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Knutsford Handicap 2014/15

The draw has been made and posted on the website. This can be found under [my squash] and [tournaments] [handicap 2014].

Please arrange to play your game ASAP. Ideally want to have the tournament completed by Christmas. 

Please aim to play the 1st game by next weekend. If you email me the score I can update the draw and then arrange the next game the following week. 

If you are not able to play please let me know. 

The handicaps are calculated by the difference between the 2 opponents rankings (online) divided by 10.

American scoring to 15 best of 3. Rotate handicap around zero with max anyone can start on = +6

Please arrange games ASAP and let me know scores -   Dave Waring  

Always remember the great trophy that awaits the winner.

Happy playing

Posted by : Dave Waring at 8:46:AM on Tuesday 28 October 2014
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Annual subscription renewal 2014/15

Dear Squash member and to Whom it may concern,

Your membership of Knutsford Squash club expired on the 31st September and it is with great disappointment that as yet we have not received your renewal form.

Whilst we trust this is just an oversight on your part, I have, for your convenience attached a renewal form.  Alternatively you can renew on line via the link sent directly  to you or alternatively you can access the form via the club web site.  /media/6127/KSqC%20-%20Membership%20application%20form%202014-2015.pdf

Should you intend to renew your membership then we would recommend and really appreciate your early submission as all applications received after the 31st October (Friday) will attract a £25.00 joining fee.

Furthermore your club is run by volunteers on and with limited resources and whilst the non-members personal and playing records are automatically removed by the system next week, any subsequent renewals do need to be processed manually.  Your prompt response will mitigate this time consuming task and it would therefore be very much appreciated if you could return your form as soon as possible.

Should you not be renewing your membership this year then thank you for your support of the club and we all on the committee wish you all best for the future, hopefully we will see you back again at some stage.  If you could spare a minute to let us know, should this be the case then this would be appreciated and we will note our records accordingly.

Many thanks

Posted by : Tony Hindley at 10:53:AM on Saturday 25 October 2014
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Annual subscription renewal 2014/15

Dear Knutsford Squash Club Member

Your annual membership of Knutsford Squash Club is due for renewal on 1st OCTOBER

This year there is the option to complete your renewal online as well as submitting the application/renewal form.

As you will hopefully become aware there have been a number of exciting changes that have taken place at the Squash club this summer and further changes are in the pipeline.  Further information, including the minutes of the AGM are available on the Squash Club website. The headlines are as follows:

  • A new Squash club Chairman – Malcolm Edwards has stepped down as Chairman.  Geoff Dalton has been Voted his successor.  We all thank Malcolm for his efforts and guidance throughout his 3 year term.  Malcolm will, I am pleased to say, remain involved with the development of the web site and information technology
  • New appointments - Various members have accepted roles and responsibilities at the club.  They will be pursuing their duties with vigour to help  and improve the running of the club.
  • Booking system - The Knutsford Squash Club website, Booking system and My squash player profile has been enhanced and the club will remain the only club in the area to offer this efficient and convenient service.
  • Events - A programme of social events including internal club tournaments and a master class in Racketball is shortly to be announced.
  • Coaching - Several members have now achieved their coaching qualifications and our Juniors are benefiting many of whom are representing the club in the North West Squash league.
  • Refereeing - A markers and referees course is to be arranged in the New Year
  • Construction works undertaken include: - A refurbishment of both courts, new lighting and a full service of the heating.

The annual fees set by the committee at the AGM has remained unchanged.  However, of concern and potential threat to the subs having to increase in future is the reduction in the amount of Guest fees collected are that those collected do not reconcile with the members online booking records.  Members are advised that unless the guest fees received tally with their bookings then the club will pursue them for the fees and persistent offenders will be excluded without referral.

Please remember that the annual membership cost is fully inclusive of court booking fees, lights and heating.  You will, I trust, find that this cost represents excellent value.

The Club operates a Members Service listing and I would like to encourage all members to promote their services through this Club Business Directory – hopefully this will continue to be a beneficial arrangement for all concerned. You may find it more rewarding to sponsor or partner the club. 

We have 4 teams in the North West Squash League this season and this offers squash for a range of abilities for members who take their squash slightly more seriously.  Nigel Utley would be delighted to hear from anybody who would like to play on a Thursday night or alternatively complete the Doodle on the website Teams Tab on the Squash Club Website.

Fees are due on 1st October so please Submit your online form or return your printed forms promptly to the club (marked for the attention of Tony Hindley). Access to booking courts and Players profiles and statistics etc are controlled by the computer so no pay no playFurthermore, please be aware that members not renewing punctually will be considered as having resigned and any subsequent application to join will incur a joining fee of £25.00.

We very much look forward to receiving your completed application form and welcoming you to the club again for what we hope will be an excellent and exciting year.

