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Squash Christmas Outing 2014 - 22nd December

Monday 22nd December

A few beers, in a few pubs (or at least in The Eldon), followed by a curry in Shamoli (in the absence of any other ideas). If you would like to eat, please let me know by the end of November. If you just want to come along for a drink, just turn up in the pub. Route and times will be published on the forum a week or so beforehand, so remember to check the website in December for details. As in previous years, I will order a selection of side dishes/rice etc, but I will require your main course choice before the outing so I can let Shamoli have our order in advance

- menu can be found at:

Posted by : Jon Cartmel at 0:00:AM on Saturday 29 November 2014
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Squash Club Christmas celebration - Monday 23rd December

Please read the forum to check out details of the Christmas do on Monday December 23rd

f you are on the list but don't now want to eat, or you are not on it, but you do want to eat, let ME know ASAP (although if by chance the restaurant is full, you might be unlucky).

I am going to order a selection of side dishes, rice (half plain and half pilau) and some naan, and include a couple of poppadoms each (1 plain 1 spicy). Please will everyone let me know what main course they would like - ideally BEFORE the 23rd, but definitely before 8.00pm on the night. I reckon the cost, assuming everyone has a couple of drinks, will be around £25 or £26, plus service - say max £30 in total.

The menu can be found at:

Meet at the Eldon whenever you like - I plan to get there c. 6.30. For a change we'll go to the Angel at about 7.45, and then the Cross Keys at 8.15, dropping the order off on the way. Food at 9.00.

Posted by : Jon Cartmel at 8:59:AM on Tuesday 24 December 2013
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The Bell Tournament - Boxing Day 2011

Folks, I have been volunteered by the committee(I see Tony Hindley's hand in this) to run the annual Bell Tournament between Xmas and N Year, however given the sporting traditions of the period it should be played on Boxing day ie Monday the 26th. For those unaware of the tournament, we take the players who turn up and pair the first with the last as a team, then each person plays everyone else for a period, usually 5 mins but depending on numbers can be more or less, American scoring is used to amass the points and these build towards a team total. Although 5 mins seems pretty easy for some of the physically enhanced specimens amongst you, the nature of the draw means you will get a decent run out. End of the day is at the Eldon to present whatever prize we can find amongst the unwanted xmas presents received the previous day. All in all it helps to run off some of the excess of the season.

Please reply with your interest for the 26th, and alternative dates that week given the extended holiday ie the Tuesday and Wednesday, however if there is a preference for an alternative date then I will pass the organisation to someone else probably Tony, as I am going away to recover between xmas and new year to ensure I can bring in Hogmany with the intensity it deserves.

By the way it's called the Bell Tournament because we ring a bell to start and finish play, although my idea of a swift Bells's whisky before each game would result in a far more interesting result.

Posted by : Graham Hunter at 19:46:PM on Monday 21 November 2011
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Christmas Outing Update

At present, the following have said they are coming to eat: Jacko, 4 Daves (Hunt, Moore, Waring and Smith), Keith E, Neil R, Nigel U, Graham T and Evo (probably). So with me that makes 11, rather less than the usual 20. So come on - final deadline is next Wednesday 23rd. After that I will make a provisional booking at Shamoli. Please email me direct by Wednesday (and if you think you have told me you are coming and are not in the above list - or vice versa - please contact me). JC

Posted by : Jon Cartmel at 14:31:PM on Sunday 20 November 2011
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Christmas outing

The Christmas outing  will take place this year on Thursday 23rd December .  It will take the the usual format of a few pubs, followed by a meal, and then on to the Amber lounge for those with sufficient brownie points and stamina.

As it will be close to Christmas so it is important to organize the meal sooner rather than late.  The restaurants remaining in the frame are: Shamoli; Primavera; and Gusto.

Please let Jon Cartmel know if you would like to attend and whether you have a particular preference for a restaurant. This can be done either by email or go to the "Christmas Outing" forum thread on the website, and contribute your views there. BE A TURKEY - VOTE FOR CHRISTMAS NOW!

Posted by : Tony Hindley at 0:00:AM on Tuesday 2 November 2010
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