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Knutsford 1 v Congelton 2

First up was Simon Whitaker (at 3) playing a fellow left-hander, Gavin Lyall.  After a long haul of handouts at 0-0 Gavin started to gain the advantage and build up an inexorable run of points.  Lots of running and good retrieving our man went down 3-0.  Next up was John Burke (at 5) against Chris Marlow.  The first game was very close with John winning it 10-8 but it took its toll on him such that he lost the next three games without giving his opponent too much trouble.

Then came Chris Smith (at 2) against Adrain Alcock.  There was the usual gnashing and gnarling of teeth as Chris lost the first two games but then he put in a spirited comeback winning the next two 10-9 and 10-8 to stay in the game, finally polishing off his opponent 9-6 and so giving the team the chance to stay in the match.

Dave Waring's game at 4 against Rob Balfour was a game of two halves.  There was lots of running and unorthodox shots from both sides ending up with Dave pulling the fifth game out of the bag and keeping the team in contention.

Finally it was up to Captain Glen to play a captain's game against Lyndon Stonier and save the day.  This he duly did without wasting any time.  He simply over-powered his opponent with a fine display of power and finesse thus cementing a team win 15-10.  A great win against the team at second in the league.

Posted by : John Burke at 22:00:PM on Thursday 7 November 2013
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Congleton 2 v Knutsford 2

Again K2 with a number of key players not available (for a variety of reasons – some valid some tenuous) any opposition is going to be tough and so it turned out to be playing C2 – I’ve heard that somewhere before!


Steve on first, he completely phased his opponent by not giving him the ball in the knock-up to much hilarity on the balcony. A quicker start this week, probably as his oppo was a bit cold. Some very good squash again but the signs were ominous as Steve kept feeding the left handers forehand which was by far his stronger side. A close second game and some long rallies but a stronger opponent this week and Steve had to contend with a well fought second.


Neil on against the whippet Chris Marlow – so no match there then! At 7-7 in the first Neil was looking ………….. tired and in need of a fitness regime. Later in the bar he stated “if I have a lot to eat now I might be able to manage another half pint”. Fitness programme on hold for a little while then.


Nigel on next and a poor start at 5-2 down but romped through to a 9-5 win. Next two went the wrong way 9-1, 9-1 but a better start in the 4th saw another romp to 8-2 up with the tactics of pumping the lefties back hand working well, however, this couldn’t be maintained and oppo did his own romping through to 10-8 and the match. However, given other performances to come this was a MOM performance (got to get one in quickly!).


John was by now 2-0 down to a very bored looking Adrian Alcock – so bored that having taken a 6-0 lead in the third he decided a bit of slowing the game down to let John hit the ball was called for and the tactics worked well with John gaining a credible 7 points. John declared himself well satisfied with his first thrashing of the season.


Dave Smith was on next and struggled against a solid performer. Even his oppo suggested that his court positioning needs to change and the T really is the place to dictate the game from. There seemed to be an error on the score sheet so not too sure who got the lowest number of points but I think it might have been Dave – need clarification on this as John seemed very concerned it might have been him.


Food was a bit dodgy but a nice bunch of blokes and home early – again.  Next up AZ1 home and a much improved availability.

For match scores click here


Posted by : Nigel Uttley at 15:16:PM on Thursday 26 September 2013
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Knutsford 1 v Congelton 2

Knutsford triumphant against close rivals Congleton 2
With a nail biter of an evening in store, knutsford needed a good win to pull them clear of the relegation zone. 
On first was Risley vs Balfour.  No win for 2012 after injury and Risley's head was going down, could he pick himself up and get that back into winning shape.  Yes he could, a little wobble in the second but he dispatched Balfour in 4 with some up and down squash.
On next was Burke vs Taylor.  Usual Burke style saw him ease his way into the game by letting his rotund oppo take the lead.  Not to worry, usual form returned and some chess manouvreing saw Burk seal a 3-1 victory in fine style.
So with the first 2 games sown up could Mcilveen pull it home? On against the chubby stonier our man looked lightning sharp.  Unfortunately this wasn't enough and he succumbed to a 0-3 defeat. 
Faulkner vs Herridge saw a great squash encounter.  Faulkner having narrowly beaten him in the first half, Herridge was looking for revenge.  And revenge is what he was looking very close to achieving, having taken a 2-0 lead.  But Faulkner wasn't having it and some remarkable squash saw him come back to win in 5 and take the match for knutsford.  MOM award to glen again.
Up last to seal a good win and take some point was Smith vs Marlow.  A potential banana skin here for our man, with a tricky runner in Marlow.  No worries and Chris demolished him 3-0 with fine style.  A joint MOM award therefore was granted.
Knutsford now in 7th position and should be safe from the relegation battle.

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Posted by : Justin Risley at 21:24:PM on Thursday 16 February 2012
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Congelton 2 v Knutsford 1

On the eve of rememberance day some trench spirit was required. Knutsford in their muddy trench faced the concrete fortification of a strong congleton team with all their machine guns blazing.

Over the top first was Liam vs Adrian's big guns. Liam took the first in a tie break but succumbed to length and width from Adrian and the pressure was too much for our man who lost 1-3 and fell only a third the way across no mans land. Chris over the top next vs Lyndon s guns and exactly the same result. With 2 men down Things were getting desperate and we were looking to perry to keep the match alive. it was looking like perry was going down , at 0-2 he looked buried but managed to get up off the floor and drag himself further to chris,s trench by taking the third 9-1. Chris regained control and finished our man off 3-1. So match lost, how many points could we get off the last 2? Both glen and risley over the top together and we Nearly both made it but Risleys legs went in the 5th and he fell on top of congletons trench!! Glen 8-3 up in his 5th managed to let it slip and he found himself pulled back to 8-7. A skid boast from the back saw our man stretch and lunge to nick the frame his racket and dribble over the tin. His oppo, dejected, finally concede the match and glenn plunged in with his bayonet to give Knutsford their only win of the night.

Man of the match to glen, although it was taken away due to best prize of worst shirt!

Some more trench spirit required for next week chaps.

For the Match Scores Click Here

Posted by : Tony Hindley at 20:29:PM on Thursday 10 November 2011
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Congleton 2 v Knutsford 1

With just two arrivals from each team at 7.30 the match didn’t get started until 7.45. Up first was Burkey vs Stanier, our rejuvenated no.1 after a couple of seasons in the lower positions. Steve Smiths departure left us all feeling a little lost.


Posted by : Tony Hindley at 0:00:AM on Thursday 17 February 2011
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Knutsford 1 v Congelton 2

What a load of balls you may think? Well balls they certainly weren’t, not the round ones we are all used to, more like hot potatoes off the back of some lorry!! Lozenge shaped things bouncing like a rugby ball.


Posted by : Tony Hindley at 0:00:AM on Thursday 4 November 2010
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