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Leagues - and change to American scoring

As the NW counties leagues are changing the way Thursday night inter-club leagues matches are scored to American scoring, the internal league scoring system is being similarly changed. This is to help players get used to a somewhat different way of playing (as those of you who have taken part in the summer cup will know, American scoring does require a slightly different approach), so that when/if they play for the teams, it won't be a shock. Officially, the internal leagues will change next month (October), but there is no reason why this month's outstanding league games shouldn't be played to the new rules. So from now, internal league games should be scored as follows:

  • Best of 5 games (as now)
  • First server decided by racket spin (as now)
  • The winner of every rally gains a point (that's different - currently only server can win a point)
  • The winner of every rally serves to start the next rally, including for the next game where appropriate (as now)
  • Winner of a game is first player to 15 points (currently 9), EXCEPT: if score reaches 14-14, then the game continues until one player has 2 more points than the other- no prizes for the highest score each month, but do feel free to post high scores on the forum!
  • Everything else as now, including entering scores on the website
Posted by : Jon Cartmel at 18:31:PM on Friday 5 September 2014
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November/December Leagues

A lot of games still to be played, but I am sure they are all booked! Remember, unless I am told otherwise, anyone not playing any games in November  will be automatically dropped from the December league. At present, I will be dropping Roger Snape (off to the Antipodean sun for a few months), but I will be adding 2 returning players: John Evans and David Moore, plus new member Mark Fletcher.

Posted by : Jon Cartmel at 0:00:AM on Sunday 21 November 2010
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