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Knutsford 4 v Macclesfield Leisure 2

After a summer of hard pre-season training, KSC4 were primed, their fitness to be tested in marathon games to 15, while those mighty prima-donna first teamers would take it to only to 11, obviously lacking in stamina.

Opening with the new scoring system Will; - knew how to play this new system, took no risks, just kept the ball in play- unfortunately he was playing a game of retrieval as his oppo, Ollie, attacked all corners and had Will huffing and puffing to stay in the rallies. But Will did huff and puff and having lost the first game got to 13 each in the 2nd when Ollie serve faulted, bonus!! - a much needed game point to Will which he didn’t waste- game on! After that Will kept running as Ollie the more attacking player tired and started to find the tin eventually giving a pulsating match to Will 3-2. 

Next Matt, fearing for his place had trained all summer, and warmed up with four games earlier that week, including pushing T.Hindley into hospital with a heart scare (was this a Roberts’ tactic to ensure his name on the team sheet??). Anyway when Matt’s oppo turned up, with a six pack worthy of a male Adonis, the balcony realised Matt didn’t look too fit!! Matt huffed and puffed, turned, (probably like Tony went the previous night) 50 shades of grey and luckily squeezed home in 3 excitingly close games- just 6 points difference translating into a 3-0 win. Afterwards Matt lost the i-candy game as his opponent strutted his stuff bare-chested on the balcony much to the delight of the 2 female players gracing KSC that night. 

Next, with the balcony, for some strange reason getting full, the real i-candy was taking to the court. The skip looking good in the warm up, but not half as good as the young Annika. Annika is very fit and had the skip huffing and puffing too, was this going to be a repeat of Nick Johnson's hedonistic tussle with Annika in her last match at KSC? Well not quite,  we had some nicely played balls......, well timed strokes......., and a bit of interference ......(ending in a let), before the skip prevailed over the beaten Annika. The balcony smiled, happy with a KSC4 win and no doubt looking forward to another 2 matches to come against Macc2, when the gleaming squash courts may have lost their shine and become 50 shades darker as the trilogy continues!

Ok not much to say about Joe and Tim, except Tim got Annika's dad and got spanked but that’s another story!

Finally, take it easy Tony and lets hope to see you back on court soon. 

Posted by : Ian Hopkins at 18:52:PM on Saturday 20 September 2014
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Knutsford 4 v Macc Leisure 2

With KSC4 rooted to the bottom of div 5, they faced a 40 pointer against Macc 2, but would Macc show up!

Well their first player didn't, easy win for Jacko, 6, 5 & 3.

Geoff next against a young up and coming player, but Geoff found the weakness, driving hard and low into the backhand corner and was quickly up a game and about to take the second 8-4 when he started to drop! Colm was quick, too quick for our Geoff, reached the drops and levelled at 1 each. Big reminder to Geoff, drive to the backhand! After a tight third game to set, Geoff romped home 3-1.

Third game and this was the one the balcony wanted to see. 25 yr age difference, would the skip handle the youth pressure and keep up with the long rallies ahead. Would home advantage count and could the skip teach his opponent a lesson. Course he couldn’t, he was playing Bader Khan, ex coach to the stars and master of the game who'd played on courts all over the world. First few points looked bleak for the skip as Bader killed the rallies quickly, the youthful skip's fitness advantage wasn't going to help here- the rallies weren't going to last more than 3 shots. Anyway the skip dropped his way to a 2 game lead, and Jacko's wonderful encouraging words of wisdom "watch Bader he'll take the next 3 easily" proved nearly true as Bader lost a 5 setter by 2 points- fantastic effort from a 69 year old and still a classy player.

Nick on next and the balcony stayed glued to their spots, looking forward to the visual feast of squash ahead, as Nick warmed up with 20 something year old Annika. Nick started strongly, Annika looked nervous, gave him a few strokes but was possibly overawed by Nick's experience. With Nick up one, Annika started to play, caressing the ball beautifully as her rhythm improved. Moving Nick into different positions he started to puff, and as she exerted more pressure Nick started to grunt (he did-  honest!). Annika took control as the sweat dripped from Nick's brow, she led 2-1. But this match was ready for another swing, Nick wasn't finished with Annika yet. He upped the stroke power, increased the speed and Annika wilted in front of him, as Nick pinned her down in the back corners. Nick looked relieved as his final shot won the game, but it had taken it out of him, he definitely looked a shade of grey.