Posted by : Tony Hindley at 22:00:PM on Monday 6 October 2014
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September - My Squash Monthly report

Congratulations to the winners of the respective September Leagues:

League 1 Steve Costello 

League 2 Khaled Balabil

League 3 Tony Hindley

League 4 John Burke

League 5 Geoff Dalton

League 6 Nick Johnson

League 7 Joe Lasham

League 8  James Woods

Congratulations to the big Ranking Movers:

Last month’s biggest Rankings mover was Will McLeod (+7.57)

Neil Loftus is the biggest mover over the last 3 months (+17.40)

Rob Leech is the biggest mover over the last 6 months (+27.30)

Peter Welch is the biggest mover over the last 12 months (+55.19)

Neil Loftus is the biggest mover All Time (+128.43)

Welcome new Members Jason Bayliss, Darren Ingles and Welcome back Steven Pixton

Posted by : Tony Hindley at 21:56:PM on Monday 6 October 2014
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Teams for the 6th November 2014

Teams for the 6th November 2014 have been posted on the website.

To view the teams click here or go to the Squash Club website and select Team/selection.

Competition for places remains strong and players are reminded to maintain their availability on the website. Click here or go to the the Squash Club website and select Team/availability.

Furthermore you should record all your match results on the website to be awarded ranking points. (league is done automatically).

Posted by : Tony Hindley at 18:35:PM on Saturday 4 October 2014
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Buxton 2 v Knutsford 4

OMG, Buxton away and with such a strong choice for selection, all players were getting in their excuses not to get picked for the fab 4ths long trek past the cat n fiddle! We had social (work, child care, on a jolly), travel (Spain, Corfu and must’ve been a KSC event in Devon by the number there!), not forgetting the medical stuff which sounded like a medical dictionary- broken wrist, hip replacement, heart attack, dodgy back, cant walk, sore finger and finally worse- given up and sold my squash racket!

Still the troops rallied and a rag tag bunch, all jostling for the number 5 spot, set off to Buxton, no snow but thick fog! - didn’t see that coming literally!

First up, we welcomed back Dalton junior - pushed up the order as the fittest looking of our team, despite coming straight from A&E having just suffered a shrapnel injury to the eye- (now that was a proper injury!) Unfortunately the injury left Andy a bit blinded and the first game passed him by to 1. Second game off came the eye patch and Andy got into the game, but the cold, slow courts favoured the home side as they drew first blood (not real blood- didn’t want any more injuries)

Meanwhile Graham, got the number 5 slot and looked good, the slow courts suiting his game as he dropped his way to the first 2 games. Alas his oppo started to read Graham’s game and from then on we had 3 games played entirely in front of the red service line except for one Thomson drive to the back corner in the 4th game. Unfortunately that shot was a limited edition collector’s item, not seen since. As Grahams legs tired Buxton edged in front, despite a 16-14 nail biting loss in the fourth. Graham- hope you can walk Friday morning!

Nigel on next, keeping a low profile down the order, and produced a classy, skilled, never troubled performance- watch out Nigel the 3rds may just yet beckon!

Skip at one, made short shrift of his opponent and levelled the tie. Meanwhile Nick at 3 had a tough battle and despite taking the first couldn’t keep it up, obviously disappointed to have missed out on a rematch with Annika the previous week. 

So a narrow loss 14-9, just a 2 point swing in one game in our favour would have made all the difference, but that’s the excitement of American scoring!

Finally, a big thank you for everyone’s responses to all the emails, especially those who turned up and filled all the slots.  

Posted by : Ian Hopkins at 9:52:AM on Thursday 25 September 2014
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Squash V Tennis Cricket match August 2014

Another glorious sunny day for the Gladiatorial annual cricket joust between the squash and tennis sections . Although squash enjoy a healthy lead in this one sided series , who knows what tennis might serve up this year !!

Nine aside turned out , setting up a 16 over match , with tennis winning the toss and putting squash into bat .

Squash , superbly prepared by capt Jacko were led off by County Junior Ted Parr who promptly despatched first ball off for 4 .

Hurrah ! Oops next ball he was bowled . Thankfully we had Geoff Dalton at the other end nervously wearing a hat that looked like a failed pancake , the seasoned campaigner led from the front and retired 25 not out ! . A stalwart innings from Tony H. pushed squash through to a respectable 113 for 3 at the close .

So , what could tennis muster up in response . Well Ted redeemed himself with 2 wickets , the Woody huffed and puffed , Neil L performed miracles behind the stumps , Geoff pulled off 2 great balls for dismissals  , and finally Jacko tumbled 2 out as well . Tennis finished  34 all out !! one of the tennis showers best efforts , and ensured an early return to the bar .

All that remained was the annual visit down to Timpson’s for the usual engraving ceremony , thanks for all taking part , and Raymond for organising the tennis rabble.

