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Annual subscription renewal 2014/15

Dear Squash member and to Whom it may concern,

Your membership of Knutsford Squash club expired on the 31st September and it is with great disappointment that as yet we have not received your renewal form.

Whilst we trust this is just an oversight on your part, I have, for your convenience attached a renewal form.  Alternatively you can renew on line via the link sent directly  to you or alternatively you can access the form via the club web site.  /media/6127/KSqC%20-%20Membership%20application%20form%202014-2015.pdf

Should you intend to renew your membership then we would recommend and really appreciate your early submission as all applications received after the 31st October (Friday) will attract a £25.00 joining fee.

Furthermore your club is run by volunteers on and with limited resources and whilst the non-members personal and playing records are automatically removed by the system next week, any subsequent renewals do need to be processed manually.  Your prompt response will mitigate this time consuming task and it would therefore be very much appreciated if you could return your form as soon as possible.

Should you not be renewing your membership this year then thank you for your support of the club and we all on the committee wish you all best for the future, hopefully we will see you back again at some stage.  If you could spare a minute to let us know, should this be the case then this would be appreciated and we will note our records accordingly.

Many thanks

Posted by : Tony Hindley at 10:53:AM on Saturday 25 October 2014
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Annual subscription renewal 2014/15

Dear Knutsford Squash Club Member

Your annual membership of Knutsford Squash Club is due for renewal on 1st OCTOBER

This year there is the option to complete your renewal online as well as submitting the application/renewal form.

As you will hopefully become aware there have been a number of exciting changes that have taken place at the Squash club this summer and further changes are in the pipeline.  Further information, including the minutes of the AGM are available on the Squash Club website. The headlines are as follows:

  • A new Squash club Chairman – Malcolm Edwards has stepped down as Chairman.  Geoff Dalton has been Voted his successor.  We all thank Malcolm for his efforts and guidance throughout his 3 year term.  Malcolm will, I am pleased to say, remain involved with the development of the web site and information technology
  • New appointments - Various members have accepted roles and responsibilities at the club.  They will be pursuing their duties with vigour to help  and improve the running of the club.
  • Booking system - The Knutsford Squash Club website, Booking system and My squash player profile has been enhanced and the club will remain the only club in the area to offer this efficient and convenient service.
  • Events - A programme of social events including internal club tournaments and a master class in Racketball is shortly to be announced.
  • Coaching - Several members have now achieved their coaching qualifications and our Juniors are benefiting many of whom are representing the club in the North West Squash league.
  • Refereeing - A markers and referees course is to be arranged in the New Year
  • Construction works undertaken include: - A refurbishment of both courts, new lighting and a full service of the heating.

The annual fees set by the committee at the AGM has remained unchanged.  However, of concern and potential threat to the subs having to increase in future is the reduction in the amount of Guest fees collected are that those collected do not reconcile with the members online booking records.  Members are advised that unless the guest fees received tally with their bookings then the club will pursue them for the fees and persistent offenders will be excluded without referral.

Please remember that the annual membership cost is fully inclusive of court booking fees, lights and heating.  You will, I trust, find that this cost represents excellent value.

The Club operates a Members Service listing and I would like to encourage all members to promote their services through this Club Business Directory – hopefully this will continue to be a beneficial arrangement for all concerned. You may find it more rewarding to sponsor or partner the club. 

We have 4 teams in the North West Squash League this season and this offers squash for a range of abilities for members who take their squash slightly more seriously.  Nigel Utley would be delighted to hear from anybody who would like to play on a Thursday night or alternatively complete the Doodle on the website Teams Tab on the Squash Club Website.

Fees are due on 1st October so please Submit your online form or return your printed forms promptly to the club (marked for the attention of Tony Hindley). Access to booking courts and Players profiles and statistics etc are controlled by the computer so no pay no playFurthermore, please be aware that members not renewing punctually will be considered as having resigned and any subsequent application to join will incur a joining fee of £25.00.

We very much look forward to receiving your completed application form and welcoming you to the club again for what we hope will be an excellent and exciting year.

Posted by : Tony Hindley at 22:00:PM on Monday 6 October 2014
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Squash Chairmans letter


Chairman's Letter October 2012

Welcome to a new squash season and to a new committee, who were elected at the squash AGM in September. This is the first of a a few emails I will sending out in the coming weeks to highlight areas of importance and interest to all members


The key message is that subscriptions were due on October 1st. Traditionally, the month of October has been allowed as a grace period, and that is true this year. However, if subs have not been received by the end of October this year,  access to the website will be removed, and late-payers will also be asked to pay a £25 (re-)joining fee.  In addition, the door codes will be changed, with the new codes only being issued to paid-up members. In previous years, the committee has spent a considerable amount of time chasing late-payers, but given everything else that the committee have to do on your behalf, it is not reasonable to expect them to be debt-collectors as well!

Most members have now paid their subs, but there are a few who have not - I hope this gentle reminder will encourage the latter to do so by the 31st of this month so that all existing members can enjoy continuity of membership! If you have decided not to re-join, the committee would like to know why, and I would be grateful if you would email me with your reasons.

Finally, could I also remind members that have not yet paid that, unless they have paid their main club subscription via another section,  the total annual subscription to be paid is the Sports Club fee plus the Squash club fee (i.e. £200 total for a Senior member).

The committee monitor the fees that other clubs charge, and believe we offer very good value in comparison, particularly as you the members  have no booking or light fees to pay.


Malcolm Edwards

Chairman Knutsford Squash Club

Posted by : Malcolm Edwards at 14:45:PM on Saturday 27 October 2012
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Annual subs

Dear Member

The 2012/13 Squash Club membership subs are now overdue (1st October).

Members who wish to continue using the clubs facilities will find that they are  denied access to the website, bookings and premises and are liable to pay the joining fee. 

The application form is available on the website .  Click Here. .

Act now to avoid website access being denied and a£25.00 joining fee.

Posted by : Tony Hindley at 9:24:AM on Sunday 14 October 2012
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Dear Member

The 2012/13 Squash Club membership subs are now overdue (1st October).

Members who wish to continue using the clubs facilities will find that they are  denied access to the website, bookings and premises and are liable to pay the joining fee.  

The application form is available on the website .  Click Here. .

Act now to avoid website access being denied and a further joining fee.

Posted by : Tony Hindley at 14:14:PM on Saturday 6 October 2012
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Knutsford Squash Club AGM 2011 - Minutes

The Knutsford Squash Club AGM was held on 20th September.

The minutes of the meeting have been posted on the website and will, for a short time be posted on the notice boards in the Squash court viewing area.

If members require a copy then they should contact the Club Secretary Bill Jackson.

All members are advised to read these as they effect you and the club.

Should you have any comments or observations then please either contact the Chairman; Malcolm Edwards or Secretary Bill Jackson.

Posted by : Tony Hindley at 12:36:PM on Friday 11 November 2011
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Annual Squash Subs

Annual Squash subs are due on the 1st October.

As a consequence of the new booking regime whereby court costs are inclusive of annual membership fee, the committee encourage you to pay promptly thus avoiding disappointment.

Posted by : Tony Hindley at 0:00:AM on Tuesday 27 July 2010
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