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Knutsford 1 v Bowdon 5

1st team match report


After the battering we received from the young guys at Northenden a much needed win was forecast. The match was against Bowdon 5 - a team in a similar position to us, mid table but with a weaker squad. Time to pile up the points.

730pm saw Graham vs Simon Davies in the 5th string game. We had 2 courts so Burkey set off at number 4 Manee. Graham needing to make amends for his performances the last few weeks started with the usual aggression - limiting his opponent to the back corners with little mercy. 3-0 at a rapid pace. I missed most of the game as i was ref for John but did receive a comment from my oppo who stated - "i hope our game is more beautiful than that" - little did she know that i rarely use the strings and rely on my racket edges for messy shots. 


Meanwhile John was having a difficult game against a seasoned opponent with a deft back hand drive. John winning the 1st two games was on for another convincing victory.


Next on was myself vs Diane Parums (long standing player) and I was destined for the banana skin of the match. Chivalry was absent however while Diane played nice squash with considered length shots I resorted to brute force and ignorance. 3-0 to me in a well spirited game. 


Meanwhile John was still on court having lost the 3rd. Common sense was regained however and took the 4th, final score 3-1


Finally, were we saving the best till last with our numbers 1 & 2 Glen & Chris on adjacent courts. Glen dispatched with his oppo Steve Bottomley with consummate ease and ridiculous shots - the best being a return from a well executed killer drive that hit the back wall, side wall (could have been both sides!) and dropped in slow motion at the left hand corner. Even Glen was embarrassed! Graham as ref awarded him a red card and his opponent effectively gave up at that point.  3-0 to Glen and it wasn't even 9pm!

Chris playing G Webb was well on his way to a convincing victory and i could see he had the end point in sight - obviously looking forward to an early finish so he could watch 'strictly - it takes 2' - the BBC magazine show covering weekly events of strictly. Chris loves it apparently. As he danced around the court with the grace of Ginger Rogers he commanded with vigour and, bar dispatching a superbly accurate shot which hit him on head (then disputed the stroke "i was miles away!"), he took his oppo apart and won 3-0.


So final score 20-1

MOM Chris Smith - well worked victory and no loss in temper!

Food - chicken stew, roast pots and gateaux. Excellent! We celebrated our 20-1 win. However full contentment was absent as Burkey was clearly having a post-match wrestling inside his head. Turns out he was 8-3 up in his 3rd game at match point and could have maintained a max points us min point Bowden 20-0 scenario. 

We of course never mentioned it again for fear of upsetting John and i promised i wouldn't mention it in the match report. Oh dear!

Posted by : Dave Waring at 19:59:PM on Thursday 17 October 2013
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Knutsford 2 v Bowdon 7

There were long faces on the balcony this Thursday, Bowden had only three players and news that they were withdrawing from the league.

            Steve Costello opened the match against Jedi Andy. He was fairly decent with an unorthodox hitting style but Steve didn't want to hang around and raised the level of the game to win 9-3.  The next two games saw some good rallies and the winners came Knutsfords way too easily for Andy and Steve romped home 9-6, 9-6.

            Next on was an exhibition match; Mike Walton vs. Rodger Snape.  Mike dazzled the on lookers with tight drops and side wall shots. He took the first game. Rodger then pulled back to one all making the most of deep lengths and boasts.  Game three Mike dug in and ran down Rodger's boasts and countered with his drop, but Rodger's power hitting paid off and he went 2-1 up.  Mike kept on the offensive and continued to hit tight weighted winners and levelled the match 2-2.  In the fifth both Mike and Rodger were tiring but it as Mike who looked like the winner; getting a better width and creating more opportunities to attack. He went 8-6 up. Rodger pushed hard to get back to 8-8 then 9-8 ahead. Mike made a big effort to find a b/h drop winner and followed it with a boasted f/h/cc winner to move to 9 all, before Rodger won the hand out opened the court with a deep length and picked off Mike's return with a short boast.  Match to Rodger.

            David Waring took on the Bowden no.2 James McDougal, he was a young hard hitting athletic player with and impressive double handed back hand. But it was ineffective on the Knutsford's court; David was able to wrong foot McDougal hard chasing to the front after the tightest of drops. Following the next 2 games of power hitting and feathered drops McDougal new he had lost to experience, David Waring supporters were pleased to see him enjoy another run away winner.

            Greg Marshall played Pat, Bowden's no.3. Pat had warmed up on Knutsford's exercise bike and this could be seen from on court. Pat had too great a length and was tight on the side wall, Greg was struggling to impose himself and went a game behind. In the second Greg settled into his game and and began to create vital openings needed to score winners and build pressure on Bowden. Greg was much the stronger of the two players and he began to dominate the play. He went on winning the match 3-1.

Well done Knutsford we remain undefeated!

Posted by : Tony Hindley at 9:44:AM on Thursday 20 October 2011
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