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Knutsford 1 v Congelton 2

First up was Simon Whitaker (at 3) playing a fellow left-hander, Gavin Lyall.  After a long haul of handouts at 0-0 Gavin started to gain the advantage and build up an inexorable run of points.  Lots of running and good retrieving our man went down 3-0.  Next up was John Burke (at 5) against Chris Marlow.  The first game was very close with John winning it 10-8 but it took its toll on him such that he lost the next three games without giving his opponent too much trouble.

Then came Chris Smith (at 2) against Adrain Alcock.  There was the usual gnashing and gnarling of teeth as Chris lost the first two games but then he put in a spirited comeback winning the next two 10-9 and 10-8 to stay in the game, finally polishing off his opponent 9-6 and so giving the team the chance to stay in the match.

Dave Waring's game at 4 against Rob Balfour was a game of two halves.  There was lots of running and unorthodox shots from both sides ending up with Dave pulling the fifth game out of the bag and keeping the team in contention.

Finally it was up to Captain Glen to play a captain's game against Lyndon Stonier and save the day.  This he duly did without wasting any time.  He simply over-powered his opponent with a fine display of power and finesse thus cementing a team win 15-10.  A great win against the team at second in the league.

Posted by : John Burke at 22:00:PM on Thursday 7 November 2013
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Alderley Edge 3 v Knutsford 1

Knutsford 1 travelled to leafy Alderley Edge for a mid-table clash against a team starting the night one place below but on the same number of points as Knutsford.


First on court, fresh from the Monday night training session was John B against the hard hitting Phil Morgan. The extremely lively courts took some getting used to and unfortunately John appeared to have used up all his straight drives in practice on Monday, and proceeded to play too much short and cross court balls and failed to capitalise on opportunities presented by Phil's numerous mistakes. A bad start for Knutsford with John going down 9-4, 9-4, 9-5.


Knutsford's fortunes didn't look like they were destined to improve as Simon went onto court against the British Over 35 Women's Champion (2006), British Over 40 Women's Champion (2010 & 2012), Nikki Fowler......(I googled her). Some stylish squash and close games followed but Simon made too many unforced errors and failed to impose himself on the game; his usually reliable back hand drop finding the tin on far too many occasions, allowing Nikki to take the game 9-6, 9-2, 9-5.


Not to worry, Dave was on next against Mike Perry; surely Dave would save the day and spare Knutsford from losing the match. Unfortunately Dave wasn't just late to this week's training session, he missed it altogether.....and it showed! To be fair though Mike is a good player at the best of times and tonight he was on top of his game. He was very agile around court and seemed to have mastered killing the ball on the very warm courts; something the Knutsford boys had so far failed to do successfully. It wasn't long before Alderley had secured the match, with Mike winning 9-1, 9-6, 9-1.


Chris was next on at No2 to try and salvage some Knutsford pride....and with it some points. Chris's opponent was Dave Leonard; I didn't see the first game which Dave won 9-6, but I returned just in time to see Chris destroy him 9-1 in the second game. Chris carried on where he had left off in the 3rd game with some excellent court coverage and shot selection to win 9-4. Dave stepped off court looking exhausted.....a 3-1 win to Chris was surely just around the corner. But no! Nikki was heard at the bar asking if they had anything that would give someone on court some energy. I suggested beer, but she went for a Kitkat and Lucozade. She quickly administered same and Dave appeared back on court, still chewing! I think the Lucozade must have been administered intravenously, as Dave was a different player and won the 4th 9-0 to set up the first truly competitive match of the evening.  A great final game followed, with some excellent squash from both players but Chris's fitness and mental strength got him through to win 9-6 and secure 3 points. A MOM performance from Chris.


By the time Glen got on court it had turned 10:30. Glen had clearly been eyeing up the menu (beef madras) and was obviously hungry. Producing an impressive display of quality squash he romped to 2 games up in no time dropping only 3 points in the process, leaving his opponent Miles McGoun reeling! The third game was a closer affair; the smell of beef madras wafting through onto the court was clearly distracting Glen from the task in hand, but the Bisto Kid didn't disappoint and finished the job he had so excellently started to win the third, 10-8 and the match 3-0.


An enjoyable evening against pleasant opposition, despite losing 16-6.

For match score click here

Posted by : Simon Whitaker at 19:28:PM on Thursday 31 October 2013
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Knutsford 1 v Bowdon 5

1st team match report


After the battering we received from the young guys at Northenden a much needed win was forecast. The match was against Bowdon 5 - a team in a similar position to us, mid table but with a weaker squad. Time to pile up the points.

730pm saw Graham vs Simon Davies in the 5th string game. We had 2 courts so Burkey set off at number 4 Manee. Graham needing to make amends for his performances the last few weeks started with the usual aggression - limiting his opponent to the back corners with little mercy. 3-0 at a rapid pace. I missed most of the game as i was ref for John but did receive a comment from my oppo who stated - "i hope our game is more beautiful than that" - little did she know that i rarely use the strings and rely on my racket edges for messy shots. 