Last up Joe, after Nick, not much to say about his game- graveyard shift for him as his opponent turned up late. This was a comfortable test for Joe, easy 3-0 win.

Overall good win 20-5- well played all

Posted by : Ian Hopkins at 8:59:AM on Thursday 21 November 2013
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Macc Leisure v Knutsford 4


KSC4 set out to a very cold Macc Leisure centre looking for their first win and the omens looked well given the Radbroke team sheet presented at 7.


First on Gwyn and Matt, playing on adjacent courts, but both players suffered mixed fortunes.


Didn’t see Matt’s game but he went one down, took the next 2 and then couldn’t close out the match, first blood to Radbroke.


Meanwhile Gwyn started better took the first easily despite a dangerous forehand drop from his opponent. Second game that forehand drop started to work better and better and with some lucky miss-hits the rubber was tied. Third game and Gwyn took a deserved 8-3 lead and then....., Gwyn found himself 2-1 down and 6-0 down in the fourth. Brief fight back, but it was too much too late as Radbroke took a 2-0 surprise lead.


Graham and skipper on next and so didn’t see Graham make short work of his inexperienced opponent- a 27-4 thumping- KSC back in the tie. Skipper was looking similarly in control despite a dropped second game (too much arguing with the marker over some awful decisions – sorry Matt, you were probably right on all decisions), the other games 2,3 and 0- comfortable.


So 2-2 all to play for and Richard Holmes, coming back to fitness from a summer back injury, called in after a late fitness test to strengthen at 1- let’s hope his warm up and stretches were thorough on this bitter cold night. No worries from Richard though and he played an exhibition game- 9-0, 9-2, 9-0 and I’m sure the 2 points dropped were charitable.


So with confidence up KSC4 are looking forward to their next game- KSC3 in 3 weeks (no game for 2 weeks team)

For match scores click Here


Posted by : Ian Hopkins at 16:47:PM on Thursday 10 October 2013
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Knutsford 4 v Macclesfield Leisure 2

Penultimate game of the season saw a poor performance by Macclesfield 2, a condemned bottom placed side. 6.30 pm and Macc announced they only had 4- Peter had to stand down at the last minute, notching a first win by default.


Posted by : Ian Hopkins at 8:59:AM on Thursday 21 March 2013
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Knutsford 2 v Macclesfield 1

A promotion battle this week for Knutsford 2, at home to Macclesfield who sit in 3rd place, trailing Knutsford 2 by just 11 points. With wins at 1 and 2 looking difficult, this match would hinge around the results of 3, 4 and 5.


Posted by : Simon Whitaker at 11:42:AM on Thursday 24 January 2013
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Macclesfield 2 v Knutsford 4

With promotion, barring miracles, out of reach the squash club board were getting 'Abramovich' style edgy and calling for new blood. So with the skipper getting worried about being Di Matteod several new players were being lined up for the last 2 games. This was going to be difficult, keeping all the old stars happy, Rafa style rotation policy was called for.

So team selected, some squad players rested and new blood introduced with Will Mcleod. We looked strong, ready for Macc 2, the QPR of the division. With Thursday looming squad rotation took on a new meaning- ie rotate through the thirds and the new KSC youth policy looked in doubt as JC was put on standby. New blood Will was struggling from his prematch training abroad on a beach in Cuba. Worries over jetlag and fitness were dismissed when he realised JC would be more jetlagged coming back from Devon!


So Will started and quickly took an 18-0 lead, fine start to league squash. Relaxed in the third but overcome the nerves to take it 10-8. Excellent debut and thanks Will for turning up on a rainy, windy night with the memories of Cuban sunshine still fresh in the blood.

Meanwhile Matt was making quick work at 2, easy win untroubled- bit too quick though as no other KSC players had arrived yet!

Richard arrived in the nick of time and again looked untroubled but relaxed at game point to 3 in the first to take it narrowly 10-9. Next 2 no relaxation, and comfortably took the game and match on the night. Graham on at 4, also untroubled for another easy win.


Meanwhile drama on the next court as Alsager 2 no. 1, Chris Riley, took on Macc 1 no 1- a proper game of squash balls. Still can't picture (fortunately) what happened but Chris got pinned in the back corner as he drove the ball out and past the Macc player who had to turn and play the ball off the back wall. In full swing Chris moved too early for the tee and despite an attempt at leap frog out of the way the Macc player's racket met the meat and 2 veg of Chris- ouch, eyes wateringly big ouch. Chris crumpled to the floor as did the balcony. It wasn't so much squash balls but tennis balls as apparently one testicle quickly reached this size (OMG) - attention from the female leisure centre first aider (wonder if she's trained for that injury?) and off to A&E. Big, big ouch and a big, big testicle.

