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Knutsford Squash Club Closed Handicap 2015/16

Great response to the handicap tournament which includes 32 entrants!

The draw can be found on the link below by clicking on the ‘Tournaments’ tab and selecting ‘Knutsford Handicap 2015/16’ from the drop down box


The rankings shown below for all entrants should be used for all games throughout the tournament. The handicap is based on internal ranking (difference divided by 10) normalised around zero with any opponent having a maximum start of +6 (There is no cap on the maximum handicap)  

These will be reviewed periodically.

GAMES TO BE PLAYED BY 22nd NOVEMBER – All results to be emailed to me by the winner (including match score)

Knutsford Handicap Tournament ranking points:


Richard Neale – 391.14

Tim Slater - 410.96

Gary Cashmore - 489.37

Greg Marshall - 522.34

Geoff Dalton - 362.75

John Evans - 492.99

Neil Loftus - 307.50

Neil Robinson - 425.92

Andrew Keeble - 302.41

Guy Cherry - 350.51

Matthew Roberts - 368.46

George Keeble - 373.69

Steve Goodman – 340.00

Ian Hopkins - 406.77

Bill Jackson - 394.18

Mark Fletcher - 411.03

John Chapman - 406.14

Chris Jump - 458.80

Simon Whitaker - 472.94

Darren Ingles - 377.46

Mike Sharman - 429.72

David Waring - 504.58

Graham Woods - 493.07

John Ward - 388.03

Tom Woods - 314.92

Will McLeod - 409.03

Nigel Petter - 329.62

Jim Toole - 369.80

Khaled Balabil - 444.41

Mark Strefford - 532.77

David Smith - 447.95

Tony Hindley - 466.54

Thanks and good luck!

Posted by : Chris Jump at 12:57:PM on Sunday 15 November 2015
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This year’s handicap tournament is upon us! If you would like to take part, please respond by email me no later than Friday the 6th November. The draw will be made shortly after this date.

 Please contact Chris Jump to register.

 The rules are below:

 Handicap is based on internal ranking (difference divided by 10) normalised around zero with any opponent having a maximum start of 6

Scoring as per NWCSL - American - up to 15 points (2 clear points needed if tied at 14)

All other rules as per NWCSL

 As we do not want the tournament dragging on over a few months, please consider if you will have time to get your games in as we cannot afford each round to take 3-4 weeks. This will likely mean you will need to play at least 1 game a week.

Posted by : KNUTSFORD HANDICAP SQUASH TOURNAMENT 2015 at 11:23:AM on Friday 30 October 2015
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My Monthly Squash Report - September 2015


Congratulations to the winners of the respective September 2015 Internal Leagues

League 1  Gary Cashmore

League 2  Wil Mcleod, Anthony Roberts

League 3  Ian Hopkins

League 4  Darren Ingles

League 5 Tony Hindley

League 6  Neil Loftus

League 7  Graham Thomson

League 8  Andrew Dalton

League 9  Tom Woods


Last month’s biggest Rankings mover was Darren Ingles (+14.38)

George Keeble is the biggest mover over the last 3 months (+32.29 )

George Keeble is the biggest mover over the last 6 months (+ 55.08)

Anthony Roberts is the biggest mover over the last 12 months (+134.44)


Welcome new member Guy Cherry



64.8% of League games were played in September compared to the previous record high of March 2015 70.3%

44 Members are playing in the Leagues in September which is our highest to date.

Total Court Usage September

Weekend bookings 4.90% compared to January 2015 record high 15.07%

Week Peak (16:00 – 23:00) bookings 37.23% compared to January 2015 record high 42.64%

Off Peak bookings  2.32% compared to previous high in March 2014 3.5%


If Members are unable to make their court booking please remember to cancel your court.

If Members have not set up their court alerts and match and score notifications this can be done on the Bookings page under My Menu

Could all Members who wish to play in the teams please complete their availability online to ensure that we have the optimum teams available to ensure a positive end to the season.

Posted by : Tony Hindley at 19:49:PM on Sunday 4 October 2015
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SRA Cheshire chairman - Club address

The attached letter is to introduce to all Knutsford Squash club Members  information about Cheshire SRA and what they are doing in the county.

