showing his feminine side - wouldn't have done that in my day!!


With the match lost David went out all guns blazing and won the first game 9-3. His oppo though has been around a bit and is a classy player still and took a 2-1 lead with some classic squash and good serving. David's serves were also well placed and put Mick under some pressure resulting a very tight 4th game which David had game point but couldn't convert and Mick to the match 3-1.









So at half way stage Alderley are well out in front and have a strong squad and are likely to continue through to the end of the season as champions. The battle is for second place and promotion. K2 is tied on points with Macc but in third place based on number of games lost. Two losses to Alsager and Radborke hurts us badly and these need to be revered in the second half - this can only be achieved if we maximise availability at the top end. Some good news is that Graham Woods played for the 4ths last night and should be shooting up the teams to bolster the strength of K2


Good luck in the second half I'll be watching out for the results (please E-mail me the card Simon) as I work hard at the warm weather training ground.


For Match score click Here

Posted by : Nigel Uttley at 14:11:PM on Thursday 13 December 2012
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Prestbury 4 v Knutsford 2

On one of those wintery December nights playing away the only thing to look forward to was 20 points a pint - and that's what we got!!


First up was your truly against Dave (got to go early) the vet who clearly had some fish to save or whatever and was trying out his swimming goggles. As he admitted afterwards they didn't help him seeing how many bounces the ball made before he hit it - not did they seem to help the marker (Kev) as he likewise couldn't work out whether it was 2 or 3! At this point Nigel decided that no Mr Nice Guy tonight was emerging and settled down to concentrate on a comfortable 3-0 victory.


Tony, having leap frogged the third team to guest in the seconds, made short work of his opponent in a "memorable" match watched by the Chairman of the CRAFT (if you need this explaining you're too young but just ask and I'll see if I can remember) club.


John was playing tall, myopic Kev who liked to volley. John's game plan of trying to lob him and move around the court at a snail pace wasn't working too well and the first game was lost with relative ease. Advice from the captain to speed things up and don't use the lob was interpreted as just hit the ball hard which didn't work too well either so 2-0 down. However, a change of marker to yours truly resulted in Kev losing concentration and with John now having got the tactics of hitting the ball hard and low right the match slowly went K2s way - another MOM award to John, he clearly doesn't like winning 3-0.


Simon playing Brian one of the Prestbury Lomas dynasty had two contrasting games in the first - seemed like two different opponents and the score was 1-1 but Simon's concentration and all round game has improved this season cutting out mistakes and easy points dropped and the next two games were taken very comfortably (I think).


Steve O'Hare on last against an oppo that could out drop the K2 maestro seemed to be getting in a bit of a mess as according to the balcony he was 2-0 down so it was to every ones amazement when Steve won the fourth that handshakes followed for a 3-1 victory - clearly, with the match win secured, there wasn't too much team support on the gallery, maybe the proximity of the bar and a certain female playing Div 2 standard and Div 1 standard in other aspects on the opposite court might have been to blame.


20 points secured and Tony took the card home as I clearly can't be trusted with such things so not surprising score details are a bit sketchy.


Big match on Thursday against unbeaten Alderley Edge - we need maximum availability so can the prime donne from the first team take note. K1 in free fall having lost 7 on the bounce and looking fragile Div 3 status might depend on K2 getting promotion.


Nigel (CRAFT Club Chairman)

Availability updates required please!!


For match scores Click Here

Posted by : Nigel Uttley at 13:03:PM on Thursday 6 December 2012
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Radbroke 1 v Knutsford 2

Match:  Knutsford 2 Away to Radbroke 1

Date:  29th November 2012


Radbroke 1 at Macc Leisure potentially a tricky tie. 4 players arrived in good time and just as well as 2 courts were available with Simon and Nigel in action. Fortunately the heaters had been on for some time and it was reasonably warm.


As I was on court I can't comment too much on Simon's game except it was a very quick one as he soon appeared on the balcony to watch my game. Another convincing win for Simon, who seems to be playing with better concentration and more intensity.


