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Alsager 1 v Knutsford 2

KSC 2 no match for high flying "Promotion Champs" Alsager 20-0

It was one's Steve C to start this week on the warm Alsager court. A poor start at that and quickly two behind (9-3, 9-1) despite the long rallies and attacking kills. At the end of game three Steve was able to hold his head up high having got to six! Still a long way off Alsager’s level and L3-0.

Graham Wood didn’t have much luck on the other court either, his opponent Steve Hammond won it in 3-0 (9-0,9-1,9-2).

Gary took on Mike Cole and dealt out some great shots- accurate, long, tight. Cole’s reply was dropping early and then attacking on his serve leaving little time for Gary to recover.   The result another L3-0 (9-1,9-3,9-2).

Even now we had high hopes for Greg against the Alsager youngster Chris Riley. His improved game had tremendous speed getting forward and left Greg studying the player manual. He managed to settle into the match and played Alsager front to back and wrong footed with a drive to show signs of a Knutsford victory.  Chris blew up a bit and the forced errors helped Greg’s cause but not the result, Chris too fast getting forward but good effort Greg! L3-0 (9-5,9-2,9-1).

Last man John against Tom Raftery.  Again Alsager had the most advantage on court, John probably the best touch in moving his opponent around but Alsager's composure was impressive and stepped in to take the Lions share of the points. In the end John's efforts made little impression on Toms grip on the game. John resigned to join the losers bench. 3-0 (9-0,9-0,9-4).

For Match Scores Click Here

Posted by : Steve Costello at 20:51:PM on Thursday 6 March 2014
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Annual Squash club dinner - Friday 4th April 2014


Annual dinner announcement 20014.jpg

The climax of the season is again in the form of the Annual Squash club dinner.  The date for the extravaganza isFriday 4th April

The Venue is the Sports Club.  Your host, compares, culinary delights and presentations are to be announced.

Please make a note in your diary.

Posted by : Tony Hindley at 14:29:PM on Sunday 2 March 2014
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Knutsford Closed Plate 2014

The draw has been done for the Knutsford Closed Plate competition.

Please see My Squash for the draw.

Posted by : Tony Hindley at 11:28:AM on Sunday 2 March 2014
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February - My Squash results summary

Congratulations to the winners of the respective February Leagues:

League 1 Steve Costello

League 2 Gary Cashmore

League 3 Ian Hopkins

League 4 Gwyn Pickering

League 5 Geoff Dalton

League 6 Tim Slater

League 7 Nick Johnson

Congratulations to the big Ranking Movers:

Last month’s biggest Rankings mover was Will McLeod  (+14.91)

Peter Welch is the biggest mover over the last 12 months (+46.04)

Peter Welch is the biggest mover this season (+37.27)

Welcome new Member Andy White and Best wishes to Geoff Dalton in his new home.

Posted by : Tony Hindley at 11:25:AM on Sunday 2 March 2014
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Knutsford 2 v Grove Park 4

19-6 to Grove Park despite 2 home courts and quality reserve players.

Mike Walton started us and stayed level in his match until the 2nd ½ hammer GP finding extra width and length to win in three (6-9, 4-9, 4-9).

Graham (2nd string) took on Ben the only young gun in the GP side and they went toe to toe in front of a busy balcony drawing supporters over from the finished Walton match.  We were treated to vintage Woods and he romped away 1 up, but for a “niggle” in his calf it could have been 2 up.  The third game produced more good squash with Graham piling pressure on the GP b/h and forcing aggressive returns.  From 2 all the onlookers expected “Woodsy’s” controlled squash to overcome GP, but he faded in the 5th and GP pushed hard for the taste of victory. L2-3, (10-8, 3-9, 9-7, 3-9).

Next one on; Steve C’s return game against Phil Stafford.  Steve got his usual good start and sported a good fitness level,  going 4 up and then a game down!  Straight through in game 2 bagging a point for the team but by game 3 Phil had seen the light and played some fine boasts & volleys.  Game 4 drew more soft touches from Steve and GP enjoyed a comfortable 1-3 (5-9, 9-2, 2-9, 1-9).  On the bright side there were plenty of good rallies.

Dave Smith lost 0-3 (3-9, 2-9, 9-10).  He played well and never gave up on a rally and came close in 3 but Scarle was not going to let it slip.

Greg put in tactical performance against his opponent the infamous Rod Boswell, kept his mind in the here and now and used f/h drives to kill off weak returns to move 2 up.  Rod showed great discipline and a skilful touch to level the match before Greg reasserted his tight squash to bank the 3 points.

Well done Seconds! Winning some important points. 

For Match scores Click Here

Posted by : Steve Costello at 20:44:PM on Thursday 27 February 2014
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Notice of KSC AGM - Monday 10 Mar 2014

The Sports club AGM will take place on Monday the 10th March.  All members are welcome and encouraged to attend.

Please find attached

* Notice of AGM including Agenda

* Nomination form

* Proposed constitution changes and current constitution

* Minutes of 2013 AGM 

Posted by : Tony Hindley at 12:24:PM on Monday 24 February 2014
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Crewe Vagrants 2 v Knutsford 2

17 pts to 8 - Crewe hold out against extreme pressure from a “tough” Knutsford challenge.

Greg and Peter there first and raring to go!  Peter on court at 5 and Greg with the markers pad and pen.  Peter played excellently for all three games with plenty of fight against an experienced 3rd div opponent.  Driving the ball hard down the side wall lead to long rallies and good opportunities to kill the ball. 0-3 (5-9,3-9,3-9) to Crewe.

