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AP1 v Knutsford 4

KSC4 limped home in the final game with a respectable 5th placed table finish already certain before the game started. First on Gwyn, nobody saw this game, as he had to start at 6.30 to allow AP to get us to their pub in time for food, but unfortunately he lost 3-0 to the better ranked Khaled.


Posted by : Ian Hopkins at 10:05:AM on Thursday 28 March 2013
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Knutsford 4 v AP 2

Tough one on paper as AP2 beat a strong 4ths 18-6 last time around and it looked tougher as players were lost to the higher teams but AP were in the same boat, only 2 survivors from that early game and they didn't have an SOS sent out to Oz- read on... Skipper on first at 3, edged a scrappy first with a cold ball and then lost it completely as Jim's return of serve proved an unbeatable drop every time. With the match levelled, sound advice from Walton, a Gerrard reader of the beautiful game, - a change of stance on serve which felt bloody awkward, but my how it worked, game in the bag 3-1.


Posted by : Ian Hopkins at 8:59:AM on Thursday 21 February 2013
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Knutsford 4 v AP Club 1

With Christmas looming and JC getting perilously close to the 4th team no.5 slot it was time for some Wenger style rebuilding. So with Hansen's words echoing in the skippers ears- 'you won't win anything with kids!', KSC kids (and oldies) started out against AP1 or was that 2!


With the youngsters warming up on court early doors, AP looked worried by the energy posed by KSC, but then the skipper started with the usual no energy in the first and game lost 9-1. Levelled in the second and close in the third, but definitely no energy in the 4thand AP1 or was that 2 took the first 3-1.

Next up, 15 y.o. Joe Lasham, making his debut for KSC at no4.. Joe started well, was as quick as Raheem Sterling, took the ball early and led in the first 8-6 and nearly took it with a boast that just clipped the red. The next 2 saw Joe play harder and faster, lost of a bit of control and unfortunately the game slipped away. Excellent debut and some good promise ahead especially when young Joe slows down (but not as slow as us oldies).

Next Peter Welch, at 17, another debut. Peter faced a different style from John Holloway, who lobbed his way to a 2-0 lead. Peter kept going and as John tired the lobs got looser and Peter more relaxed in the third, piled on the pressure and took the third 9-3 for a maiden point, but John dug deep, he didn't want a fifth, lobs came back and he edged the 4th game. Another good debut against a more wily opponent.


So match lost but Jacko on next playing for some KSC pride, took the first 2 with ease dropping only 6 points then don't know what happened as took a shower and I think Jacko did too as he lost the next 2 only taking 5 points!. Bollocking from the skipper, keep it long, and normal service resumed in the fifth as Bill took it to 4.

Welcome return at one to Graham Woods, junior coach, on to show these youngsters and oldies how to play. Didn't see this one as in the kitchen, but Woodsy hasn't lost it as he took the game 3-0 against runner Khaled. So in the end a respectable 3-2 loss with a young side.

So KSC finish the halfway stage in an Arsenal like 5th place. The skipper looks set for a Wenger type long haul without a trophy and hopefully, when these juniors start taking centre stage, they won't be pinched by the higher teams.


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Posted by : Ian Hopkins at 9:36:AM on Thursday 13 December 2012
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AP 2 v Knutsford 4

After a slow LFC type start to the season the fab 4ths had picked themselves up and climbed to just beneath the promotion spots with 3 back to back to wins Brendan Rogers could only dream about. The fab 4ths set off to AP 2 with a strong side confident of gaining the points and getting one step nearer to promotion.
Geoff on first, against AP player, ranked no 12, Nigel, first game and Geoff looked too hot to handle- 8-1 up with deft drops and total control- and then the mistakes came- oh dear 8-9 down but then Nigel started with the mistakes and gave the game to Geoff- lucky! Next game mistakes continued from both players, Nigel levelling 9-7- game on. What followed was a real nerve biter, both players making mistakes and no player taking control. It was anybody's match but at 8-8 in both the last 2 games Geoff held his nerve took the big points and won. Game on
Next up Jacko against man mountain Colin Jump. Colin's a fine stroke player with a deadly forehand but doesn't run- last year Jacko beat him coming back from 2 down as the AP ranked no 10 ran out of steam. First game and Colin needed jump starting as Jacko romped home 9-2 easy, tougher in the next one, Jacko losing narrowly 10-8, unfortunately Jump snr. had got his eye in and showed Jacko no mercy in the last 2.
Captain on next against AP ranked number 5 (their first team must be strong!) turning up for his first game of the season. Another tough one for the skipper against a higher ranked oppo, but some more relaxed play in the third showed a glimmer of hope until the excitement of nearly winning scuppered my chances.
Walton on next, looking splendid in KSC black, coughing and spluttering onto the court against Khalid, the AP ranked no 1!!!! First game and Mike took it 9-1, looking good to level the tie on the night. Second game and Khalid found his running shoes- Mike repeatedly lobbed to the corners, Khalid, wrong footed, called for a taxi, used it all night, and still got to the ball and digging it out, and before we knew it Khalid was match point up to 5, Mike looked well and truly gone, you could hear each wheezy gasp and out of nowhere he levelled to take it to a fifth. Alas the vet had no bronchodilators in his car and AP took the match and the bonus points.
Tony on last, against Jump jnr AP ranked no 3, a game he edged last yr. Unfortunately Jump jnr is 12 months improved, our Tony 12 months older and despite some great competitive squash Chris took it narrowly in 3.
So AP2 (total rank points on the night 11301- 200 more than us) took the points 18-6, while AP1 (total ranks for their players 9576) got thumped 20-3, as Cashmore said last year they pick their players out of a lucky bag

