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Knutsford 2 v Grove Park 4

19-6 to Grove Park despite 2 home courts and quality reserve players.

Mike Walton started us and stayed level in his match until the 2nd ½ hammer GP finding extra width and length to win in three (6-9, 4-9, 4-9).

Graham (2nd string) took on Ben the only young gun in the GP side and they went toe to toe in front of a busy balcony drawing supporters over from the finished Walton match.  We were treated to vintage Woods and he romped away 1 up, but for a “niggle” in his calf it could have been 2 up.  The third game produced more good squash with Graham piling pressure on the GP b/h and forcing aggressive returns.  From 2 all the onlookers expected “Woodsy’s” controlled squash to overcome GP, but he faded in the 5th and GP pushed hard for the taste of victory. L2-3, (10-8, 3-9, 9-7, 3-9).

Next one on; Steve C’s return game against Phil Stafford.  Steve got his usual good start and sported a good fitness level,  going 4 up and then a game down!  Straight through in game 2 bagging a point for the team but by game 3 Phil had seen the light and played some fine boasts & volleys.  Game 4 drew more soft touches from Steve and GP enjoyed a comfortable 1-3 (5-9, 9-2, 2-9, 1-9).  On the bright side there were plenty of good rallies.

Dave Smith lost 0-3 (3-9, 2-9, 9-10).  He played well and never gave up on a rally and came close in 3 but Scarle was not going to let it slip.

Greg put in tactical performance against his opponent the infamous Rod Boswell, kept his mind in the here and now and used f/h drives to kill off weak returns to move 2 up.  Rod showed great discipline and a skilful touch to level the match before Greg reasserted his tight squash to bank the 3 points.

Well done Seconds! Winning some important points. 

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Posted by : Steve Costello at 20:44:PM on Thursday 27 February 2014
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Grove Park 4 v Knutsford 2

Match Report: Grove Park 4 vs Knutsford 2 Nov7th 2013

This was the week where there was a possibility of a win, as GP4 appeared to be having almost as bad a time in the league as K2. But it wasn’t to be - another loss, 20 points to 4, leaving the Seconds firmly rooted at the bottom of Division 3 SE.

On the positive side, though, there were decent performances from Strings 1 to 4, each player obtaining a point, and even Captain Evo, playing at 5, managed to get a game point against the veteran Rod Boswell.

First on was Marshall who got off to a storming start – he played some wicked squash to win his first game 9-0. He then lost the next 3 games, mainly due to the number of unforced errors.

As usual, at no 2, Padley-Woods provided a blood and guts performance, never giving up. Each game was close and each game could have gone either way. MOM award to P-W.

Next on was Cashmore, to play Hilary Kenyon. In the first game Kenyon played faultless squash beating poor Cashmore 9-0. Halfway through game 2 HK made a few errors - this made Cashmore realise that HK wasn’t super-human after all – he then gained confidence and played good squash to take the game. Then the Knutsford man’s mojo left him and everything just sort of fizzled out: a 3-1 win to Hilary.

The author was getting beaten by Boswell at the same time as Costello was playing in the no 1 position – so an even less insightful report on this game. . From looking at the score card the Knutsford man took the first game 9-7 then lost the next 2 9-4, 9-5. He lost the last game 9-0, possibly as a result of being distracted by some unjust refereeing decisions in the previous game. However, maximum respect is due to Costello for going in to all his matches with a positive attitude and for his spirited displays against far more experienced players. 

Posted by : Johnny Evans at 10:23:AM on Thursday 7 November 2013
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Grove Park 7 v Knutsford 2

With word about last week’s man of the match clearly filtering up through the ranks the Second Team set off to Grove Park without Dave ‘The Beard’ Waring who had been promoted to the heady heights of the First Team. With Greg also unavailable, a slightly under-strength Second Team welcomed the return of Keith to fill the void left by some people with no commitment who just disappear to the sun for half the season....I mean go training for half the season!


Posted by : Simon Whitaker at 13:44:PM on Thursday 17 January 2013
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Knutsford 3 v Grove Park 7

Two weeks 'on the road' playing away games, the 3rds had home crowd advantage against a team lying just above them in the League. This looked like a good chance to record a win and get some valuable points on the table.

