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Day Time Squash

Squash Players ,

Quite a few members are now available to play during the daytime , either because they work from home office , or they have retired etc .

Someone mentioned the idea of identifying this group so they could organise games during the day / organise a daytime ladder / afternoon round robin etc .

So purpose  of this communication is if you like to play during the day and want to be included , let me know , plus any preferred slot , ie lunch / afternoons etc , and I will compile a list .

Cheers Bill 

Posted by : Bill Jackson at 18:18:PM on Thursday 3 March 2016
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Geoff Dalton said...
I'm around most days, most times
16 March 2016, 10:01:PM
Nigel Petter said...
Thanks, Bill. Yes, very happy to play from mid mornings through afternoons most days except Thursdays. A list of available players would be very helpful. Regards, Nigel
8 March 2016, 10:59:AM
Stephen Wall said...
Hi Bill, I work from home and am available to play during the day, any day except Tuesdays when I am teaching. I prefer playing at lunchtime or early morning. Cheers, Steve
7 March 2016, 11:52:AM

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