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Knutsford 4 v Knutsford 3

The 3rds met the 4ths in the first local derby of the season.  The 3rds celebrated the occasion by being able to field the strongest team of the season.  O Hare making his first start of the season played 1, beating Jackson 3.0.  Cashmore beat Hopkins, 3.0.  Walton beat Dalton, 3.0.  There was an exhibition match when Joe Lasham put Cashmore through his paces before Pickering and McLeod took their respective illustrious opponents to 5.  Holmes and Smith were both lucky to edge the 5 setters and now must be looking over their shoulders at the emerging talent in the 4th team.  A good night all round and a 20-4 victory confirmed the 3rd team promotion credentials. The 4ths live to fight another day - picking up 4 valuable points and with Buxton next up will be hopeful of another bumper availability.

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Posted by : Mike Walton at 8:35:AM on Thursday 31 October 2013
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Prestbury 5 v Knutsford 3

Table topping Knutsford 3 travelled to bottom of the table Prestbury 5 looking to secure maximum points and were duly rewarded.  There were some early worries when the Prestbury captain and no. 1 Gareth Evans held back on his team selection due to the arrival of “a new player” he’d never met before.  The ensuing chat resulted in Gareth dropping to no. 2 leaving Walton to find out how good the new guy was – not good enough was the answer!  That left Richard Holmes at no. 2 with the toughest game of the night but, after some Strefford type shot selection which worried the tin more than the opponent, Holmes steadied to come back from 1.2 to record a 3.2 victory.  It is unclear whether the gentle cajoling of Walton or the honesty Robinson was the deciding factor in between games coaching.  Pickering looked to have his work cut out at 5 against young Matt English but you get nothing for looking good in the warm up, Gwynne winning in a canter 9.0, 9.5, 9.2.  No problems either for Matt Roberts who after a slow start cleaned up to win 3.1.  That left Neil who did his best to make his opponent look good, turning several winning positions into losing positions.  Rob Thompson is quite nippy and was quite adept and standing behind Neil asking for non-existent lets but, after a tricky 2nd game that went to 10 Robinson upped his game to record another 3.1 win on the night.  20.4 means we stay out in front for now.  As always, a  good evening at Prestbury who provide good food and drink as standard.

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Posted by : Mike Walton at 11:34:AM on Thursday 17 October 2013
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2013/14 Season Availability

The summer league has been a great success again so thanks to Guy, captains and other helpers for making it a fun evening and the final is next Thursday 22nd – it should be a good evening so even if you’re not playing come down and have a moan about the handicap system!


It was agreed at the AGM that the use of the availability system for team selection will be mandatory for the coming season. I cannot stress how valuable this system is in helping team selection throughout the season.


The start of the season has yet to be confirmed but we have all Thursday nights from September allocated to team squash – either NWCSL, friendlies or internal matches.


I need all of you to

  • E-mail me to let me know whether you wish to be considered for the NWCSL teams – the captains are – 1sts Glen Faulkner; 2nds Simon Whitaker, 3rds Mike Walton, 4ths Ian Hopkins
  • update the availability system as soon as it has been set up on the web site – which should be any day now I’m sure – no pressure John!!

This message will be posted on the web site but if I’ve missed anyone off please let me know.




Posted by : Nigel Uttley at 21:41:PM on Friday 16 August 2013
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End of season call to arms

We are now coming to the business end of the season and the player availability, if we are to believe, it is not looking good. Please fill this in asap and make life a bit easier for the team captains. PLEASE TAKE NOTE There are no games next week so use the opportunity of Valentine’s day to get credit points for the run in. Our next matches are on the 21st and will feature: A relegation decider for the 1st's home against Crewe who are 1 place below and in relegation spot. The 2nds are away to Alsager 2 who are perhaps the only team that can pip the 2nd's for promotion. A win here may just do it! The 3rd's are away to Bollington who are 1 place above and to give ourselves a fighting chance to avoid relegation it is a must win game. The 4ths are away to AP2 who they closely trail and whilst resigned to just missing out on the top 2 promotion spots, a good win will help them to achieve a credible 3rd spot. Also check out your Player statistics on our website and also your season trend on the NWSL website and make that last big push and give the annual dinner committee a problem, only rivalled by the competition for Sports Personality of the year for those big accolades.