Snapey on first against 2nd string SteveYule was hoping to log his first win of the season. Snapey's Christmas didn't come early and he was comprehensively beaten 1-3 by a far better opponent.

Next on, Gwyn against 5th string Mark Littlewood.Gwyn lost the first game but stormed back to steal the 2nd 9-7. However that's where the comeback ended and he lost the next two games 1-9 and 3-9 to lose the match. Tough luck Gwyn.

So two down, three to go and Robbo's men needed to start winning to turn this fixture around, and who better to get things back on track than Beechy. Man of the moment, on form after a great win last week, what could possibly go wrong? Well, for a start playing against  4th string Jules Abbas, the 17 year old prodigy of his father whose a 1st team player at Grove Park. This was a fine performance by Beechy who gave his all (and more) to take it to five games. Some good squash was played here. However youth was definitely not on Beechy's side and he lost 4-9 in the 5th.

Next up, ready to mop up any spare points was Captain Robbo against 3rd string Jason Warner. Robbo, up against it from the start found it hard to make any impact here. He never really got a look in as Warner played concise accurate and almost faultless squash to win in three games.

One match left and the crowd on the balcony growing by the second. Why was this? Evo, unusually quiet all evening since he learnt that he was to play Grove Parks 'pin-up' and 1st string,  Natalie Husdan. (No pressure here then Evo!) A bit of glamour amongst the brawn. Beauty & The Beast. Could Evo put his gentlemanly charm to one side for the evening and show her who was Alpha Male? First game manfully taken by Evo 9-2. Natalie teased Evo with some lovely strokeplay to take the second 9-5. A See-Saw match ensued with some great Squash from both
players taking the match to a 5th game. Alas, even after all the warnings Evo succumbed to her fatal charm. He had nothing left, he was spent.
She took the game 9-3. The celebrating crowd spilled out onto the streets. In the melee that ensued young Natalie slipped off into the night, leaving Evo alone to lick his wounds over double helpings of Chicken Curry, Garlic Bread and Death by Chocolate Cake a'la Mrs Robbo.

Tonight, the average age of Knutsfords 3rd team was 54. No team member was under 50 years of age. However, they put up a valiant fight against an improved Grove Park Team.

Next week, away to Macclesfield. Hold tight this could be another bumpy ride!

For Match Score Card Click Here

Posted by : Roger Snape at 8:55:AM on Thursday 18 October 2012
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Knutsford 1 v Grove Park 4

Another great win by Knutsford 1 and curently top of the table in Division 3SE. Looking very strong contenders to take the title if we continue in this great form...

1. Glen Faulkner vs. Mark Campbell - (Won 3-0) - Man of the Match!

I know I'm going to get some grief for this but I'm putting myself forward for man of the match, for one main reason, I managed to sort out the
food on the night!! Getting the baked potatoes in, cutting the bread, stirring the chicken and organising the tables. Oh by the way the squash was awesome, blasted him off court! J

2. Liam Mcllveen vs. Phil Stafford - (Won 3-0)

Liam decided to heavily 'under-promise' for this match with questions about whether he would have to pay another £1 fine if he lost given his efforts in playing other team members in the week and helping bring the overall team standard up - What !?! Phil's a tough cookie both physically and mentally and this could have been a difficult match, but Liam maintained great focus and dispensed of Phil pretty quickly and played a great game.

3. John Burke vs. Mick Scarle - (Won 3-1)

Continuing the great form, John's speed and athletic ability remains a point of discussion by other teams after matches - apparently Mike Walton asked him the other day what his training regime is to be so fast around court - Sorry Mike it's just something you're born with! J A slight blip in the 2nd game, but otherwise nothing here to trouble John.

4. Chris Smith vs. Andy Darrock- (Won 3-0)

I have to confess I didn't see this game as I was preparing the food! However looking at the score sheet Chris didn't seem to have given Andy much of a chance to get going here with a 9-0 blasting in the 2nd. Again great performance by Chris - I think the potential £1 fine for losing is
keeping him on his toes!

