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My Squash Report - February 2016


Congratulations to the winners of the respective February 2016 Internal Leagues

League 1  Gary Cashmore

League 2  Tony Hindley

League 3  John Ward

League 4  Geoff Dalton

League 5 Matthew Roberts

League 6  Andy Ford

League 7  Daniel Kenny/Graham Thomson

League 8  Steve Goodman


Last month’s biggest Rankings mover was John Ward (+12.20)

James Woods is the biggest mover over the last 3 months (+29.56 )

James Woods is the biggest mover over the last 6 months (+ 61.91)

James Woods  is the biggest mover over the last 12 months (+106.22)

Neil Loftus is the biggest mover over All Time (+197.45)


Welcome Paul Aspinall


42.5% of League games were played in February compared to last month 56.5% and the previous record high of March 2015 70.3%

40  Members are playing in the Leagues in November compared to 38 last month and the previous record high of September 2015 44

Total Court Usage February 2016

Weekend bookings 6.91%% compared to January 2015 record high 15.07% - Average 1/9/2010 To date 5.6020%

Week Peak (16:00 – 23:00) bookings 35.38% compared to January 2015 record high 42.64% - Average 1/9/2010 To date 27.430%

Off Peak bookings  1.07% compared to previous high in March 2014 3.5% - Average 1/9/2010 To date 1.792%


If Members are unable to make their court booking please remember to cancel your court.

If Members have not set up their court alerts and match and score notifications this can be done on the Bookings page under My Menu

Could all Members who wish to play in the teams please complete their availability online to ensure that we have the optimum teams available to ensure a positive end to the season.

Posted by : Tony Hindley at 22:58:PM on Tuesday 1 March 2016
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