So last up yours truly, still in the car (or scared of a similar fait?) for the first and a game down in no time. Nervous, scrappy fight in the next 2 and rode my luck but got back into the lead and at 2-1 up relaxed taking the 4th game comfortably.

Good win on a horrible night 20-1- a good practice for our next away game in Buxton! Good that the fab fourths have a good, big squad (better all still be available for Buxton!!). Thanks also to the 3 who stepped in and well played Will


For Match Scores click here

Posted by : Ian Hopkins at 17:53:PM on Thursday 6 December 2012
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Macclesfield 1 v Knutsford 3

Winter arrived early for the Travelling 3rds when they trekked to Macc Leisure Centre with a team weakened by an outbreak within the club of Halftermitis.


Jacko at 4 was first to brave the elements, and he had a real job on to hit a length, the ball was so cold. The first was close: 7-9, the second not so as the effort began to tell and the trademark boasts went narrowly down. But our man stuck at it in the third, eventually conceding 6-9 for a 3-0 thumping.


Meanwhile Skipper Neil at 2 was taking on the tall, handsome and superbly coiffed Alex. Neil was looking pretty cool, too, in matching blue top and shorts. When it came to squash, though, Alex had a clear advantage and subjected poor Neil to rather more movement than he was built for. Bravely though he battled, Neil didn't get on the scoresheet until game 3, when he amassed 4 points. Ouch! 2 down already.


Geoff was 'guesting' at 5 and during the knockup felt he was in with a chance. But then opponent Russell started serving at 100 mph, Smithy-style, into the nicks. Geoff was doing the right thing, lobs and drops, and took the first narrowly, to give the team its first point of the night. Between games some sneak told Russell about Geoff being left-handed, after which he directed his howitzer serves to the right court, to deadly effect. End result: a 3-1 defeat.


Gwyn at 3 took on Adam the Landlord, of whom more later. I didn't see this match, but Gwyn was clearly having the same problems as the rest of us, his points scores being 2 3 1.


Could Tim our No 1 turn the tide? His opponent Andy was immaculately turned out in revealing black leotards and an arty farty top with undershirt, finished off with what looked like golf shoes! Oh, and he could play a bit too. Tim had a real job on to handle a pinpoint serve and some surprise high cross-courts. To his credit Tim worked hard throughout and the score, 4 4 and 2, didn't reflect the game itself. But it's results that count and this result was an emphatic 20-1 defeat, and an early finish....


Then we discovered that our journey had just begun. The aforementioned Landlord, late of the Cock Inn where we used to eat, now runs the Spinner in Outer Bollington! For future reference, the post code is SK10 5PW and it's nowhere near the Leisure Centre!. Bit of a wait while the kitchen coped with our early arrival, but a nice curry 'with a bit of a bite' (N Robinson).



For Match Scores Click Here

Posted by : Geoff Dalton at 14:43:PM on Thursday 25 October 2012
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Macclesfield 1 v Knutsford 3


A much strengthened Macclesfield team proved too much for a strengthened thirds who battled hard to win a well deserved four crucial points.

Gary Cashmore first on at 5 back and fresh from injury was always going to have his work cut out against the fitness of Richard Maxton. Cash started the first well driving and moving his opponent around the court to take the first 9-6 but unfortunately the pace and length of rallies took its toll and Maxton fought back to level at 1-1. From here on in fitness was crucial and although Cashmore battled well, it proved not quite enough as Maxton took control to win the match 3-1. Unlucky Cash, a good effort only just beaten by an extremely fit opponent who just had the edge on this occasion.

Robo was on next against the Pub Landlord Adam Colbatch. Colbatch won the toss and started the first game moving quickly to an early lead following a series of errors. After a while, Robo started to read his game battling hard to pull level at 8-8. With all to play for both players went for it but two clear winners gave Colbatch the edge and he took first game 10-8. From here on it  was all Robo who summoned the strength to play some of his best squash for many a year. Robo controlled the T accurately dropping driving and lobbing with Colbatch struggling to respond. As Colbatch got frustrated with himself Robo piled on the pressure to the next three games and match 3-1. One all ,with all to play for.

