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Main Club holds subs constant

At the recent AGM, the members approved the proposal to hold Main Club subscription levels at the previous rate.

No increases means great added value for the sports sections. Main Club rates are...

KSC Main Club Subscriptions agreed at AGM on 27 February 2017  
Membership category Playing/ Ordinary/ Social Description Main Club 2017-18 Agreed
Senior Playing Over 25 88
Family Playing 2 seniors and unlimited juniors or intermediates under 25, living at the same address as the adult members 179
Weekday Senior Playing Over 25, 09:00-16:00 weekdays 67
Corporate Playing Over 25, 09:00-17:00 weekdays. Minimum of 3 members. No guests 43
Adult of Junior Playing Only to play with specific Junior member 28
Intermediate Playing 18 or over, under 25 38
Junior U18 Playing 12 or over, under 18 29
Junior U12 Playing 8 or over, under 12 16
Junior U8 Playing under 8 0
Honorary Ordinary Elected by Main Club Committee 0
Club Support Ordinary Elected by Main Club Committee 0
Social Social Over 18, non playing. Elected by Main Club Committee 25
Posted by : Dave Hunt at 21:09:PM on Saturday 18 March 2017


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