Steve C No1 next; got off to a good start 4-0 up before repeatedly fading c/c onto Crewe’s racquet.  Dominating rallies only to concede subsequent points got demoralising and the challenge for the forehand was not really threatening enough. 0-3 (4-9, 4-9, 0-9) to Crewe.

The next match was John Burke’s “Master Class” against a rather handy looking 4th string.  Crewe took the first game putting the ball straight and attacked with a boast/volley drop.  Game two John flipped the match on its head and took to a relentless attacking of the b/h drop and made his opponent chase to stay with the game (7-9) to John.  In three, again John changed his attack, including an extra good deep drive to unbalance Crewe and send the ball front to back.  In the final stages Crewe tried to retaliate on the f/h but John steadied his eye and sured up his shots to pressure Crewe out the game!  The 1-2 advantage in game three was used to full effect during the latter stages; Crewe leg’s looked tired and couldn’t find anywhere to recover attacking momentum.  A few half-hearted let calls made no effect on the game as Crewe tried to cope with the all round court craft.  1-3 (9-7,4-9,7-9,7-9).  Both players exited court with smiles a mile wide having played in such a great match.

Meanwhile Graham Wood had put us right back in the match when he emerged from court2 and pronounced himself 5 game winner (5-9,0-9,9-2,9-3,3-9). Cracking!

Marshall Vs Ormerod was the clincher and Greg studied preceding matches intently.  The opening games found Greg behind but his attacks posed a threat and we could all see that a win was possible.  He dug in killing off loose balls and closed down the forehand court.  The games delivered some neat rallies and Greg got back to level board.  In the 5th  Crewe waited for opportunity and tucked away chances, claiming the match despite “our man’s” heroic efforts

For match score click here

Posted by : Steve Costello at 10:51:AM on Saturday 22 February 2014
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January - My Squash results

Congratulations to the winners of the respective January Leagues:

League 1 Steve Costello

League 2 Tony Hindley

League 3 Peter Welch

League 4 Will Mcleod

League 5 Graham Thompson, Andy Ford, Neil Robinson

League 6 Richard Neale

Congratulations to the big Ranking Movers:

Last month’s biggest Rankings mover was Peter Welch  (+11.90)

Peter Welch is the biggest mover over the last 12 months (+46.04)

Peter Welch is the biggest mover this season (+33.24)

Welcome new Member George Keeble and Nigel Petter and Stephen Keys who has joined from AP Club.  Stephenhas entered League 4 for February.

Posted by : Tony Hindley at 10:04:AM on Friday 7 February 2014
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Knutsford 2 v The Northern 3

06.02.2014 Club KSC2 Vs Northern 3

League “Toppers” Northern firmly squashed KS2 to the bottom of the table, 3 pts to 15.

Greg opened the match; unleashing some mighty b/h cross courts to pressure Northern and eventually win a game, bagging 1 of KS2’s 3 points of the night.

To challenge the title chasers from 2 behind was not wise, the match finished 1-3 (3-9,7-9,9-4,5-9).

Steve on next at 1. He got in the swing of the match early and made it hard for Northern to dominate, only failing to compete with the scores. However plan B with a spare racquet, “worked a treat”; the 3rd game greatly improved Steve winning 9-0!  Northern’s reply to this was resisted well and the 4th went into a tie break!  Northern coming through showing supreme fitness 1-3 (3-9,4-9,9-0,8-10).

On next, Dave court 2 and John Burke court 1.  Dave’s match was “over in a blink of an eye”, losing 0-3 (0-9,1-9,4-9), perhaps Northern’s standard just too good for our hard hitting number 5 string?

John did not score a point in his first game and made a great comeback to draw level, commanding long rallies.  Northern wouldn’t falter and hung on intently taking their winners with style. 1-3 (0-9,9-7,1-9,4-9).  

Graham’s challenge followed suit, (narrowly missing out on game 2).  Northern snatched the 2nd string match 0-3 (4-9,8-10,5-9).

 For match scores click here

Posted by : Steve Costello at 14:22:PM on Thursday 6 February 2014
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Knutsford 2 v Tollgate 2

Last moments withdrawal from Greg meant acting Cap Graham only had 4 players in this “bottom of the league clash!”

1st strings on first and the match started great for Steve C at (7-5). However the game went to TG (7-9) with a flurry of attacking volley nicks. The quality squash from TG continued to raise, finishing 0-3 (7-9, 4-9, 3-9).

John Burke in the 2nds to get points for the team and came through on top form.  His opponent; a less experienced runner, the match produced some lively rallies and John stayed in control. 3-0 winner (9-5, 9-1, 9-5).

Graham Woods played 2nd String, another display of good form. He played the right shot at the right time whilst his opponent was thinking, “how to hit the ball harder”. Graham rallied and rallied until tiredness reached the TG arm and Graham drew level. Even at 1-2 down it looked like he might overcome the TG “muscle-man” but in the final rallies TG perked up and found some extra shots to win out 1-3 (1-9, 9-4, 6-9, 7-9).

Dave Smith last on aiming to make 4 wins in a row.  He served a full powered serve and stepped forward catching TG’s weak returns with a good volley kill. TG couldn’t get in front to pressure Dave’s advantage and Dave made his 4th consecutive win.     

For match scores click here

Posted by : Steve Costello at 10:07:AM on Thursday 30 January 2014
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