Meanwhile John was having a difficult game against a seasoned opponent with a deft back hand drive. John winning the 1st two games was on for another convincing victory.


Next on was myself vs Diane Parums (long standing player) and I was destined for the banana skin of the match. Chivalry was absent however while Diane played nice squash with considered length shots I resorted to brute force and ignorance. 3-0 to me in a well spirited game. 


Meanwhile John was still on court having lost the 3rd. Common sense was regained however and took the 4th, final score 3-1


Finally, were we saving the best till last with our numbers 1 & 2 Glen & Chris on adjacent courts. Glen dispatched with his oppo Steve Bottomley with consummate ease and ridiculous shots - the best being a return from a well executed killer drive that hit the back wall, side wall (could have been both sides!) and dropped in slow motion at the left hand corner. Even Glen was embarrassed! Graham as ref awarded him a red card and his opponent effectively gave up at that point.  3-0 to Glen and it wasn't even 9pm!

Chris playing G Webb was well on his way to a convincing victory and i could see he had the end point in sight - obviously looking forward to an early finish so he could watch 'strictly - it takes 2' - the BBC magazine show covering weekly events of strictly. Chris loves it apparently. As he danced around the court with the grace of Ginger Rogers he commanded with vigour and, bar dispatching a superbly accurate shot which hit him on head (then disputed the stroke "i was miles away!"), he took his oppo apart and won 3-0.


So final score 20-1

MOM Chris Smith - well worked victory and no loss in temper!

Food - chicken stew, roast pots and gateaux. Excellent! We celebrated our 20-1 win. However full contentment was absent as Burkey was clearly having a post-match wrestling inside his head. Turns out he was 8-3 up in his 3rd game at match point and could have maintained a max points us min point Bowden 20-0 scenario. 

We of course never mentioned it again for fear of upsetting John and i promised i wouldn't mention it in the match report. Oh dear!

Posted by : Dave Waring at 19:59:PM on Thursday 17 October 2013
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Knutsford 1 v Northern 3

The long awaited first match report for the 1st team has finally arrived, and what a match to start with.


After the usual joys of a trip to Tollgate the week before we were keen to get back on winning ways, play on decent courts, have sociable opponents and tasty food. At least we had 3 out of the 4.


Northern had been playing in div 2 last season with a weaker team than turned out tonight. A mixture of youth, assorted bandanas and a daft pony tail.


Burkey was on first up against the bandanad, ponytailed veteran Rick Ainley-Walker and it wasn't long before he was 2 down. A spirited performance in the 3rd narrowly losing 10-8. A very respectable score in a third game (see below).


Next up myself against ginger Ben Stuchbury, another bandana in place. I played some of my trademark squash in the 1st, ie lots of mistakes to go 6-0 down, lost the game but a bit more spirited in the 2nd going down 9-6. Captains team talk inspired me to go 8-5 up in the 3rd and surely then on to win 3-2??. Unfortunately not as Ben chipped away and won 10-8.


Team 2 down, turnaround needed and up stepped Woodsy telling Dave he was going to win. Think he was freaked by his opponent walking on court with no bandana! Graham never really got into the game and went down 3-0 to be consistent with the other matches tonight.


So game lost all that was left was Knutsford pride to play for. On goes Dave and restores a bit of pride by taking the 1st game. It seemed his ploy of only turning up for the 2nd half of Monday night training was working, but no he then lost the second 9-0. Unlucky not to sneak the third and eventually went down 3-1. A good effort Dave.


Last up Captain Faulkner, unbeaten all season and surely keen to continue this "ruthless" streak (hope you didn't forget the milk!!). After managing only 4 points in the first 2 games against Callum it looked like Dave was heading for the man of the match award but no!  Some amazing squash in the next 2 games saw him only drop 4 points. All set up to stroll to victory in the 5th, especially after racing to a 3-0 lead. Unfortunately Callum had other ideas and won the 5th 9-3. 2 well earned points and a great game to watch, he was even multitasking and ensuring we put the food on.


On reflection we were worth more than the 3 points we got but Northern must be favourites for promotion, unless the 2nds can surprise them next week.


An early finish due to 3rds opponents crying off.


MOM award to Glen.

For match scores click here

Posted by : Chris Smith at 15:25:PM on Thursday 10 October 2013
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2013/14 Season Availability

The summer league has been a great success again so thanks to Guy, captains and other helpers for making it a fun evening and the final is next Thursday 22nd – it should be a good evening so even if you’re not playing come down and have a moan about the handicap system!


It was agreed at the AGM that the use of the availability system for team selection will be mandatory for the coming season. I cannot stress how valuable this system is in helping team selection throughout the season.