 THE SRA would love to have your involvement and support, because they are, in reality your servants and would like communication about our sport to be open and frequent.

 Please read the letter and relay to them any comments.

Click here to download the letter.

Posted by : Tony Hindley at 15:01:PM on Friday 2 October 2015
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Gusto Members Offers

As a reminder, Squash Club members are able to receive a 25% discount from the food bill when dining at Gusto in Knutsford. This is a further 5% over and above the discount received when you book as a Gusto Dining Club member. Furthermore, the club receives a £1 donation for each booking made! So, why not take advantage of this offer by clicking on this link:  Click here.

Posted by : Graham Wood at 11:40:AM on Friday 11 September 2015
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Car damaged in the car park

Dear Knutsford Sports Club Member,

Between 8 and 9.50pm last night (Thursday 20 August 2015) my car was damaged in the Sports Club car park.

It was parked in a central bay right in front of the squash courts. It was broadly underneath the CCTV camera, which is being investigated.

However, I would much prefer to receive any information voluntarily.

All 4 disciplines were active at the time (Archery, Cricket, Squash, Tennis).

Did you see anything?

Do you know anything?

Did you perhaps notice some damage to your own vehicle this morning, and would be prepared to contact me voluntarily?

No note was left.

Please contact me if you can help. It is a new vehicle, sensibly parked, and I am concerned to resolve this.

Thank you,

Andy Ford (squash)

07958 684 362

Posted by : Andy Ford at 9:22:AM on Thursday 27 August 2015
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Summer Cup 2015

Congratulations go to Graham Woods as he proudly accepts the highly coveted ‘Summer Cup Trophy’ from Squash Chairman Geoff Dalton. His ‘Pretenders’ team were runaway winners of the 2015 event, beating the likes of ‘Whitty’s Wonders’, ‘Waifs and Strays’, ‘HC Hasbeens’ and ‘Dalton’s Ironmen’. Packed with youth, Graham’s successful Team is a result of his dedication and commitment over the years in running the Saturday morning Junior Squash Sessions. 

This popular yearly competition took place over several evenings during July and August. Whilst all who played enjoyed the social aspect of the competition, it still retains a competitive edge. All are welcome to take part, and it’s a great way for newer members to meet other players. Each player competes in a handicapped match consisting of three games. Afterwards the teams gather in the Bar for a Beer and Pizza. Any profit made is donated to Charity. Thanks to Guy Hill for once again organising the event.

Posted by : Roger Snape at 9:19:AM on Thursday 27 August 2015
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Summer Cup 2015

Dear Members

Once again The Summer Cup is up for grabs. This is Simon's au revoir tournament so lets make it as disappointing as Steven Gerrards was for Liverpool, no silverware , just tears!

The tournament is open to all members , just contact a captain or me 

Team 1.   The Pretenders GW- Graeme Woods

team 2.    Waifs & strays WS- Guy Hill

Team 3.    HC Hasbeens -HC- Nigel Petter

Team 4.    Whitty's Wonders WW- Simon Whitaker

Team 5   Dalton's Ironmen DI- Geoff Dalton

JULY 16-   1V2   3V4      5 off  -  Guys Pizza duty

JULY 23-   1V5  2V3       4 off -  Graham pizza duty

July 30     2v4  5v3         1 off - Geoff Pizza Duty 

Aug 13      3v1  4v5         2 off  - Nigel pizza duty

Aug 20      4v1  5v2       3 off  - simon pizza duty

Start 7.00pm

Pizza afterwards in bar - £3 with pizza, £1 without - any profit to charity 


4 players per team- (5 by arrangement with team captains).

Handicap to 15 pts- American scoring- sudden death - 3 games per match

League format- 1pts for each game won and 2pts for the team win -

Posted by : Guy Hill at 19:52:PM on Thursday 25 June 2015
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Squash Club AGM

Please click here to read the Squash Club AGM.

Posted by : Tony Hindley at 19:55:PM on Sunday 31 May 2015
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Diary dates

Diary dates for all Members

Annual Squash dinner is on Friday 17th April

AGM on Tuesday May 19th  at 7-30 pm 

Posted by : Tony Hindley at 10:25:AM on Saturday 4 April 2015
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