Posted by : Tony Hindley at 19:10:PM on Saturday 9 February 2013
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Knutsford 3 v Alderley Edge 3

This fixture was always going to be a tough one: top of the league vs bottom, and a weakened side. To make things worse, Captain Neil had to drop out at the last minute, his Achilles heel still not right. Thanks to Gwyn for stepping in at short notice; his reward was to be first on his against hard-hitting Phil on a hot court. Gwyn battled bravely but the pressure was unrelenting, never really let him get into his stride, 0-3 and off home straight away for family duties!


Posted by : Geoff Dalton at 14:10:PM on Thursday 17 January 2013
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Team availability

Please could all Team members update their availability for the second half of the season. thank you


Posted by : Neil Robinson at 17:35:PM on Saturday 12 January 2013
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Team Availability

Dear Member

The availability schedule on on the website has been updated with the remaining fixtures for the season.

Please could ALL team players and those members wishing, but not yet played for the teams enter their availability.

Thank you.

Posted by : Nigel Uttley at 15:25:PM on Saturday 17 November 2012
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Club AZ 2 v Knutsford 3



Knutsford Thirds bumping along the bottom of the Ocean bed of Division 4 travelled to the Jungle of Alderley Park, home of Astra Zeneca. Evo, in the absence of Cpt Robbo (resting on his laurels after his win last week?) guided the team bus up the AZ drive passing the primates swinging in the trees, and the white rats making a bid for freedom.


Snapey, looking to improve on his four Peronis from his previous visit was keen to commence proceedings against Simon Gulliford. AZ cranked up the electric fire on the front wall to one bar, tossed the virgin ball onto court and called 'Play'. We won't dwell on the ins and outs of this match but let's just say Snapey was 'out of sorts'. No excuses, but an oddly performing ball and with 'No Let' Beechy marking this one, things looked bleak. He lost the first a close 8-10, and the next two games were no better. Then 'Calamity', during the third his racket broke resulting in Beechy retrieving a frying pan from the kitchen for him to finish the match with.


Meanwhile on the next court Simon 'I'll be back' Whittaker knocked up with Trevor Johnson. Simon still smarting from last weeks 1st team squash lesson from Crewe's thirteen year old wonder kid fresh out of the Kindergarten. (and you won't find the report from that match anywhere). Although 'Our Arnie' is no simpleton, 'Clever Trevor' managed to get more from both ball and court, terminating our man 3-1.


Beechy in a rush to get on court, arrived via the magic door at the rear of the changing rooms as Mr Angry. Still searching for the voices he'd heard on court from two weeks ago, he dived straight into a full body workout! This was 100% 'maxed out' squash. Beechy tried to Leap-frog his opponent (Ian Dallas, who was beginning to look more and more like Sue Ellen) at every opportunity, in order to get to the ball,. Beechy, was  by now so pumped up he was squeezing in 'shuttle runs' between each shot. Amazing! A monumental performance only derailed by the markers decision to deny Beechy's constant appeals for Lets and Strokes. Beechy exploded and gave him his best 'Paddington Stare' but it was just not enough and it ended 1-3. Maybe next time Mr Benn, I mean Mr Beech.


Super Evo, Deputy Cpt, Team Bus Driver, collector of subs and generally all round Good Egg was on next against AZ's Mr Moody who definitely had not come from the magic door in the changing rooms. A match between two players of similar styles. Much lobbing, deft drops and covering of the court took place. This was a good match but it's fair to say Evo's opponent had the 'edge' and ran out a 3-0 winner.


Then high up in the trees of the Jungle, in swung Knutsford's very own Tarzan. Smithy, resplendent in loincloth and toy dagger, eager to reverse last weeks result. Smithy won the first, then lost the next two games. At the start of the fourth he stood, legs apart, hands on hips, threw back his head and let rip with that call (click on link below for an all new interactive match report experience)


Unbelievable! The next two games, the match and MOM went to our very own King of the Jungle.


The nights entertainment concluded with a display to a packed balcony from a visiting 'Charlie Big Potato' on racket abuse and how not to behave on a Squash Court! Courtesy of a div 3 match on a neighbouring court.


Nice Curry in the Bar after 9/10


For match Score Click Here

Posted by : Roger Snape at 15:22:PM on Thursday 15 November 2012
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Macclesfield 1 v Knutsford 3

Winter arrived early for the Travelling 3rds when they trekked to Macc Leisure Centre with a team weakened by an outbreak within the club of Halftermitis.


Jacko at 4 was first to brave the elements, and he had a real job on to hit a length, the ball was so cold. The first was close: 7-9, the second not so as the effort began to tell and the trademark boasts went narrowly down. But our man stuck at it in the third, eventually conceding 6-9 for a 3-0 thumping.


