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Knutsford Sports Club AGM - 29th February 2016 7pm


please find attached

* AGM Notice

* Nomination forms

* A note of what the Committee does

* 2015 minutes

I'd also like to particularly draw Members' attention to the 'Note of what we do', as we require volunteers to step up to some of the posts, as we have individuals not carrying on in the posts next year and we definitely need a Secretary.

Many thanks and kind regards.

Dave Clayton

Posted by : Dave Clayton at 14:39:PM on Friday 5 February 2016
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Gusto Members Offers

As a reminder, Squash Club members are able to receive a 25% discount from the food bill when dining at Gusto in Knutsford. This is a further 5% over and above the discount received when you book as a Gusto Dining Club member. Furthermore, the club receives a £1 donation for each booking made! So, why not take advantage of this offer by clicking on this link:  Click here.

Posted by : Graham Wood at 11:40:AM on Friday 11 September 2015
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Car damaged in the car park

Dear Knutsford Sports Club Member,

Between 8 and 9.50pm last night (Thursday 20 August 2015) my car was damaged in the Sports Club car park.

It was parked in a central bay right in front of the squash courts. It was broadly underneath the CCTV camera, which is being investigated.

However, I would much prefer to receive any information voluntarily.

All 4 disciplines were active at the time (Archery, Cricket, Squash, Tennis).

Did you see anything?

Do you know anything?

Did you perhaps notice some damage to your own vehicle this morning, and would be prepared to contact me voluntarily?

No note was left.

Please contact me if you can help. It is a new vehicle, sensibly parked, and I am concerned to resolve this.

Thank you,

Andy Ford (squash)

07958 684 362

Posted by : Andy Ford at 9:22:AM on Thursday 27 August 2015
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Squash V Tennis Cricket match August 2014

Another glorious sunny day for the Gladiatorial annual cricket joust between the squash and tennis sections . Although squash enjoy a healthy lead in this one sided series , who knows what tennis might serve up this year !!

Nine aside turned out , setting up a 16 over match , with tennis winning the toss and putting squash into bat .

Squash , superbly prepared by capt Jacko were led off by County Junior Ted Parr who promptly despatched first ball off for 4 .

Hurrah ! Oops next ball he was bowled . Thankfully we had Geoff Dalton at the other end nervously wearing a hat that looked like a failed pancake , the seasoned campaigner led from the front and retired 25 not out ! . A stalwart innings from Tony H. pushed squash through to a respectable 113 for 3 at the close .

So , what could tennis muster up in response . Well Ted redeemed himself with 2 wickets , the Woody huffed and puffed , Neil L performed miracles behind the stumps , Geoff pulled off 2 great balls for dismissals  , and finally Jacko tumbled 2 out as well . Tennis finished  34 all out !! one of the tennis showers best efforts , and ensured an early return to the bar .

All that remained was the annual visit down to Timpson’s for the usual engraving ceremony , thanks for all taking part , and Raymond for organising the tennis rabble.

 Cricket match 2014.08 (1).jpgCricket match 2014.08 (2).jpgCricket match 2014.08 (3).jpgCricket match 2014.08 (4).jpgCricket match 2014.08 (5).jpgCricket match 2014.08 (6).jpgCricket match 2014.08 (7).jpg

Posted by : Bill Jackson at 9:16:AM on Wednesday 24 September 2014
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Notice of KSC AGM - Monday 10 Mar 2014

The Sports club AGM will take place on Monday the 10th March.  All members are welcome and encouraged to attend.

Please find attached

* Notice of AGM including Agenda

* Nomination form

* Proposed constitution changes and current constitution

* Minutes of 2013 AGM 

Posted by : Tony Hindley at 12:24:PM on Monday 24 February 2014
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Sports Club AGM

Sports Club AGM 4th March 7pm


Posted at 11:30:AM on Sunday 10 February 2013
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Knutsford cricket club welcomes a new member

Thankyou Mr Brooks!