My game against Steve Loom was similar to last year in that Steve clearly thinks he's a better player than he actually is and gets very frustrated when he can't pick up drop shots that hit the nick and the words "good shot" are not part of his vocabulary. Same score as last year and K2 steaming ahead. Nice shirts.


Roger's oppo cycles from Helsby to Radbroke most days - 1.5 hours each way so clearly a fit person and so it proved to be with Roger gaining an early advantage but pedlar got stuck in and took the match 3-2.


Steve Costello on next and stared like a house on the Arctic - relying on his reach rather than quick movement he somehow clawed his way back to take the first. Encouraging words from the captain that with a bit of movement and aggression then the match would be in the bag were taken on board and the second was taken with some ease and the oppo, known as Mr Angry, was under pressure. However, the Arctic returned and Mr Angry started hitting the ball as hard as he could this resulted in a slight shift away from Steve which developed into a major swing as Mr Angry romped through the next 3 games and became Mr Smiley.


So all down to Greg against Kiwi Ewan. This was a titanic match and with Ewan looking a bit rotund and puffing hard in the fourth it looked advantage K2 in the fifth. But the Kiwi got off to a great start and was 7-3 up, however, some great rallies ensued and Greg gave everything to chase down every ball and haul himself back into contention, but it wasn't to be and the match was lost. We outscored them 12 - 9 in games but didn't get the bonus points - it's enough to put us back into second spot just a few points ahead of Macc with Alderley Edge well out in front.

Need to be at full strength in the final game of the half to beat Alderley!!

Posted by : Nigel Uttley at 17:17:PM on Thursday 29 November 2012
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Knutsford 2 v Prestbury 3

With no fixture last week and K2's first loss the previous week it was time for a much needed return to form. With 4 players present by 7.10 and Dave Smith battling through a crowded Brussels airport to make it before 10.00 pm the team was clearly motivated.


Prestbury had Paul Maher arrive first, looking more gloomy than ever and with an early morning flight to catch he was keen to get on first and as he said afterwards he'd been looking forward all week to extending his unbeaten season.  Well the game was over and done with in no time and Paul looked like some medical attention was required. Simon played some high tempo squash keeping Paul under pressure for most of the time, complacency and a lack of concentration might have led to an upset but no chance as Simon strolled to an excellent 3-0 victory.


Next up was Roger with thoughts of warmer evenings on the horizon but there was to be no lack of concentration and some blistering squash was played by Roger with a 3-0 annihilation of his opponent who also was in a hurry to depart after the match. Roger had plenty of time to return to his thoughts of warm beaches and …………. Australians - well good luck there Roger, only one more game to go and they are all yours Mate.


The problem now was that with two games to the good and in no time at all we were in danger of finishing before Dave had cleared security so there was a definite need to slow things down.


Captain on next, the longest knock up on record ensued but still nothing out of the middle of the racquet. First game was no contest as Captain searched in vain for the elusive timing - down 9-3. Things improved marginally in the second but it wasn't vintage (more like geriatric) stuff and the match was 1-1. The third was lost 10-8 but much valuable time taken up in losing this game so hopefully Dave was on the plane by now. The fourth was no better and this has to have been my worst performance in a Knutsford shirt in nearly 25 years - Ah yes the shirt! First time in the new kit, not made from that nice natural cotton material but form some modern synthetic material. Have to blame something!!


John up against Rupert (with a Rupert and a Roger on hand there has to be a Monty Python sketch in there somewhere) and some excellent and long squash ensued. Rupert with deft drops and quick movement took the first comfortably but John came back with two close games to edge 2-1 ahead and ……. Dave's arrived (plane landed early and at the club before the customs guys could blink). The fourth was hard graft time and John seemed to be edging the contest but Rupert released a repertoire of racquet reposts which Brian would have been proud of. John looked well and truly out of it - the fifth however, showed some clear thinking from John and some brilliant serves put Rupert under pressure and a 3-2 victory for John and the match for K2 was wrapped up. MOM award


Dave appeared not too sure what was going on and was heard to tell a Prestbury player that he was actually playing against Alsager! However, he managed to find the right court and raced into a 6-0 lead and then rapidly raced into 10-9 defeat in the first. He admitted that it all seemed too








easy and promptly trounced his opponent only dropping a further 4 points in three games - the gallery was impressed with the result but felt that it wasn't the most elegant of victories!!