Meanwhile Skipper Neil at 2 was taking on the tall, handsome and superbly coiffed Alex. Neil was looking pretty cool, too, in matching blue top and shorts. When it came to squash, though, Alex had a clear advantage and subjected poor Neil to rather more movement than he was built for. Bravely though he battled, Neil didn't get on the scoresheet until game 3, when he amassed 4 points. Ouch! 2 down already.


Geoff was 'guesting' at 5 and during the knockup felt he was in with a chance. But then opponent Russell started serving at 100 mph, Smithy-style, into the nicks. Geoff was doing the right thing, lobs and drops, and took the first narrowly, to give the team its first point of the night. Between games some sneak told Russell about Geoff being left-handed, after which he directed his howitzer serves to the right court, to deadly effect. End result: a 3-1 defeat.


Gwyn at 3 took on Adam the Landlord, of whom more later. I didn't see this match, but Gwyn was clearly having the same problems as the rest of us, his points scores being 2 3 1.


Could Tim our No 1 turn the tide? His opponent Andy was immaculately turned out in revealing black leotards and an arty farty top with undershirt, finished off with what looked like golf shoes! Oh, and he could play a bit too. Tim had a real job on to handle a pinpoint serve and some surprise high cross-courts. To his credit Tim worked hard throughout and the score, 4 4 and 2, didn't reflect the game itself. But it's results that count and this result was an emphatic 20-1 defeat, and an early finish....


Then we discovered that our journey had just begun. The aforementioned Landlord, late of the Cock Inn where we used to eat, now runs the Spinner in Outer Bollington! For future reference, the post code is SK10 5PW and it's nowhere near the Leisure Centre!. Bit of a wait while the kitchen coped with our early arrival, but a nice curry 'with a bit of a bite' (N Robinson).



For Match Scores Click Here

Posted by : Geoff Dalton at 14:43:PM on Thursday 25 October 2012
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Knutsford 3 v Grove Park 7

Two weeks 'on the road' playing away games, the 3rds had home crowd advantage against a team lying just above them in the League. This looked like a good chance to record a win and get some valuable points on the table.

Snapey on first against 2nd string SteveYule was hoping to log his first win of the season. Snapey's Christmas didn't come early and he was comprehensively beaten 1-3 by a far better opponent.

Next on, Gwyn against 5th string Mark Littlewood.Gwyn lost the first game but stormed back to steal the 2nd 9-7. However that's where the comeback ended and he lost the next two games 1-9 and 3-9 to lose the match. Tough luck Gwyn.

So two down, three to go and Robbo's men needed to start winning to turn this fixture around, and who better to get things back on track than Beechy. Man of the moment, on form after a great win last week, what could possibly go wrong? Well, for a start playing against  4th string Jules Abbas, the 17 year old prodigy of his father whose a 1st team player at Grove Park. This was a fine performance by Beechy who gave his all (and more) to take it to five games. Some good squash was played here. However youth was definitely not on Beechy's side and he lost 4-9 in the 5th.

Next up, ready to mop up any spare points was Captain Robbo against 3rd string Jason Warner. Robbo, up against it from the start found it hard to make any impact here. He never really got a look in as Warner played concise accurate and almost faultless squash to win in three games.

One match left and the crowd on the balcony growing by the second. Why was this? Evo, unusually quiet all evening since he learnt that he was to play Grove Parks 'pin-up' and 1st string,  Natalie Husdan. (No pressure here then Evo!) A bit of glamour amongst the brawn. Beauty & The Beast. Could Evo put his gentlemanly charm to one side for the evening and show her who was Alpha Male? First game manfully taken by Evo 9-2. Natalie teased Evo with some lovely strokeplay to take the second 9-5. A See-Saw match ensued with some great Squash from both
players taking the match to a 5th game. Alas, even after all the warnings Evo succumbed to her fatal charm. He had nothing left, he was spent.
She took the game 9-3. The celebrating crowd spilled out onto the streets. In the melee that ensued young Natalie slipped off into the night, leaving Evo alone to lick his wounds over double helpings of Chicken Curry, Garlic Bread and Death by Chocolate Cake a'la Mrs Robbo.

Tonight, the average age of Knutsfords 3rd team was 54. No team member was under 50 years of age. However, they put up a valiant fight against an improved Grove Park Team.

Next week, away to Macclesfield. Hold tight this could be another bumpy ride!

For Match Score Card Click Here

Posted by : Roger Snape at 8:55:AM on Thursday 18 October 2012
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