The start of the season has yet to be confirmed but we have all Thursday nights from September allocated to team squash – either NWCSL, friendlies or internal matches.


I need all of you to

  • E-mail me to let me know whether you wish to be considered for the NWCSL teams – the captains are – 1sts Glen Faulkner; 2nds Simon Whitaker, 3rds Mike Walton, 4ths Ian Hopkins
  • update the availability system as soon as it has been set up on the web site – which should be any day now I’m sure – no pressure John!!

This message will be posted on the web site but if I’ve missed anyone off please let me know.




Posted by : Nigel Uttley at 21:41:PM on Friday 16 August 2013
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End of season call to arms

We are now coming to the business end of the season and the player availability, if we are to believe, it is not looking good. Please fill this in asap and make life a bit easier for the team captains. PLEASE TAKE NOTE There are no games next week so use the opportunity of Valentine’s day to get credit points for the run in. Our next matches are on the 21st and will feature: A relegation decider for the 1st's home against Crewe who are 1 place below and in relegation spot. The 2nds are away to Alsager 2 who are perhaps the only team that can pip the 2nd's for promotion. A win here may just do it! The 3rd's are away to Bollington who are 1 place above and to give ourselves a fighting chance to avoid relegation it is a must win game. The 4ths are away to AP2 who they closely trail and whilst resigned to just missing out on the top 2 promotion spots, a good win will help them to achieve a credible 3rd spot. Also check out your Player statistics on our website and also your season trend on the NWSL website and make that last big push and give the annual dinner committee a problem, only rivalled by the competition for Sports Personality of the year for those big accolades.


Posted by : Tony Hindley at 19:10:PM on Saturday 9 February 2013
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Knutsford 1 v Prestbury 2

I know is been a while since you've seen a Knutsford 1 Team match report, its been a very tough time for us in the last 10 matches and although we've picked up some valuable points we haven't been able to secure a win. However that all changed last night!!!


Posted by : Glen Faulkner at 14:19:PM on Thursday 17 January 2013
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Team availability

Please could all Team members update their availability for the second half of the season. thank you


Posted by : Neil Robinson at 17:35:PM on Saturday 12 January 2013
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Team Availability

Dear Member

The availability schedule on on the website has been updated with the remaining fixtures for the season.

Please could ALL team players and those members wishing, but not yet played for the teams enter their availability.

Thank you.

Posted by : Nigel Uttley at 15:25:PM on Saturday 17 November 2012
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Knutsford 1 v Tollgate 2

Despite some awesome new Team Shirts, a disappointing result this week with a slightly weaker Knutsford 1 losing out to Tollgate 2 by 4 matches to 1...

1. Glen Faulkner vs. Dan Vinie - (Won 3-0) - Man of the Match

A relatively comfortable match and win against Dan giving Knutsford 1 the only win for the night hence the man of the match. Result of 9-6, 9-3 and 9-3.

2. John Burke vs. Jon Woodward - (Lost 1-3)

With Liam out this week John had to step in at 2. John B started very well and won the first 9-5, however Jon W then managed to figure out John B's game and then managed to comfortably take the 2nd, 3rd and 4th games. A difficult opponent for John B but didn't really seem his normal self this week, hopefully just a blip and will be back on form for next match.

3. Chris Smith vs. Ian Farringron - (Lost 2-3)

In the first game this battle looked like it would be over quickly with Chris going down 9-0 and not even getting a hand-out. However Chris fought back very well chasing everything down  and gaining the 2nd 9-5 to even things up. Then Chris seemed to lose grip and dropped the 3rd 9-2 and frustration was starting to show. Coming back into the 4th Chris battled hard and with a bit of 'referee abuse' managed to secure the 4th 9-7 to set himself up for the 5th. However Chris just lost control and couldn't hold on in the 5th losing out 9-3.

4. Dave Waring vs. Dean Spencer- (Lost 2-3)

Dave started out very well in this match against a tough opponent. The first game was close with Dave edging it 10-8 and this built confidence for a great performance in the 2nd game winning 9-6. However then the tables started to turn, Dean stepped up a gear and Dave made a few unforced errors letting Dean creep back in to secure the 3rd 9-3. After this Dean proved too tough for Dave and won the 4th and 5th games relatively comfortably.

5. Justin Risley vs. Ed Snape - (Lost 2-3)

Justin was dedicated to maintaining his 100% win record this week and stepped onto court confidently against Ed. In the first 2 games all was going according to plan for our hero with a 9-1 and 9-6 win. However it appears as though demons got into Justin's head and sought to split his brain apart as a mental meltdown appeared before our very eyes as Ed took control and won 9-2, 9-2, 9-2 in the remaining 3 games - weird!


In terms of team selection we are obviously off on a break this week so will confirm this for next week after Thursday night if thats ok.


For Match Scores Click Here

Posted by : Glen Faulkner at 16:35:PM on Thursday 25 October 2012
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