KSC Chairman Steve Mockett with KCC Players and residents accepting our new Tractor from Mr and Mrs Brooks

KSC Chairman Steve Mockett with KCC Players and residents accepting our new Tractor from Mr and Mrs Brooks

Knutsford CC welcome a new member

This weekend saw a very genorous donation of a Tractor from Mr and Mrs Brooks (our Landlords). This will enable us to do groundwork over our alreay fantastic ground at Mereheath Lane.

The Tractor will be used for grass cutting, spiking, rolling and many other great uses. It was especially great to see Mr and Mrs Brooks available on the day to make the presentation. Equally as pleasing was to meet all of our local residents and say hello, hopefully now that many of them have been across and met us then we will see much more of them on match days!

Without the support of our residents we would be in quite a state as a Cricket section, after what has been a season full of turmoil - this has not been evident on the field of play however as both teams have reacted with the great British spirit in the face of adversity - The 1st X1 have been on a great recent run which has seen them rise to 4th in the first season of being promoted to division 2, whilst the newly formed 2nd X1 have already secured promotion, with the hope remaining that they go up as Champions. To help celebrate this years achievements we would like to welcome all local residents to the ground on Saturday 15th September to enjoy a sandwich, cake and a cup of tea at lunch (usually 4pm ish). For the braver residents, they are welcome to stay and attend the end of season players B-B-Q that follows!

Thanks again for all of your valued support!

Neil Banks - 03/09/2012

Posted by : Neil Banks at 21:25:PM on Tuesday 4 September 2012

Press release


DATE: 31 AUGUST 2012                                                         FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE

Golden Future for Sport in Knutsford

Knutsford Sports Club is ushering in an exciting new phase of diversity and development. Planning consent has been granted for the new Archery Range, while Knutsford Rugby Club will become a full member, with senior rugby played nearby in order to protect the existing facilities.

Knutsford Sports Club offers facilities and events for an amazing variety of disciplines, including cricket, tennis, squash, hockey, rugby and most recently archery and karate. This rich diversity of activities creates a vibrant platform both now and as it develops for both children and adults. The club was delighted to be granted planning consent in March this year for a 30 x 10 metre indoor archery range, on which construction is due to start in September 2012. This will permit year-round activity at the Sports Club.

In the coming weeks at the London Paralympics Games, the archery section of the Sports Club will be following John Stubbs MBE as a strong medal hope in the Men's Individual Compound (Open) competition. John was a gold medallist at the 2008 Beijing Paralympic Games, where he also shot a Paralympic Games record for 12 arrows, scoring 117 out of a possible 120 during his round of 16 matches against America's Eric Bennett.

Jacob Taylor, Chairman of Cheshire Bowmen shared his exciting vision of the coming weeks, "John's hopes for a medal at the Paralympic games take place as the first steps are taken to build a new indoor archery range at the Sports Club. It could not be a more exciting time for archery at Knutsford."

At the AGM in March 2012, members raised a motion inviting Knutsford Rubgy Club to become a full member of the Sports Club. This would provide an instant injection of 200 members, increasing revenue and utilising services and facilities, as well as opening up funding opportunities and cross-membership benefits. This proposal assumed however that cricket and senior rugby would have to adapt to cohabiting on the ground.

Following significant consultation, we are pleased to announce Knutsford Rugby Club is to become a full member of the Club, with mini-rugby continuing on the cricket outfield as per last season whilst senior rugby members play at Knutsford Academy providing a substantial boost to both clubs. The Club is working to try to source one or more dedicated pitches including in making submissions in the Knutsford Town Strategy consultation that is currently underway.

Steve Mockett, Chairman of Knutsford Club said: "The Sports Club is a great place to enjoy sport at any age and any ability. For our part, we are also hoping to inspire a generation to engage in tennis, squash, junior rugby, archery, cricket and karate. We're pleased to have been able to engage with our neighbours and local community, and thank our landlord Mr Randle Brooks and Tatton Estate for their proactive assistace in our continued efforts to maximise the Clubs' and Knutsford's sporting potential."