5. Steve Costello vs. Steve Ward - (Lost 2-3)

Steve played a fantastic game here against a well seasoned player. Some really great percentage stuff from Steve in the early games, but
unfortunately an injury in the late games heavily restricted his ability to move forward and get into the corners. Despite that he fought bravely on and brought 2 important points home for the team - Great work Steve, make sure you rest that back before future games mate.

For match score clickHere

Posted by : Glen Faulkner at 10:31:AM on Thursday 11 October 2012
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Knutsford 2 v Grove Park 7

The Second Team welcomed Grove Park 7, newcomers and unknowns to the Division. How
would the seconds perform against this new opposition? Would Knutsford be able
to continue their winning start to the season? on....

First out of the box was 4th string a whippet against Brian Perry.
Still fresh from his holidays would he be able to focus or would he be
distracted by thoughts of his next trip?....oh he was focused alright! Still
disappointed at dropping 7 points in his match last week, Simon was out to make
amends.....playing some sharp, tight squash, he out-classed his opponent to
take the first game 9-1. More of the same followed in the next two games with
tight drives and precise drop shots, Simon won 9-1, 9-2 to seal a 3-0 victory
and get the Nutters off on the right tracks.

Next on was Dave (the Whippet) Waring elevated up the order to 1st string following
his outstanding performance last week....Dave was not to be distracted by the
fluorescent dress of his opponent Adrano Kyte and raced to an 8 - 0 lead in the
first game. Simon was starting to look worried on the balcony as he could see
his record for least points conceded looking in jeopardy. This look of worry
quickly turned to one of relief, as Dave's mind started to drift to what
awaited him when he got home....the thought of those dirty nappies and his game
turned to.....anyway he just hung on to take the first 10-8! Following some
serious reprimanding from Captain Greg, Dave's game returned and with some
great serves and lovely lobs he won the next game 9-0. After a bit of a wobble
in the third game (6-9), Dave went on to win the fourth 9-2 and bag a second
win of the evening for Knutsford. A much more difficult opponent than last
week, but Dave's determination pulled him through!

Evo was on next at 5th string, looking as sharp and pristinely turned out as usual
in his baggy, Ill-fitting t-shirt and Easyjet issue socks.....Glenn, please
hurry up getting the club shirts sorted out! Evo's opponent was a burly looking
Simon Burgess who was surprisingly nimble around court and an interesting
battle ensued, but the result never really looked in doubt, despite Evo looking
exhausted after the warm up! A mixed bag of squash followed with some
frustratingly loose short play at times, but some exquisite lobs and deft
touches at others.....Evo dug in and ground out a deserved 3-1 victory (9-3,
6-9, 9-4, 9-6).....a good result, which sealed the match for Knutsford.

Next on was Captain Greg at 2nd string against Ben Gandhi. With the match now won
and the pressure off, Captain Greg clearly wanted to get as much time on court
as possible! Captain Greg came out like a greyhound in the first game, playing
lovely squash - lob serves that tied his opponent in knots.....first game won
9-2. Then it all started to go wrong....I'm not sure exactly what happened,
although I suspect that whatever tiny under-garment he was wearing under his
little grey dress must have trapped something and cut off the blood supply to
his legs...Captain Greg become immobile and was suddenly 2-1 down! (3-9, 9-10).
Steve O rushed downstairs following the third game and whatever he did (we
didn't like to ask) seemed to do the trick. The blood flow was restored to
Captain Greg's legs and normal service resumed.....beautiful touch squash
totally out-classed his opponent and Captain Greg took the next two games 9-3,
9-0 to win the 4th match of the evening.

Last on after a long wait....the 'Show Match' between the stylish and controlled Dan
Burton and.....erm....Steve O.....would the match live up to expectations? A
match of monster rallies ensued, both players chasing the ball down to every
corner of the court, the poor old ball getting such a pasting with some
extremely hard hitting exchanges. After what seemed like an age, tenacious
Steve came through to win the first game 9-6. After a little pep talk between
games, Steve changed his game slightly and started to hit a better length and
play in a more controlled manner, which paid dividends as he went on to win the
next two games 9-5, 9-1 and the match 3-0.

