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Summer Cup Report 27th July

Summer Cup Report 27th July

The 2nd game lived up to expectations with vicious battling between the kids of the YP and TNBT. On the adjacent court the DIM lot played the Vintage Squashers. Managed to have a quick look over and not sure I could call much of it Vintage Squash - unorthodox, ugly, scrappy and quick (esp the last game) - but enough about Streff and James's match!

Unfortunately Graham Woodsy made his usual error of dodgy selection criteria. In a match of 5 players to enter 6 is really beyond club rules - I'd have thought the events of 'squad-gate' earlier this year would have prevented such recurring mishaps but alas sadly not. Club rules Graham!!! I have to be a stickler (nothing to do with playing for the opposing team) and take your worst results! 

So with a bit of magic statistical analysis the scores on the doors

VS vs DIM 3-2 = 8 points each 

TNBT vs YP 3-2 = TNBT 9pts YP 7 pts 

(don't ask!!)

League table

DIM 19

VS 19


YP 12

Posted by : David Waring at 9:15:AM on Friday 4 August 2017
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