FITISM is a family run, boutique fitness and nutrition business. They offer three core services; small group personal training sessions, large group fitness sessions and life style and nutrition coaching. They offer both a ‘pay as you go’ and a membership pricing model for all their members. Their sessions are appointment only, which allows them to control footfall and each session is delivered by trainers and nutritionists. They opened their first site in 2013 in Bakewell, Derbyshire and their second site in 2017 in Wilmslow.



During the summer months of 2021, FITISM approached Knutsford Sports Club (KSC) with an offer to joint venture providing the Sports Club with a fitness facility for new and existing members.
Following a successful partnership with Wilmslow Rugby Club and their first offering in Bakewell in 2013, FITISM are looking to extend their portfolio and have identified KSC as a potential new partner. Gyms and personal trainer sessions are a huge success within the area and as KSC already have a facility this will make integration much easier. The ethos and working practices of FITISM complements and aligns to the culture and ethos of KSC and there is a clear synergy in how the two businesses operate and value their membership. All training sessions are by appointment only, therefore, can be aligned with KSC quiet periods in order to aid any car park congestion.



The peak times for FITISM are:
Monday to Friday
06:30-08:00 / 09:30-11:00 / 17:30-19:30
Weekends 08:00-12:00


Fitness sessions are by appointment only, and can therefore be manipulated to align with other KSC busy periods. The FITISM fitness session would be managed within their own building with the occasional use of the grounds when it does
not impact other KSC offerings, such as, Cricket, Tennis and Archery. KSC would oversee the FITISM offering and, by default, FITISM representatives would be invited to join the KSC committee.


Full proposal can be found here.