Whitaker   had the toughest game of the night ahead against the Skills of Shane Great Rex. Whitty started brilliantly playing a series of quick winners and soon found himself 8-0 up with Ex struggling to respond. With the first in sight Whitty stumbled and from here on in every point was a battle. Slowly but surely, Great  Rex fought his way back and at 8-8 the game was anyone's. Whitty tried hard to recover but Great Rex piled it on to take the first 10-8. A great effort from Whitty who almost took a game off a very highly ranked opponent. The strains of the first took its toll as Great Rex soon got into his stride to take the next 9-2. The pace had taken its toll and the third went 9-3 to Great Rex giving him the match. Great effort Whitty a little more and you would have taken the first against a classy opponent.  Two-one to Macclesfield.

Evo, back after a long absence and not yet quite match fit took to the stage against newcomer Andy Dunn a  unknown quantity. The first started evenly but Evo struggled to match the pace and his lack of match play showed as Dunn took the first 9-1 by forcing a series of crucial errors. The second went much the same way with Evo on the back foot and although battling hard, Dunne proved too strong taking the second 9-2. The third was a continuation of the second and although Evo battled hard showing glimpses of what he could do, it was too little too late. Dunn sensing victory did not falter to take the game 9-2 and the match 3-0. A below par performance from Evo who has much more to offer and should come back next week with a vengeance. Match to Macclesfield

The much improved Smithy at 2, knew he had an enormous battle on his hands against the athletically unorthodox Alex Oppenheim. Never one to give in Smithy started well ,showing power and pace but Oppenheim was well up to the mark quickly cancelling out Smithy's power with some subtle drops and lobs. The guile proved too much and Smithy soon found himself 1-0 down at 9-1. Oppenheim began turning the screws and although Smithy tried hard he struggled to contain Oppenheim who swiftly took the second 9-2. Facing an uphill battle, Smithy tried hard to recover but Oppenheim was not to falter taking the third 9-3 and match 3-0.  Unlucky Smithy it was always going to be a tough call.

For Match Scores Click Here.

Posted by : Neil Robinson at 22:06:PM on Thursday 1 March 2012
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Macclesfield 1 v Knutsford 2

"Under strength 2nd team crash out at Macclesfield 1".

  Mike Walton started the match against Adam Colebatch at 5. Colebatch was Macc's super chef, although Mike would never know this; leaving early to collect his daughter. The first game was close, Colebatch thrashed the ball away and was loving every minute of it.  Mike stayed cool but a game down and Colebatch stepped up to fever pitch and ran away with another game, leaving Mike with nothing but smiles.  In 3 Mike moved the ball around more and slowed the tempo, Colebatch made unforced errors and a few strokes saw his face glow so red like it was about to burst!!! As the 4th game also came Mike's way Colebatch disputed the referee's decision and stomped off court to cool himself down, it went to 2 all. In the 5th Mike played some good drop shots and got on a run for a while before Colebatch managed to get a grip and reasserted his command of the game and won the match.

  Meanwhile on court 2 Nigel Uttley faced Martin Hall. I didn't see much of this due to extended marking duties in the opener. The first 2 games were shared and Hall, a fit player held a game advantage in the 4th, was pushed to go to a 5th but made sure of the 2-0 lead on the night and won (9-7).

  Steve O'Hare vs Alex Oppenheim next at 2; a big challenge for Steve and a chance for Oppenheim to get one back from the 1st half defeat.  Steve got points with his drop shots and return of serve, played his way round the court well at times but lacked a final touch at key points.  Oppenheim's experience in the middle of the court won the match (3-0).

  Simon Whitaker playing at 3 against Andy Dunn. Simon won the 1st game for loss off only 2 points, but then Dunn took over and won the next 3 games for loss of only 6 points.   Simon hit the tin too often whilst Dunn applied pressure with good footwork and an accurate length.

  Finally the 1st string match Steve Costello vs Shane Great Rex.  The 1st game was quite and eye-opener, G Rex won a succession of points with a tight attacking b/h boast. Left with too much to do a lob-drop counter from Steve was not good enough.  In the 2nd game Steve played a better length and occasionally threatened G Rex at the front, but was pressured all the while by G Rex's boast.  2 games down and G Rex pushed Steve deep on the b/h, Steve fought back from there and hit some good f/h lengths and caught G Rex with some tight drops; left and right. At (9-9) a loose b/h front court boast gifted G Rex an easy match ball.

20 - 4 to Macclesfield spells an end to the unbeaten run sadly. Hope we can turn this around next week against Alderley Edge.  

For this match result Click Here

Posted by : Steve Costello at 12:45:PM on Thursday 19 January 2012
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