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Summer Cup Report 27th July

Summer Cup Report 27th July

The 2nd game lived up to expectations with vicious battling between the kids of the YP and TNBT. On the adjacent court the DIM lot played the Vintage Squashers. Managed to have a quick look over and not sure I could call much of it Vintage Squash - unorthodox, ugly, scrappy and quick (esp the last game) - but enough about Streff and James's match!

Unfortunately Graham Woodsy made his usual error of dodgy selection criteria. In a match of 5 players to enter 6 is really beyond club rules - I'd have thought the events of 'squad-gate' earlier this year would have prevented such recurring mishaps but alas sadly not. Club rules Graham!!! I have to be a stickler (nothing to do with playing for the opposing team) and take your worst results! 

So with a bit of magic statistical analysis the scores on the doors

VS vs DIM 3-2 = 8 points each 

TNBT vs YP 3-2 = TNBT 9pts YP 7 pts 

(don't ask!!)

League table

DIM 19

VS 19


YP 12

Posted by : David Waring at 9:15:AM on Friday 4 August 2017
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Summer cup 13th July 2017 - Match night report

So the 1st evening of battle commenced with a great turn out. The anticipation was high as Hunter Snr’s Vintage squash oldies took on Woodsys Young Pretenders. The Vintagers relied on old expertise while the juniors planned tactics and strategy. Sadly on this occasion the ‘awd fellas took charge and the evening victory.

On the other court andy’s Daltons Iron men also know as the DIM team pitched against Neil Loftus’s The Next Big Thing. Sadly the big thing maybe next time as the DIMers took charge and very closely “battered” TNBT. Neil at the helm was the only victor and we feel needs to put more work into his motivational team emails!! 

Great evening and good competition – well done captains!


YP  vs  VS  1-2, 1-2, 1-2, 1-2 1-2  Bonus win VS 1 point

TNBT vs DIM 1-2, 1-2, 0-3, 2-1, 1-2 Bonus win DIM 1 point

League Table

DIM     11

VS        11

TNBT   5

YP        5

Thanks to the bar for pizzas and all the spectators.

Next game;

27 July  VS v DIM  ,  TYP v TNBG


Posted by : David Waring at 9:24:AM on Saturday 15 July 2017
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Summer Cup

Dear All 

TThe Summer cup is upon us and all Members are welcome to take part.

Please contact Guy Hill

team 1 - The young Pretenders

Team 2 - Snapedragons

Team 3- Dalton's Ironmen

team 4- Waif & strays

4 players per team 

usual rules - 3 games - sudden death at 14-14

Handicaps as per rankings - 1 game pt per 10pts ranking differential

Pizza responsibility below- £3 per game - profit to charity

JULY 14-    v Ironmen -   Pizza duty

JULY 21-   v snapedragons       

July  28    v young pretenders 

Aug 11     v ironmen

Aug 18      v snapedragons- pizza duty

Sept 1       v young pretenders

Posted by : Tony Hindley at 17:02:PM on Sunday 10 July 2016
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