So, AP2 lead AP1 in the league (maybe our 2nds/3rds should take note!!). Let's hope we get the same AP1 that turned up at Congleton tonight in our fixture in 4 weeks time.

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Posted by : Ian Hopkins at 12:53:PM on Thursday 8 November 2012
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AP Club 1 v Knutsford 4

The Fab 4ths headed for Holmes Chapel to take on league leaders AP Club 1. This week's last minute sub: Chris Sheppard making his first appearance this season - thanks Chris - more later!
Bill Jackson at 2 got proceedings under way against Tony and was quickly in the lead with a mix of drives, lobs and boasts. 'Mind, he's a slow starter', quoth Bill, prophetically, and true to form Tony upped the tempo and tightened his serves, giving Bill all sorts of problems - including a very special zero-bounce floorboard in the back corner! Bill couldn't stem the tide and went down 1-3.
Geoff next at 3 against Jump Junior - Chris.  After two games this was looking like a mismatch, but Geoff got his lob-and-drop game going in the third, only to lose it 8-10.
Two down in the match already - early finish, did somebody whisper? If they did, Graham Thomson didn't hear it. Playing 4 against rangy Rob Leech, Graham knew he was in a fight after a long first game, which he won 10-8. Graham's drops served him well in the second which he took 9-2. But Rob was another slow starter, and by game 3 he got his lob serve calibrated to pull one back. And he virtually served Graham out of it to take the fourth game 9-2. 2-all and both players full of running, but fatigue took a toll of Graham's touch shots and he eventually went down 9-5 - unlucky Graham, well played!
Ian Hopkins at 1 faced speedy Khaled, but quickly found the length of the court, forcing Khaled to scrabble in the back corners before slipping in the short boast. It worked well and Ian was soon 2 up with Khaled looking baffled. Not another slow starter? Afraid so, as Khaled got a bit of rhythm and raced up and down the court, pulling back to 2-2 and drenched in sweat. Could Ian stem the tide? Hard though he tried, Khaled had the momentum to take him to an epic 3-2 win - well fought Ian.
Chris Sheppard had been taking all this in as he prepared to play his first team match of the season, against another rugby player Kristian. Chris used his power shots to win the first impressively 9-2. The second was tighter as Kristian retrieved better, but Chris still prevailed 9-8. Two games went narrowly to Kristian, building up to a titanic finale as both players gave it their all. At 8-8 it was a nail-biter, but Chris held his nerve to win an epic battle 10-9 - what a finish! Well played Chris.
So, only 8 points on the board, but a huge amount of effort expended by the team - well played everyone!
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Posted by : Geoff Dalton at 16:15:PM on Thursday 16 February 2012
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AP Club 2 v Knutsford 4

Match Knutsford 4 v Club AP 2     AWAY

Date 12/01/12

Knutsford fourths had a short journey south on the A50 to Club AP2 for the first fixture of the Year. Up first at No 2 and looking like he'd just woken from his 'Nanny Nap' was Snapey playing Jim Toole.  Snapey was still rubbing the sleep from his eyes as he lost the first game 7-9.

After a double pincer movement 'talking to' from Hindley & Cash (Bearing no resemblance at all to Tango & Cash) Snapey tried to step up a gear but the lovely warm court and the ageing surface underfoot held him back somewhat. However he did enough to win the 2nd game 9-5. Something was brewing for the Cash, so only Hindley came down from the balcony to give his expert opinion. Games 3 & 4 went Snapey's way 9-4,9-6 to win the match 3-1. By no means a convincing performance. Too many unforced errors. Not enough effort. Note to self, must not miss the daily post lunch Nanny nap.

Next on at 5, The Vet against  Kieran Dony playing his first year on the squash court for AP and enjoying the experience that is the cut & thrust of team squash. The Vet was in no mood for 'small talk' and was soon showing this 'young pup' who was in charge. There was no paws for thought, so after a quick examination and apart from a few minor mis-diagnosed shots discharged the patient  9-0, 9-2, 9-5 for a 3-0 win.