About Knutsford Sports Club

Knutsford Sports Club was founded in 1984 and is an excellent local example of a community-based volunteer organisation continually seeking to develop the local sporting environment. It is committed to providing excellent facilities for multiple sports and events in a safe and friendly environment

To find out more about the archery section visit the website

Posted by : Steve Mockett at 21:00:PM on Tuesday 4 September 2012

Knutsford Sports Club Announcement - Rugby


FROM: Knutsford Sports Club Committee

SUBJECT: Incorporation of Rugbyas a section of KSC

At the main AGM in March this year, members raised their concern about the poor overall and financial contribution that the cricket section had over previous years made to the main club and proposed to invite Knutsford Rugby Club to become full members.  This would enable a better and more rewarding use of club facilities and resources. The immediete benefits would include an increased membership and therefore increased income derived from subscriptions, open up various funding opportunities and allow cross-membership thereby boosting the individual sections.

Following a period of extensive positive consultation with all relevant parties including in particular the Tatton Estate our landlord, we are delighted to announce that Knutsford Rugby Club has accepted our invitation to become a full member of the club. Mini-rugby will continue to be played on the cricket outfield, as last season.  Unfortunately the two clubs have concluded that there is not currently an appropriate site for senior rugby members to accommodate a pitch in immediate proximity to the Sports Club at the current time and they will instead play at Knutsford Acadamy as an interim solution, whilst returning to the club after matches.  In the meantime we are working jointly to try to source improved and long-term accomodation with the assistance of Henry Brooks of Tatton Estate.Management.

The Rugby Club's membership will provide a substantial boost to the club as a whole, which we are confident will not be to the perceived detriment of the cricket club and gives them the opportunity to resurge.

The main committee fully appreciates that the proposal at the AGM was for senior rugby to be played on the cricket outfield, therefore using what was viewed as less viable and proportionaly under-utilised area of the ground. Whilst both cricket and rugby were parepared to agree a compromise and ground share at the club, the committee has decided that at this time such a compromise arrangement is not in the long term interest of the club and its members.

Some members may have read in the press or heard certain third party comments that were misguided and misinformed with regards to our internal discussions on this matter. We have been very careful to ensure that our consultation was carried out correctly, professionaly and under the authority given to the committee by its members, ensuring that the outcome was in the best interests for all sections of the Sports Club and communicated accordingly to its members. Discussions were held with the heads of the cricket and rugby sections, the Rugby Football Union, Meller Braggins Cricket League and Mr. R. Brooks who was uncomfortable about the proposal of a ground share. We placed much weight on the Mr. Brooks's opinion when arriving at our decision given the club would not exist without his ongoing generosity. Mr. Brooks has recently purchased a tractor-mower for the club to use, and his/the Tatton Estate's support of the club and and involvement in trying to find the best long term solution for all the sports in the club makes this relationship all the more important.

To help the cricket section flourish as a member of the Sports Club, numerous measures have been put in place to help increase its membership base and overall contribution to the main club including financially. These measures will be monitored and reviewed accordingly as will those concerning the rugby club joining.

I hope that you are all as delighted as I am that a conclusion has been reached and that Knutsford Rugby Club is joining us. We wish them every success as members of Knutsford Sports Club.

On the basis that we do not believe this announcement required an EGM, I have attached a copy of the press statement which is to be issued within the next 48 hours which will simultaneously be posted on the Sports Club's website.

Steve Mockett

Chairman, Knutsford Sports Club

Posted by : Steve Mockett at 20:54:PM on Tuesday 4 September 2012

Sports Club AGM 2012

The Minutes of the Sports Club AGM have been posted on the website.  All members should take note!!!  To see the minutes click here  or go to the Sports Club web page  Members  Members information.

Posted by : Tony Hindley at 20:55:PM on Sunday 18 March 2012
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