 Cricket match 2014.08 (1).jpgCricket match 2014.08 (2).jpgCricket match 2014.08 (3).jpgCricket match 2014.08 (4).jpgCricket match 2014.08 (5).jpgCricket match 2014.08 (6).jpgCricket match 2014.08 (7).jpg

Posted by : Bill Jackson at 9:16:AM on Wednesday 24 September 2014
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Knutsford 4 v Macclesfield Leisure 2

After a summer of hard pre-season training, KSC4 were primed, their fitness to be tested in marathon games to 15, while those mighty prima-donna first teamers would take it to only to 11, obviously lacking in stamina.

Opening with the new scoring system Will; - knew how to play this new system, took no risks, just kept the ball in play- unfortunately he was playing a game of retrieval as his oppo, Ollie, attacked all corners and had Will huffing and puffing to stay in the rallies. But Will did huff and puff and having lost the first game got to 13 each in the 2nd when Ollie serve faulted, bonus!! - a much needed game point to Will which he didn’t waste- game on! After that Will kept running as Ollie the more attacking player tired and started to find the tin eventually giving a pulsating match to Will 3-2. 

Next Matt, fearing for his place had trained all summer, and warmed up with four games earlier that week, including pushing T.Hindley into hospital with a heart scare (was this a Roberts’ tactic to ensure his name on the team sheet??). Anyway when Matt’s oppo turned up, with a six pack worthy of a male Adonis, the balcony realised Matt didn’t look too fit!! Matt huffed and puffed, turned, (probably like Tony went the previous night) 50 shades of grey and luckily squeezed home in 3 excitingly close games- just 6 points difference translating into a 3-0 win. Afterwards Matt lost the i-candy game as his opponent strutted his stuff bare-chested on the balcony much to the delight of the 2 female players gracing KSC that night. 

Next, with the balcony, for some strange reason getting full, the real i-candy was taking to the court. The skip looking good in the warm up, but not half as good as the young Annika. Annika is very fit and had the skip huffing and puffing too, was this going to be a repeat of Nick Johnson's hedonistic tussle with Annika in her last match at KSC? Well not quite,  we had some nicely played balls......, well timed strokes......., and a bit of interference ......(ending in a let), before the skip prevailed over the beaten Annika. The balcony smiled, happy with a KSC4 win and no doubt looking forward to another 2 matches to come against Macc2, when the gleaming squash courts may have lost their shine and become 50 shades darker as the trilogy continues!

Ok not much to say about Joe and Tim, except Tim got Annika's dad and got spanked but that’s another story!

Finally, take it easy Tony and lets hope to see you back on court soon. 

Posted by : Ian Hopkins at 18:52:PM on Saturday 20 September 2014
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Leagues - and change to American scoring

As the NW counties leagues are changing the way Thursday night inter-club leagues matches are scored to American scoring, the internal league scoring system is being similarly changed. This is to help players get used to a somewhat different way of playing (as those of you who have taken part in the summer cup will know, American scoring does require a slightly different approach), so that when/if they play for the teams, it won't be a shock. Officially, the internal leagues will change next month (October), but there is no reason why this month's outstanding league games shouldn't be played to the new rules. So from now, internal league games should be scored as follows:

  • Best of 5 games (as now)
  • First server decided by racket spin (as now)
  • The winner of every rally gains a point (that's different - currently only server can win a point)
  • The winner of every rally serves to start the next rally, including for the next game where appropriate (as now)
  • Winner of a game is first player to 15 points (currently 9), EXCEPT: if score reaches 14-14, then the game continues until one player has 2 more points than the other- no prizes for the highest score each month, but do feel free to post high scores on the forum!
  • Everything else as now, including entering scores on the website
Posted by : Jon Cartmel at 18:31:PM on Friday 5 September 2014
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Ladies' League Appeal

Jane Wood runs the Cheshire Ladies League, which is now pretty much the last surviving viable ladies league in the country - certainly in the north west. In fact 'Cheshire' is now a bit of a misnomer because we do take in teams from the surrounding counties, since there is no competitive ladies squash elsewhere.

But we too have lost teams over the last few seasons and so this email is to ask - do you have lady players in your club? And do they fancy a night out on Mondays during the season??

Apart from being on Mondays, we operate on exactly the same system as NWCSL and our fixtures/ results are accessible on resultszone along with yours. Teams of five, home and away, home team supplies supper etc etc. Only difference is, we use PAR scoring in all divisions.

We have three Divisions - 1st is strong (very strong at the top end), 2nd is competent, and 3rds tend to be a mix of good young players on the way up (including juniors) and good older players on the way down!

And new teams get their first league season for free! How could they resist?? (After that it's £40 per team per season or £32 if they pay at or before the AGM.)

So please do pass this on to any lady players in your Club who might be interested. It's a sociable League, we have a good time and we'd love to welcome them. The season will start first week in October, fixtures are now on the website but we do have gaps in both 3rd Divisions ...

Please contact Jane via Knutsford  Squash Club

Posted by : Tony Hindley at 18:05:PM on Friday 5 September 2014
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