Who cares K2 back into winning ways and promotion candidates. A tricky away game against Radbroke next then should be an easy one against Prestbury 4 and finally the league leaders Alderley Edge to end the first half.


Availability updates required please!!


For Match Scores Click here

Posted by : Nigel Uttley at 21:09:PM on Thursday 22 November 2012
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Team Availability

Dear Member

The availability schedule on on the website has been updated with the remaining fixtures for the season.

Please could ALL team players and those members wishing, but not yet played for the teams enter their availability.

Thank you.

Posted by : Nigel Uttley at 15:25:PM on Saturday 17 November 2012
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Knutsford 3 v Knutsford 2

Result Knutsford 2 beat Knutsford 3 20-3.

K2 were playing away at home (I'm sure there's a double entendre in there somewhere) hosted by K3.

So to the eagerly awaited start (no not the Ryder Cup) of the season. K2 a bit under prepared for the first game but a fortunate opening
match against what should have been weaker opposition. How would the season pan out, could K2 get promotion again, would David's new family situation result in even more grey hairs, would Greg's work get to him so much that the bald patch would increase by as much as the length of the shorts decreased (anything more would surely be obscene), would Nigel's neoprene addiction eventually result in
total lack of movement, would Steve's new neoprene experience become a fetish and would Simon just like to develop some idiosyncrasy that I can write about.

Eagerness abounded with Greg and David desperate to go on first and get the first points of the season - David won the race and was first
up against Roger. Meanwhile the captain was so excited that he misplaced his wallet between RBS cash machine and KSC, emptying his bag out on numerous occasions and searching the car resulted in no wallet and a trip to the police station which likewise proved fruitless. Eventually it was found down the narrowest of gaps in the car and at least I had drinking vouchers which proved to be of great importance later on.

David vs Roger (3-1)

Not too much was seen of this one by yours truly for reasons already explained but Roger played some very steady squash especially tight
down the backhand wall and with the match at 1-1 it was a very close affair. David took the next two to 5 and 6 to great relief and the season was underway.

Greg vs Dave (3-0)

Again not too much to input from the penniless captain but Greg was heard to mutter that Dave plays the type of squash he likes
(mindless?). A comfortable 3-0 to Greg with only 8 points conceded.

Nigel vs Tim (3-1)

A very hard fought match with Tim playing some excellent squash. Clearly motivated and in the zone he forgot to say "good shot" at the
appropriate moments throughout the entire match. He raced into a 5-1 lead in the first but then was 8-5 down with some loose shots before eventually taking the first 10-9. The next three went to Nigel but to 6, 5 and 5 which meant that the neoprene did its job and the old crock was just about still in one piece.

Simon vs Neil (3-0)

A bit of a non-event with only seven points conceded by Simon fresh of his holidays, short of match practice, overweight (was on the
lime juice in the bar) but with sufficient in the tank for Neil to declare that he (Neil) was also a bit short of match practice, a bit overweight and that
things would improve (in what department we all asked as he tucked into seconds of home-made chilli con carne).

Steve vs Gary (3-1)

Looking self conscious in the neoprene support Steve got off to a bad start and lost the first but with some trade mark scampering and deft
drop shots Steve took the next two close games before easily rapping the match up in the fourth with Gary now expressing his trademark frustrations at his own performance.

So to the bar, with the away team buying more drinks (hence the need for the wallet - note Tim) than the home team but being served up with
an excellent chilli dish with rice (superbly cooked by Steve of the away team) and slightly burnt bread which apparently was Steve's (away team!) fault and a "home made" cake. All in all an excellent evening - can't wait for the return although the, by then, much improved K3 might give us an even harder match.

Next 2 weeks Greg is in charge of K2 whilst yours truly takes a much needed rest!

For Match results Click Here

Posted by : Nigel Uttley at 8:42:AM on Monday 1 October 2012
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