Meanwhile Gwyn  'The Tin' Pickering was limbering up. Being a close neighbour to this club, Gwyn's carbon footprint was almost invisible as he walked to the venue this evening. This was an 'up and down' performance from our 4th string. Points were quickly won and lost with little rallying taking place. A frustrating match to both watch and play at times, with the winner being the one making the least errors. Gwyn ran out loosing his match 0-3. Good effort though Gwyn and a lovely walk home to look forward to whilst admiring the starry night!

So with the 4th team still looking for a winner to seal the match on the night, expectations were high as 1st string 'The Cash' readied himself for his match against Phil Hendry. Now no-one knows if what happened next was nerves or a tactical ploy but The Cash left a belated Christmas present on the balcony as he trotted down the stairs. Pandemonium broke out. In the haze women screamed, babies were heard crying, people were trampled on as there was a stampede for the exit. There was no choice other than to vacate the viewing gallery until it was safe to return. During which time The Cash retreated to the smallest room in the club bolting the door behind him. (Shame on You Gary).

So with normal service resumed the match commenced. The Cash won the 1st game 9-2 but came off court muttering about their playing order being picked from a 'Lucky Bag'?? However The Cash was never really tested and won the next two games 9-2, 9-3 and his match.

With the building's ventilation system returning to normal operating speed all was set for the final match of the evening. Billed as 'The Clash of The Titans' direct from The Lakeside Club, Frimley Green, the 3rd string match between Tony 'The Count' Hindley and Colin 'The Fox' Jump. Two master tacticians who brought their portfolio of shots onto court.  'LET'S PLAY SQUASH' 

announced the referee and Tony took the 1st game with relative ease at 9-3 and was barely registering a pulse. However Colin had just been taking stock. The 2nd game saw Tony being made to perform some exquisite dance movements around the court. Could Tony keep it up? Well he lost the 2nd  4-9 and came back to win the 3rd    9-3. Now all that was needed was a final push by Tony and the match was his to win. Alas, were those beads of sweat forming on Tony's forehead? His pulse had returned to a steady 160bpm and the gazelle like Hindley from the previous game was a distant memory. The Fox hardly looked out of breath taking the 4th   9-2 barely moving off the 'T'. Tony fought hard in the final game but could not change the inevitable loosing 3-9. Has he found his nemesis? A tough match against an experienced campaigner saw Tony lose the match 2-3 but another great effort though.

So the fourths won 3-2 on the night. Chilli & Chips followed in the bar washed down with cold beers. A win to start to the New Year but definitely room for improvement if the fourths want to end up amongst the movers and shakers in the top half of the division by March. 

For this match result Click Here

Posted by : Roger Snape at 10:51:AM on Thursday 12 January 2012
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Knutsford 4 v AP Club 1

Forging Fourths Fight on !!


Posted by : Bill Jackson at 14:01:PM on Thursday 10 November 2011
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Knutsford 4 v AP Club 2

An alliteration too far: it was of course AP Club 2 we faced in a rearranged match.

Geoff played first, at 5, against a young whippersnapper Kieron who breezed through the first game. But Geoff's lob serve was hugging the walls, and apart from a slight hiccup in game 4 (1-8 down) Geoff won it comfortably 3-1.

Bill at 3 faced another speedy youngster Chris. Bill worked really hard to take the first 10-8 but Chris got wise to Bill's short game to take a 2-1 lead. Bill fought hard to equalise but the effort was too much and he went down 3-2 - what a scrap!

Graham Thomson at 4 faced Rob and the ref, Rob seeming reluctant to clear the ball, the ref seeming reluctant to call strokes, the gallery - or half of it - apoplectic! Graham took the first with some rapid play, narrowly lost the second 10-9 but then lost his way a bit, what with the collisions and all, to go down 3-1.

2-1 down in the match, and Graham Hunter at 2 took on the wily Welshman Steve. The first two games were close, and Graham did some serious running as Steve varied his length. In the end the effort told and Graham lost 3-0 and several pounds by the look of it!

So, our generosity in rescheduling the match had been cruelly rewarded. It remained for Tony Hindley to give an exhibition in stroke play and economy of movement to thrash the muscular James 3-0. Bet Tony fancies a skin-tight shirt like James' though!

3-2 the match score, 10-9 in games, very close: well played all!

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Posted by : Tony Hindley at 10:07:AM on Thursday 27 October 2011
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Knutsford 3 v AP Club 2

Last game of the season , with promotion in the bag , could a 10th win out of 10 in the second half overhaul Club AZ in top spot ? to be crowned champions !!


Posted by : Tony Hindley at 0:00:AM on Thursday 31 March 2011
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Knutsford 2 v AP Club 1

With the mainstays of the seconds either enfeebled by injury or just absent through lack of dedication, Captain Evo was worried. The team selection was not made any less stressful due to malevolent interference from across the Atlantic (Jacko in Texas).


Posted by : Tony Hindley at 0:00:AM on Thursday 17 February 2011
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