Great bolognese and chocolate fudge cake (not on the same plate) followed, to round
off another successful evening.

ForMatch Scores Click Here

Posted by : Greg Marshall at 21:24:PM on Monday 8 October 2012
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Knutsford 1 v Grove Park 4

Grove Park saw some awesome individual performances with Chris, John, Liam and myself all playing very well and showing no signs of cobwebs after the break. Chris in particular must have hit nearly 15 nicks with some stunning shots paralysing the opposition.
Equally John worked hard with a great win and must have covered several miles during the match literally picking up everything his opponent threw at him. Strefford made his first team appearance and despite a loss put up a great effort and showed some great potential to build on going forward. Overall a stirling performance.

For this match result Click Here

Posted by : Glen Faulkner at 13:03:PM on Thursday 12 January 2012
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Grove Park 4 v Knutsford 1

Match:  Knutsford 1 Home to GrovePark 4

Date:  29th of September 2011

Start of new season and we were all geared up for it.  Risley arrived all prepared at 6.45 to find empty courts and no players.  Eventually Grove Park turned up at 7.30 and away we went. 

First up was the Burkemeister against Hilary Kenyon.  Would our man show some chivalry and late the dame win.  Well he almost did.  Hilary dsiplyed some nice back hand drops and good length shots to take the first 9-7. John, a perennial slow starter eventually got into it at the end of the second and narrowly levelled things up taking it 10-8.  No looking back now forJohnand he ran out the winner 3-1. 

First points on the board and up next was Risley.  Good warm up was followed by a blistering first 6 points.  Shock refereeing decision then got the best of him and was mullered 3-0.

Nevermind, we still had newly returned Glen at 1 and new member Liam at 2 to take the match, or so we thought!

New boy Liam steps up next,  Looking a little, and unusually tense he takes the first against a tricky gamesman Paul Vale.  The second was even tighter and the match was getting interesting.  Some tough refereeing decisions had to be made by the marker, our very own, Chris Smith.  Paul didn't like the result and proceeded to launch his racket around the court like a 2 year old.  Liam, cool as always, just kept focus.  He took the second 10-8.  Could he finish him off in 3?  Paul kept throwing his racket in frustration and was trying to put our man off by taking 3 minute rest breaks leaning against the front wall.  No worries from our Northern Irishman, who just kept it together and got a well deserved victory, to much applause from the balcony.  Paul shook hands but didn't thank our marker, who was looking very worried that he may get accosted in the changing rooms later.....not!!

Glenn steps on court looking like a gecko on steroids, with all hopes on him to take the match for Knutsford. He punished his oppo in the warm up by melting the ball into the front wall and nick with regular accuracy.  His oppo, Nick Scarle, was already sweating!  No problems in taking the first 9-3.  He then lost concentration in second and allowed the match to be levelled.  Some great long rallies and some tight drops ensued and Glenn managed to edge in front, only to be pulled back to 2-2.  He pulled himself together and demolished Nick in the final game 9-0.

So victory to Knutsford and at 10.30 Chris eventually stepped on the court against a strapped up Phil Stafford.  Phil looked like he had played in a much higher division in his youthful years and he picked off all of our mans loose shots....of which there were many.  2-0 down in 15 minutes, we all know Chris likes to make a glorious come-back when looking dead and buried.  At match ball down, alas, he could not and Chris went down in 3 looking very disconsolate. 

So 14 points in the bag was an ok result.

Onwards and upwards for next week...

For the Match Scores Click Here

Posted by : Tony Hindley at 20:27:PM on Thursday 29 September 2011
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Grove Park 4 v Knutsford 1

Match Report:  Grove park 4 v Knutsford 1

31st March 2011

No match report

Score card

Posted by : Tony Hindley at 0:00:AM on Thursday 31 March 2011
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Knutsford 1 v Grove Park 3

Knutsford were looking to bounce back after their narrow defeat to Prestbury the week before. Grove Park 3 turned out in force with a strong squaud and it looked like a close evening was in store. Risley turned up at 7.30 to see 3 eager and focused squash players baying for some knutsford blood.


Posted by : Tony Hindley at 0:00:AM on Thursday 20 January 2011
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